Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2016

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! What is your favorite clip in this video? 
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Searching for River Treasure! - GoPro, Diamonds, Ray-Bans, Costas, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

Intro Music Provided by ProleteR - "Faidherbe square" Link:
Music Provided by Dan Dakota - "We let Em Go" Link:
Outro Music Provided by Flarve "Bounce" Link: 

Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 4 & 5, Galaxy s7

Poker Face
Nothing better than free fishings lures
Antonio Begaj
He puts the items in the water then claims he found it come on guys
Yura Chinen
I hope this inspires people around the world to do the same! This is awesomee
Kevin Durant
nice click bait bro
Keziah Richey
Omg you found Kim K earrings!😂😂😂
Xylah Ydda Bayron
omg you are awesome!! new subscriber here 😘
Seanbrielle Antipaso
I've been watching you for over a week now. and your awesome definitely awesome.. hooorrraaahh
cherie mccullough
dude you should come up to Chattanooga, there's no telling what's in the Chickamauga lake
Megan Henderson
who came here because of RiceGum?....
Yea this video gave me such a good feeling on the inside. Cleaning up our environment and giving the subs exciting adventures to watch all while doing what you love. I say this defines success!! Keep it up brov!
Colin Boynton
I love this channel could I get one of those go pros
I like how he helped everyone and the wildlife.
John Harper
I really like the music in this video, was a nice touch.
This guy inspires me I wanna be just like him he's an amazing YouTuber I love the river hunting keep up the good work!!
Dude, you're doing some good out there & what goes around comes around. Very cool! Subed.
Backlash Bassin
Hey man I'm gonna cut to the chase wana go river treasure hunting together this summer at a ultra clear river where there is lots of rafting and kayaking where people drop stuff also has some nice smallmouth? Think it would be fun I have went 2 times and found one GoPro hero 3, (not a 3+)and I have found some other cool stuff as well if your interested go to my instagram Backlash_Bassin and DM me?
Luke Heather
your old man is awkward like mine
Luke Heather
This video makes me feel a special kind of way, keep doing you man. The world needs more people like you!!
Robert clausen
This should be in the top 20 biggest youtube channels. Finally some aroginal content bro! Dope
Zack Hullinger
I wanna c him do this in Florida
That's super nice of you to help out the animals, and the river itself. Some people don't even choose to do that! I love underwater life so much and its nice to see that someone else cares too! <3
your more than a merman, your a underwater hero! <3
Donald Trump
Damn I always thought this guy had an oxygen tank when he swam
María del Rosario García Reyes
Is youre watch casio
hey, just wondering what did you find at 3:19, looked interesting but don't know what is.
Hood Fails
ricegum found a murder weapon underwater. better than this
Tsumiki Miniwa
If you happen to find an abandoned body pillow please donate it for my cause.
rater alexander
One of these days a water snake is gonna bite your dick off in that river
Ziyaan Iqbal
i really wanna meet him
The basic Queen
I like your 😬
Joskar R gaming
it's my birthday can I get 2 likes
bobby dhesi
who here because of ricegum
K Den
Jacobo Amaya
Love what you do👌
Now u have over a million!!! LOVE you SOOOOOO much
Luke Heather
This video makes me feel a special kind of way, keep it up bro
It's Kastal
"Thanks for 700,000 subs" Yeah mate you have 1.2 Million keep up the good stuff
what kind of oxygensystem do ou use?
martin vinalay
this guy does the best things he really helps out the fishes hes a good guy :)
Ryan Kvetnyy
U saved a turtle
Drippy ShiFt Gaming YT
best channel
martin tomazo
how tf are there 4k dislikes! this is amazing, hes saving animals and throwing away all the shit us humans throw in the water.. fuck you haters
Mujtaba Bhutto
How did he return that iPhone to owner
This man is amazing he saved animals for
thhhathhs thhuper cool
HT Refrigeration
Too good to be true,
Although some of it is true, i believe he hadd bits and pretend he found them to enhance his videos
what an awesome person!
Uli Rulas Jr
@DALLMYD what scuba diving gear you use
Annelisse Hernandez
that's cool
Gideon “Gidzz” Atiase
9 Days = 500,000 subscribers = my chwest
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