Kids sunburned after daycare forgets sunscreen; Saudi boss drenches hot water on maid - Compilation

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1. An Oklahoma mother is filing a police report against a daycare center after her two sons suffered serious sunburns following a day at a local miniature water park.

2. A Filipina maid was severely burned after the mother of her boss drenched her with boiling hot water as punishment for not making coffee quickly enough. 

3. A newborn baby was burned by an electric blanket in a hospital in New Taipei city, Taiwan.

4.  An electronic cigarette exploded in a Canadian teenager’s face, causing severe burns and leading to emergency surgeries.

5. A pregnant woman in Australia posted a shocking image on Facebook showing the second degree burn she sustained after falling asleep with her charging iPhone 7.

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Z Bromley
The first one, omg are they ok
why would that dad allow his teenage son to smoke in the first place? e-cigs are just as bad as regular cigarettes
Motionow Arrow
Those kids who burns that child should die slowly and suffer
Sexy Dick
It's her fault for leaving her iPhone on her
101 101
laugh about that day care workers immature idiots you day-care workers like if you agree
Miceeater100 TFM
why are the animations so god awful
Shayne Oliver
people are evil, and are horrible
Ethan Wong
fad mah where did the i go
Epic Steam
The hottest burn I ever got was a 3rd degree burn and my friend had a 4th degree burn/lava burnt
Danielle Wolfe
Good,i hope he wont do it again
Victor Tijerina
Wtf I've been way longer on the sun I swear Caucasians have the weakest skin of all races.
Carla Ramsey
Why make fun of a kid that has sunburn?! That's awful!
Beast Mode
So 2 kids burn a kid and only 1 gets arrested with arson? Fuck off thats attempted murder, torture and arson and we all know it
Why was the pizza so hot it burnt someone? When i get pizza its usual warm but not hot
Bitch on the left look like a fake Michael Jackson and she fucking ugly af
Padme Lakshmi
Saudi men suck
Aaliyah And Evelyn
11:51 am I the only one that freaked out not wanting him to cut my toes off
Luke Skywalker
Meh, I hope the Saudi family gets arrested. IM AN ASIAN, NOBODY HURTS MY FELLOW FILLIPINOS.
Robbie Walt
infant baby ruined* as if the baby was just stock.
Robbie Walt
wtf did the kids do? low crawl in the desert for a week??
Qu1cKsk0Pe Productions
mmmmmm pizza
Qu1cKsk0Pe Productions
if i had a kid and that happened i would kill the swat team
kaylina love
I feel so bad for all of them
That's what you get for smoking an e-cigarette. Just kill yourself the old fashion way..
Pinupgirl83 Lawson
At 10:17 in this video, it shows a woman picking up a pizza that was supposedly thrown in another woman's face. Then a white box pops up with two black things in it. What is it supposed to be? Fake eyelashes? Does anyone recognize what the two black, fake eyelash- looking things are really supposed to be??
phung tran
Ok got it, never put my iPhone 7+ on my arm while it's charging
AU timelines play V2!
Flash bangs are not necessary just break in not a freakin flash bang
Talayah Guillory
This thumbnail made my skin crawl
Galaxy Queen
IILunar79 II
4:10 how dragons breathe fire
Gus Alcon
fucking saudis the shit of the earth.
olivia irving
andrew beaudry
stupid ignorant people
da master of games
i fell bad for the bady that got the sun burn on the legs
I knew it all along Arab Saudi is a living Hell place -_-
Myarion Johnson
I LOVE how they make it animated cause it really helps me see what happened
Hufflepuff Girl23
A filipina! 😮 one of my Filipino's!!!!!
POOR KIDS!!! 😱😱😱😱
Whoa there... Setting a "playmate" on fire with gasoline takes bullying to a whole new level
Police can go fuck themselfs
XYui No Game No Life
2.07 censored and 2,13 uncensored wtf man
Shezzy king
Why do pale girls look like they are Jeff the killer
Boi look like a egg
Damn, either that kid is albino, or that was an abnormally hot day, either way, it would not have gotten that bad on non-sunscreen incidents. 0____o
The VloggerVVV
On 5:30 well I sleep with my iPad charging and that don't happen so I think that's only rare
Jaidah Hammer
why sre kids such assholes
I want to lick the white stuff on the right at 0:08 is that weird?
Godly Gamer
Looks like egg yolk
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