Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2016

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! What is your favorite clip in this video? 
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Searching for River Treasure! - GoPro, Diamonds, Ray-Bans, Costas, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

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Location: Columbus, Georgia

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

Intro Music Provided by ProleteR - "Faidherbe square" Link:
Music Provided by Dan Dakota - "We let Em Go" Link:
Outro Music Provided by Flarve "Bounce" Link: 

Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 4 & 5, Galaxy s7

banana mango
good job dude ...god bless
Josh Ligutan
Go to philipines you were find so many treasure 😂😂
The fallen_ Angel
At the beginning I thought the camera's Reflection was another human
Stucar Stutt
The gopro is my
Play Station
good on you not only are you cleaning up the river and sea but your finding cool loot
Husam Jumah
I Love you
Can You Give Me Any Of Your GoPRO Cam Please!!!!
Sergio Tudor
awesome video,awesome guy
Call of duty xbox
2:14 your so nice you saved the turtle
Rohan's Amazing Cycle journey's
Good job saving the environment and also if people drop there phone and go pro and good stuff and it not very good for the animals in the sea well done youtuble you are a top youtubler
Marchello Salvatrucha
Great !
Shawn Ahthew
You are a hero
Jasper Master
Loden Kuffen
You are such a hero
Matin Saifi
Wow i Love this Video
It's Black
you a good men
Great job! I love how you free all the animals! I just wish we could reduce our debris, we're harming nature.
Have an amazing day everyone :) Stay safe and be kind to one another. Feeling like Ellen lol but be safe and it's always nice to help those who need it :)
Team T_Maxx25
You have a really good heart because you save fish, turtles and return stuff to the owner. Good Job!
i know why they throw GoPro And iPhone into the water they throw it because they fail at flappy bird XD
Mason Freitas
Mason Freitas
No way they found that
Mason Freitas
Mason Freitas
Oh my gah I'm so amazed
Ankon Das
u r great man
Francis GamingHD
Hey sir im Daniel Aldrich A. Gantang , i own the gopro with the plastic case on it.. so glad you found it
Rob H
Just curious man what wetsuit is that??
Ryan Koehler
Jake I have the same last name as you like so he can see it
Extreme GamingPro
This is the Most views I ever seen in a video
Sean D
5:56 Casey Neistat dropped his glasses..
Jacob Broom
Ultimate Guy
the way you save fishes and another things in water is so awesome
Luis Martinez
I like this dude he's cool.
love your vids i want to be just like you when im older
StarLight ch
Welp i lost my sunglass from spain ;;-;; but is not really deep sea
Amissha Tabada
lol DALLMYD is the only real YouTube that talks fast
damn the turtle rescue part was GOD !!
ken hanson
big deal! me and friends do this all the time. it's nothing special.
leann fuji
Glad someone saw my old phone 😂
Riki Herring
YOU are good at finding stof
Denisa Filip
Amazing! :-)
Homie Duck
I bet you the phone is from techrax
tala tegana
the gopro is mine thx for finding it can i have it back I live in us pensalvanya lencen steat 26 15
Antonia Washington
it was really nice of you for taking care of the sea an you have saved fishes life you and everyone you care about and loved is really prod
Dylan McGrath
What snorkel do you use?
Exterminator 5155
oyun zinciri TR
The song says like go an adventure :)
Paul Nowicki
we need more people like you!!
Listed Fire
Dude we live in the same area because I have the same news channel I live in Savannah
Guedes Gamer
Whats the mask u use?
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