Fernando Alonso Tests At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Watch as Fernando Alonso tests for the first time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with McLaren/Andretti Autosport!

Joan Ramon Camí Zapater
Joan Ramon Camí Zapater
awesome video
Enduro España
Aquí tenemos al mejor piloto del mundo demostrando una vez más por que también es uno de los mejores pilotos de la historia. Increible Alonso¡¡ Todavía no doy crédito.
For 1 bird to live, 2 others had to die...
Danny Caldwell
I'm from England and love f1. However I just love the American coverage and commentary of all sports in general. The yanks sure know how to put on a great spectacle.
Sebastian Santos
If a snail win the indy 500, why not Alonso?
Miguel minuk
¡¡Grandioso alonso,vamos campeón!!
Alex Dunhill
just wondering, why don't americans like f1? if it was bigger there they would have regular champions i'm sure.
Nestor de la Fuente
Pero porque vuelve a tener Alonso el rookie test? no lo pasó el otro dia? y los demas pilotos? ya empieza a aburrir verle solo...aunque es un placer escuchar a los yankis retransmitiendo.
SeguroQue PuedesLeerEsto
Vamos Alonso
Nossy 123
When you realise if F1 came back and did the Indy 500 pretty much the whole track would be a DRS zone
Jammie 360
PLEASE have a live stream for the race 🙏anyone know where i can watch the 500 in the UK
Апельсина Show
Русские есть?
Nick Gillotti
I am glad to see this is getting a lot of attention. As an American fan of F1, I like to see drivers taking an interest in American motorsport. Unfortunately that doesn't change some of the issues I have with Indy, But it's a positive note nonetheless. My hope is that the attention will start bringing some fans from Indy to F1 and visa versa, possible ending up in greater US participation in F1 as well as Indy bringing the sport to an international level (outside of North America).
Congrats to alonso on p7 with a GP2 race car in barcelona.
David Courtney
congats on P7 today go 4 it
paul oliver
i am a f1 fan, but for all those thinking that if alonzo wins it shows F1 is better than indy, your wrong all it shows is how good a driver fernando is
Ralph Averill
This year I will be watching the Indianapolis 500 for the first time since.....I can't remember the last time I sat through the whole race. I will be rooting for Fernando Alonso harder than I have for any driver since I was a kid cheering for Jim Clark.
I'm really interested in the Indy 500 because of this
Bertus Bodt
total respect for fernando alonso for doing this and i think he will do good and finish in the top 10 at least.
good luck to him💪
z f
This man is truly my the favorite driver, very fast, attack oriented, and these "circles" are not in the nature of Fernando. From my heart I want him to become a driver one of the fastest F1 team in the next seson. Pal, just get in the best car and championship is yours!!
Chris Shockley
So awesome. His M/H race strategists analyzed the past Indy races for him.
c l
They forgot to mention Michael when listing drivers with more wins than Alonso
George Crombie
Absolutely Love this, true spirit from him, watched the whole thing twice 😄
When is the race?
Indy and Nascar will need to poach from F1 to get the best drivers in the world
Rubén Blanco
Alonso is a good driver, but from his personal point of view sometimes he seems a retarded, very poor English even though he has been involved in F1 since dinosaur ages, very poor decisions and he hasn't never been able to apologise and speak well from his team mates when he asked his team to let him pass. For instance Germany 2010. He won't be champion again and even though he might be fast in some races he's no longer the fastest in all situations like he might be in the past.
Checo Pérez カムイ小林 Sauber C31
It is wonderful to see Nando happy but this oval thing is boring to watch.
Great see to Alonso take a risk and get out of his comfort zone (F1). I've seen many comments of F1 fans hating that Alonso trying out Indy
Amiga For Life
Mario Andretti looks hard as nails!

Also, can't wait for the Indy 500. Alonso is the best racer in the world IMO, he has for a sixth sense of cars around him and is an incredibly aggressive and accurate racer, something which will put him in good stead here.

I love the pit stops too btw in Indy.. far better than F1's; having all those people in the pits looks daft if you ask me.
Thomas Dipper
if he drive, he will die !!!
F1Master 1109
This video hit 1 mil views. Probably the F1 fans are watching this and want to see Fernando Alonso race in the Indy 500. I am an F1 and an IndyCar fan
Congratulazioni a Fernando Alonso per aver scelto momentaneamente la Formula Indy superando i Test di prova. Ora auspico una proficua gara competitiva con ottimi livelli e risultati al Traguardo. Ogni bene, ciao da Astrid
es una vergüenza que este corredor no tenga un coche en condiciones en la fórmula 1.
I can't believe they streamed this whole thing live and had it complete on the website. Indycar are heroes for this, F1 could learn from this.
Ana Francos
vamos Fernando!!!!eres el.mejor!!!te lo.mereces eres un guerrero un luchador!!!😀
Derik Falkman
Go Alonso...
la storia dell'automobilismo sportivo a livello mondiale è stata scritta in formula uno
The history of sports cars worldwide has been written in formula one
if he joins the indy500, I'd stop watching f1!!
wtf 49:50 ... only senna, prost, vettel and lewis hamilton more wins .... =!=?!?!?!? wtf... I think the name Michael Schumacher should even ring a bell in the United States... schumacher had 91 wins ... !! and they don't even mention him lol
Christo vimal
nice title
Hopefully Indycar can get back to the days of great racing that I enjoyed in the 70's, 80's, and early 90's before the series was interrupted by a regretful attempt to "reduce costs".
Kakha Khmelidze
How about lap times?
Kakha Khmelidze
That will be a legendary vid. More than million views for teat run... Fernando and Indy 500 deserved it.
Im thinkin since HAAS joined F1, why not Andretti racing to? Seems closer to heart.
Animo Fernando el mundo del motor te debe muchos titulos, espero que consigas ganar la triple corona. Grande Alonso.

Grande fernando Siempre contigo Num1
People on here have forgotten when Nigel Mansell Won the Indycar title in his first season after leaving F1 and he won the Indy500
KB Cruz
I wish Messi could do this and come play Premier League on a 6 months loan.
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