Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

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Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but their relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation.

After eight years of attacking President Obama, Fox has happily adapted to its new role as a guard dog for the Trump administration. But the relationship between Fox and Trump is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation. Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp (which owns Fox News), was a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign. He criticized Trump’s position on immigration, accused Trump of “embarrassing” the country, and was once described as “the billionaire Donald Trump can’t win over.”
So what explains Murdoch’s change of heart? Why is one of Trump’s most influential critics allowing his network to turn into a Trump PR channel?

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Looks like every special snowflake on the web is here to proclaim their eternal genius by substituting the word "Fox" in the title of this video with the word "Vox" because the Vox channel is responsible for making this video and Vox also rhymes with Fox. I am no different. LOL
Christopher Furlong
How ideologically diverse are Vox readers?
Happysnap characternotcolor
This is BS. ALl you fools from the left who like immigration, Obamacare, Hillary, need to go to a shrink.
Max Limbo
I'd love to see a Vox video on Murdoch's role during the EU referendum
Let's put a cloth over Fox. Tucker Carlson roasts his guests for a good laugh, Bill O' Riley gives great commentary on topics to make it easier to understand, Sean Hannity provides moral boosting lectures, and The Five is a funny group discussion. The Trump focused segments ended when he was inaugurated.
Lol @ number of "thumbsdown".
What's wrong dear viewers ... :0)
Blahtherr Ather
get a load of this guy. talking about a biased media outlet. take a hard look at the company writing your paychecks, bub. vox is arguably much worse than fox.
Jonathan George
Trump: The first Republican to fight Fox News and win.
C.Rafael Caldera
When a video about the intercourse of CNN and Hillary C?
Hans Andersen
Why Vox "News" just can't quit Donald Trump
Sarah Lovell
Can we take a second and appreciate all the funny moments in this video?
"All I want is for a guy to look at me, that the way that Sean Hannity looks at Donald Trump..."
Thank you Carlos. lol
Jay Lifts
Mmm sounds like pay to play to me! I thought Trump wasnt about that?!?!
Noajm Messy
I wonder what happen if no "News Senders" and no "Human bring [News] while conversion"!

we all will be equal?
In what way would the FCC be involved in the TW/Comcast merger? That's FTC.
Abadan Alash
American welfare parasites using "that" victim card leftist populist propaganda, while destroying everything that white european settlers created for you. Can someone tell me what Obama's electorate did to improve this country?????
Zappod Mapping
This is hypocritical coming from you.
nice conspirecy theory
Uhh Maybe
America: Where the news takes political sides
Josh Wallin
Bunch of puss liberals anyway 🦈🖕
Luke M.
It bothers me on the phone icons that the speech bubble comes out of the microphone part not the speaker part during the quotes over phone.
Alicia Hills
I love the jokes he puts in there about his love life too.
Exquisite Arc
How about why VOX can't quit Trump?
the dank meme maker
why can't vox quit Donald Trump?
American media is literally stunningly bad, its more like entertainment than news
Krotchy Minster
You cannot lump Bill O'reilly in as a trump "cheerleader." Who stands out in that list? Hannity, Carlson or O'reilly?
a small loan of a million dollars--
it can only mean that it's benefiting them in some way or another. you know it's money and power
allan oteyza
v0x got it all wrong, #alternative facts!!
Shuo Yan
And they say they do news.
chay goy
another video paid for by the good folks @ the Hillary campaign
Ritch Flynn
This anti-Trump message is brought to you by George Soros, the CIA & the bought cucks at Vox.
Vox is in a love affair with the Democratic Party and was in a love affair with Hillary during the election
What about MSNBC and Obama from 2009-2017?
Samantha Shugars
Propaganda channel
I don't think Shep Smith got the memo
John Sohn
What about CNN and Hillary?
5:46 if you look closely, you can see that the yellow for the number of moderates who watch fox is made to look tiny, despite having the same amount of moderates as MSNBC
Joseph Bryan
the evil shed
of course they believe in climate change, their has been climate change since the earth was born. its carbon tax they dont want. an excuse for more taxing which obama would have made a lot of money off.
Adam Kir
Fox is not news! It's a reality show! WTF?!
Alex Reekie
Many american conservatives say that liberals get triggered easily, look at these comments
inkedupWG inkedupWG
like CNN: Clinton News Network ?
Why Vox just can't quit Donald Trump
Michael Quarry
Because phony people needs to stick together plan their fake news. Crap
I wish I knew how to quit you...
Lorenz Cadarao
What is that song in 3:47 ?
Didn't CNN do the exact same thing with Obama? Didn't see that turned into one of Vox's long list of 'informative' (propaganda) videos....
Bonnie M
Fox is also in a position to educate people who are being conned. They should report on Trump's money laundering in Azerbaijan, and other third world countries. Or talk about how smart he is by collecting his paycheck after all so he can claim a tax break for "donating the money to charity." Despicable nasty creature.
Osmery Guerra
sounds like a dictatorship to me.
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