Kids sunburned after daycare forgets sunscreen; Saudi boss drenches hot water on maid - Compilation

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1. An Oklahoma mother is filing a police report against a daycare center after her two sons suffered serious sunburns following a day at a local miniature water park.

2. A Filipina maid was severely burned after the mother of her boss drenched her with boiling hot water as punishment for not making coffee quickly enough. 

3. A newborn baby was burned by an electric blanket in a hospital in New Taipei city, Taiwan.

4.  An electronic cigarette exploded in a Canadian teenager’s face, causing severe burns and leading to emergency surgeries.

5. A pregnant woman in Australia posted a shocking image on Facebook showing the second degree burn she sustained after falling asleep with her charging iPhone 7.

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smiley killer
HOLY this is just scary dude
Gavin's vlog S
The sunburn on the thumbnail I have gotten that burn before
Rihanna Muller
the baby one is so sad
crazyjammer179 AJ
that looks like a water ballon or something (no offense)
Isn't it crazy that if you go outside you get burned? Like?? That sounds like something from an alien planet in a sci-fi movie.
It's sask at chew an not sesketchewen
Kaylee Gardner
I have a sunburn rn and this made me cringe
Little Panic Attacks
This is why I don't go outside, but mainly because I don't like human interaction.
Mallissa T
Dude those kids that set the autistic boy on fire though...
the kids at 12:48 are idiots. The bullies should have known this would happen or could have been worse
Ava Toys
this is why my mom says "do not sleep with your phone charging in your bed"
why do all of these videos look like theyre made with g-mod
Berthille Jim FILLARCA
I thought when he said The boy got burned by bully

I thought It was Jeff The killer
The Young Goat 1
Poor kid whose e-cig blew up, my fucking ass. He obviously fucked up somewhere. That explosion was caused by user error alone...probably had the wrong coils on it or had a defective battery, usually caused by people not checking their wraps properly. He gets no sympathy from me....and before anyone argues with me, do 4 months of research on everything about vaping. Get to my level of knowledge first, before spouting what the uninformed media tells you.
Vicki Corliss-Malone
12:50 why did you he looked so nice 😬
Im suprised this wasnt removed from youtube because you can see the babys vagina
EvilDemonCat 666
Anastasia Srbljanin
Who else feels like hitting those boys with a car?.Man,i feel sorry for that autistic kid.
Hayden Conn
Why would you fall asleep in your phone
Tricia Gordon
Ok you are up
Hernan Guardado R
Thomas people that are mean are bicthes
Tasha Stroud
I feel bad.foe that baby
Chris Coates
I thought he had a DragonBall on his back.
For the miniclips of the fake people get more accurate models
Kyle Kullis
Who else just wants to pop it?
I lose faith in humanity
Haiden Vo
1:23 well, its Arabia.
Carly Vlogs
good thing I didn't go to daycare phew
Chacros Drot
wow, this don't have click bait, awesome
Waluigi !
fuck rich people in sauldi arrabia
Alazar Assefa
thank God I am black. I don't have to worry about sunscreen and shite
Vault Creeper
Don't they read Labels
Sassy Sugar
Ok but how the fuck do you get that much sunburn
Emily Hope
whoever threw the grenade thing should have to pay
Michelle Clarke
Cats Of The Clans
sesketchewon? I don't think you said that right. really the way you said it it sounded like that to me....
happy that bastard got 5 years. no one likes white knights
12:30 A little battlefield medicine, yikes!
Fandom Switchers
Oh god.
Painted Paws LPS
do not send kids to untrusted daycares. never send them to home daucarws
Nigel Thompson
the hotdog problem. it is only a stupid hotdog
Guy did not deserve the boiling water over hot-dog theft. I'll tell you from personal experience that scalding fluids on the body is
an intense pain.
18.anime.02 .0
come to canada prepared. because our snow will kill you.
Something like this happened to me once..
I spilled boiling water on my chest and I still have scars to this day.
Karlee Trach
&6 ::;56()(??!$75;):3
Marina the gymnast
everyone is like "android won". well if u sleep with a charging phone u will get a burn DUH😂
James Reed
young teenagers shouldn't be using ecigs and building on rdas they are dangerous if you dont use the ohlm law calculator any batteries can pop if not used correctly and efficently
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