Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

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Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but their relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation.

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After eight years of attacking President Obama, Fox has happily adapted to its new role as a guard dog for the Trump administration. But the relationship between Fox and Trump is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation. Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corp (which owns Fox News), was a vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign. He criticized Trump’s position on immigration, accused Trump of “embarrassing” the country, and was once described as “the billionaire Donald Trump can’t win over.”
So what explains Murdoch’s change of heart? Why is one of Trump’s most influential critics allowing his network to turn into a Trump PR channel?

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3:45 lol bro I hope your dream comes true one day.
John Lenhart
This was an excellent show and I loved it that probably makes me a misogynist a homophobic xenophobe a lot of phobes
Eric Doe
Fox News is a dumpster fire and it’s days are numbered
herbert barnes
it goes to show that all sorts of materials brainwash people of choices and decisions... well if you DONT KNOW JESUS THEN YOUR PRONE TO ALL SORTS OF DIVERSIONS..
youtube search NOAHS ark found and read THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 1776.. JESUS IS LORD HE IS MESSIAH!!! YAAYYY!!!!!!!!!
Henry Hernandez
Do we really need to mention Christ? Maybe run your contributions past Ezra Klein before you post. The rest of the information seems okay but. . . I am hoping this stays an elevated, learned channel.
Sapphire Wharf 74
Is we the title of the video and I was like “I don’t even have to watch this. It’s because of money. Someone’s paying someone to make them look good. It’s all just for money.”
ahhahahha tell yourselves whatever you want to make yourselves feel better doesn't change the fact trump won :D
Nicholas Ashton
It's Fox News own falt, serves them right for supporting an ugly swamp monster like Loser Donald Trump.
Scott Franco
Gee what a bummer, Fox news is #1. That thing with news outlets having their lips sewn to the democratic parties a$$ is not working is it?
Lamho LMP
Vox, I can see your point. But, if you took Hillary and made the exact sinario like fox, you’d be getting a lot of bullshit as well. All media are biased even yours. Right now, we don’t have an honest media who view both sides of serving us American voters the truth and nothing but.
This show is the best thing I ever saw on YouTube, keep up the good work!
Robert rezo
Please send Mr Trump to help us in Australia.......
Johnny Green
Because Fox News if more balanced than the majority of the media. It gave 48% positive coverage on Trump and 52% negative. Compare that with CNN MSNBC or BBC which give Trump 97% negative coverage. This video is BULLSHIT. Half the country support Trump......he won get over it you bunch of whiny losers 😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jonah Burns
Wow, not a 24/7 hate channel of Trump, and an optimistic view of having a dumbass for President what a shitty news station. Vox you are litteraly the same thing but for the other team.
Joe Lopez
Are Trump's people Christians or racists? You can be either one or the other, but not both.
Ameha K
That kid looked embarrassed to give that response and clearly was told to give that answer. Lol
Javier m
the idiot leftist media like Vox will let Trump easily win 2020. Trump2020!
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Well, at least we know the cartoons and Seth MacFarlane are free to do whatever...right?
Juan Manuel Penaloza
4:33 Cute, now can you show me on this globe where avocados come from?
Greg M
just another loser left trying to spin
Miike Haze
lol whos's gonna pay for the wall???
Clinton News Network anyone? Haha
Mizz Maria
Did Vox do a video on MSNBC's love affair with Obama for 8 straight years?
Cobi Lancaster
Maybe Fox News talks about Trump alot is because he's the President of the United States, and thus the single most important man in the entire country, and possibly even the world. But eh, who cares? Why does Fox talk about him so much, is this really that important?
When will vox shut up about trump?
Dustin Jones
Lol. CNN only pumps Trump hate because it makes more money hating on the President 24/7 than not. No really, up 30% YOY via parent company. It's good for business...thats so simple it should be something we can all agree on.
Zissou Moonshot
Right wing people constantly do this, you say you are pro immigration and they immediately put you in a box with people who want "open borders" and "globalization". Being pro immigration does not equate to wanting "open borders" (which the U.S. does not have, btw). Pro immigration just means you are aware that only a very small percentage of immigrants to the U.S. are criminals, rapists, terrorists, etc. Personally I would like to see the U.S. adopt a somewhat stricter policy that still allows valuable talented individuals to immigrate. We have to be rational about it and have policies that prevent things like the Mariel Boat Lift from happening again, when Castro basically emptied out mental hospitals and jails and sent them to Miami.
Uno G
Murdoch is out times Goebbels.
ron lloyd
Who cares? Its television "programming". They already told you what their doing to you with the product title.
Mogo 1102
The US American Education System must be horrible when people think it is a good idea to support Trump or even think he is right at any point.
Annie Möff
you can't quit Trump
Kyle Phelps
I almost feel bad for Fox News
juan santiago
why dont you talk about cnn , nbc , cbs and how they blindly support terrorism , HIllary Clinton and crazy communists?
Why dont you title de video why vox cant quit donald trump.
Get over it Donald Trump is ur president (im from uruguay) you should be ashamed , you are constantly bashing the political integrity of your country , country that took you and your family in.
juan santiago
go bakc to mexico carlos.
The Odd Squad
Vox news
TD Gaming
The real question is, when did Vox stop producing good content and become a 24/7 Democratic Propaganda Outlet?
cray gal
Why CNN just can't quit Trump.
P Ness
Vox can't take that there's one right-winged media outlet, while there's like seven liberal media outlets? And then you have morons like Fox.
Clinton News Network now that is a love story.
Jay King
Call us butt hurt Trump supporters but guess what.... We won!!!!!!!
Pi Guy
Is Fox starting to worship Trump?
ems postal
Snowflakes are angry.
Fox News can't quit trump because they like whipping the ass of the president
Mark K
I wonder what political side of the isle a guy with a feminine lisp and 2 black jellybeans stuffed in his ears is on.
Because their ratings would fall even lower than his
Thomas Milner
Take a look at the likes between you, Fox news, and CNN. Fox wins and you lose.
Jack Handy
Fox news is exactly like the sheep in 'Animal Farm'. "Four legs good, two legs better!"
all other medias including vox attack trump, and people nowadays no longer trust profit media... so fox just doing their business strategy...
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