Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

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Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but their relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation.

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After eight years of attacking President Obama, Fox has happily adapted to its new role as a guard dog for the Trump administration. But the relationship between Fox and Trump is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation. Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp (which owns Fox News), was a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign. He criticized Trump’s position on immigration, accused Trump of “embarrassing” the country, and was once described as “the billionaire Donald Trump can’t win over.”
So what explains Murdoch’s change of heart? Why is one of Trump’s most influential critics allowing his network to turn into a Trump PR channel?

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Idante To The Tooth
Why Vox News Just Wont Quit Donald Trump?***
Mank Deems
Vox (fake news) just can't quit Donald Trump
very accurate and nice as usual
Manuel Ramirez
So fox, is the fake news. It all makes sense.
Shaun M
Isn't all news on both sides just theater? It used to be a news channel reported on events and at the end, provided a view point. Now its just carefully crafted theater with panelists designed to trigger the audience.
china 漢 beste contrry
how to end fox news - tell their viewers that its run by a foreigner
Embaixada da Resistência
Studies show that Fox News is the only one giving a "fair" coverage to Trump, even having like 52% negative coverage and 48% positive. CNN has more than 90% negative coverage and your pile of teenager intellectual puke must have like 99,999% negative coverage.
Randall Martin
Since every other news source is liberal biased, without even hiding it or denying it, FOX is the only place to see another side of the issues.
Amazing that vox who is a blatant liberal propoganda machine calls out fox for being the same thing.
Conservative Republicans are a tribe of idiots. The nice thing about being an anarchist, is you don't have to care about those douchebag idiots anymore, any more than you care about idiots you run across at your local hill billy Walmart. Let them self destruct, they deserve it in every way, stupidity has it's price.
TheMystery Gamer
Trump - scared of the British public. #PeoplePower
TheMystery Gamer
Murdoch - when I go to Brussels, they ignore me. When I go to Downing Street, they do what I say. #ToryDemocracy #LevesonInquiry
Why cant cnn quit donald trump?
Conal RD
never mentioned how CNN is basically democrat news
I would watch Fox if it made hard left and stopped supporting the Donald. hahaha, probably not, but I'd respect them more.
Vincent SIerra
Joseph Civitello
I find it funny you think Fox is in the tank for Trump.
Matt Sutton
peer research center, more like real research dissenter
Matt Sutton
i couldn't think of a single conservative who can stand watching msnbc for more than 5 minutes...
Claire MacDonald
"all i want is for a guy to look at me the way hannity looks at trump"

carlos maza is like 70% of the reasons i watch vox
ray fish
lol a more accurate story would be why CNN can't quit Donald.. but ok.. :P
Donnie, your orange is showing...
hanel g
Political manuevering. Large company will try to get to the good graces of the one in power( president) or else feel the wrath.
This is with cnn and Hillary Clinton
Timothy Benton
Of course once more the fake News VOX is at it again. Typical of these fools. "Hey idiots, Trump won, love it that your panties are in such a bind!"
London Martin
Really so let's not mention CNN and Hillary uh?
Twigga Finga24
Literal brainwashing (on Faux News part)
Why Vox just can't quit Donald Trump <3
Miku Hatsune
Can't wait for the day Trump supporters call Fox fake news! XD
Simple. Money. Trump gave fox money.
Nick C
I just realized "Vox" is a counter to "Fox". "Voice" versus "deceiver"
Vox is Fake news
Paul T Sjordal
It's not hard to understand. FOX sucks Trump's sick because Republican voters are just as treasonous as Trump himself.
3.1415926535 pi
Try to un brainwashed a fox's crazy believers, it's like cleaning a Q-tips to use it again....not a easy task...
I would prefer teaching a monkey to fly a f-18 !
Heck nah Mexico isn't going to pay little buddy.
Eren Torunlar
how cute is carlos tho
Long Live The Community Of Toshavo!
Look at all the Trump supporters bellow me. Why, it almost looks like a KKK Reddit thread
John Olietti
bull shirt worst pres ever,trump people watch fox trump is one person dump trump
Derick Panuelo
Jeez every media is against republicans...... it's hard for trump... 90% of media is controlled by liberals.... man is hard
Amayas Asmani
Trump is smart AF
Amayas Asmani
Stillone Grissom
He's racist are there racist minions.
Piecake 101
its a bit ironic that they are making a video about trump and fox and not cnn and clinton,become a bit less biased
That graph at 5:53 is messed up. 10>23.... doesn't change any points, but what the heck?
Mike V
Why aren't there any Fox News leaks? I'm sure when the camera is off they tell a whole different story to each other.
J Pol
Ha ha. Go Trump, go! Quite the genius, apparently.
ii ii
Republicans are so 'Murica-Centric, they think they are half the people and US Liberals are the other half, while the populations of literally every single other first world country on the planet finds them more hilarious than we do
Susan Bodell
Trump is the crime.
Peter Nguyen
vox, buzzfeed, cnn, msnbc, vice, ny times, huffpost what do they have in common, regressive ideology. Thanks for helping change parties.And no I'm not white I am asian
Elizabeth Prost
Carlos Maza, I love you. Can we be friends?
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