Kids sunburned after daycare forgets sunscreen; Saudi boss drenches hot water on maid - Compilation

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1. An Oklahoma mother is filing a police report against a daycare center after her two sons suffered serious sunburns following a day at a local miniature water park.

2. A Filipina maid was severely burned after the mother of her boss drenched her with boiling hot water as punishment for not making coffee quickly enough. 

3. A newborn baby was burned by an electric blanket in a hospital in New Taipei city, Taiwan.

4.  An electronic cigarette exploded in a Canadian teenager’s face, causing severe burns and leading to emergency surgeries.

5. A pregnant woman in Australia posted a shocking image on Facebook showing the second degree burn she sustained after falling asleep with her charging iPhone 7.

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Jada-Mari Gouveia
Always bring sunscreen, whites
At 2:14 you can clearly see the babies vagina, I want this removed from the video immediately
Elyse Griffin
Nooooo that's so sad
Elyse Griffin
I almost cried
little alyssa unicorn
Two years ago I was mowing the lawn half naked (without a T-shirt) in a crazy hot summer day to sort of test my limits. Guess what? I was just really warm and my skin was light red, but nothing else happened. No burns, no issues. I'm perfectly fine.
Go Guy
No one knows how to pronounce Saskatchewan except the people who live there
Gary ford
Stupid people that kicked her and put hot water
Stephanie Gonsales
Oooooooooo ouch
Han Cha
2:13 you will despise me later
Windex cleaner Multi flavor
Ok so iPhones 7s cook u and Samsung note7 blow u up
why leave ur kids with people who look like that 11:30 like christ its like u want ur kid to die...
Veronica kovpak
1. Bad parenting
2. Crazy people + ninja moves
3. Dumb nurses
4. Don't smoke or it will blow your face
5. Make sure you go to bed early
6. Why were there swat people in their house 😑
7. The dad left a kid near a huge flame of fire, bad parenting
(What is it with parents and heat)
8. Don't drink
9. Pizza isn't only good but a weapon :3 (rip pizza)
10. Dumb people not wanting to be fired
11. Boi this guy is a legend
12. Bullies
13. This girl a snitch
14. Donate skin, a new charity
Peter Danielsson
SumDoggoGamerOnPC Blappo
Samsung;"**Japanese genji saying thing**"

Apple:we do the same crappy phone design except we make it worse every time.
Michael Lowe
You would think white Jesus would have thought of something that will prevent his people from getting sunburn. LOL I mean Jesus is white right LOL and he made the sun right and God doesn't make mistakes and rice, as if I don't know lol
Golden Cookie
My friend is autistic and I did not burn him wtf. I take care of him. Wtf is wrong with this world
Kay Lee
Wtf I once but a iphon5s on my lap but I don't even feel pain.
OMG this is why i dont go out the son
Clawsy Core
Michael Hamann
Thats a hot pizza pia
Danny duck
0:07 im not trying to be rude but it looks like baby powder stuck on his skin for life!!
Itz Reid
I kinda wanna hug that Philipino maid,when I was younger I lived in a old apartment and the water heater was broken we had to mix cold and boiling water together and pour it on ourselfs,once my mom forgot to put in the cold water and I got boiling water poured on me,I cried all night and went to the hospital,it really hurts...
Clare Mfantse
i don't know what is wrong with people. dousing people with boiling water and kids setting another one on fire. they all need to be put down.
Bri The Mad Mistress
wait those swat twats didnt even pay for the kid's medical expenses after blowing his face off?

thats fucked up
Zero001 LP
Never get an Iphone, can't you see the CONCENQUENCES?!
Tracy Alexander
This is horrible
Bea Brass
That's why you shouldn't smoke....
Cute Bendy & Cute Boris show
Who would throw a stun grenade in a house
Bella the Bunny :P
I feel bad for her in 1:05
they're abusing her
Carl Jenkins
Giselle Bailon
You need a case for the phone or it will run that's why
froggylove224 :D
I could tell that the baby was a girl...
John T. Ralston Jr.
I feel bad for that grenade baby like if U agree
Shane Leiper
Who the fuck throws a stun grenade its not like he's a murderer
Butter Golem
A Saudi man hurt a filipina. That stupid ikallan puta
Anaya Mann
OMG THAT'S SO BAD!!!!!!😮😮😮😮😮
Doomed RPG game player( The Doomed One)
Holy shit that is awful
Dharma Fathahillah
the daycare employee are evil stupid humans
daycare employee: hahahahahahaha you got sun burned hahahahaha stop being a baby and crying atleast im dumb and stupid not a cry baby
Malissa Lenzzo
I phone guy looks pooping funny!
Inane Payload
3:49 well that's your own damn fault for smoking, ya numpty
it is ture that living your life safe and sound in China is sooooooooo hard,people get hurt or killed in 10000000000000000000000000000000000 ways。
Alesha Shelley
but I thought white people were superior😂😂got melanin?
Death Trap
Why would kids burn a kid who had special needs that just wrong
Hagan Shows
That woman who fell asleep on her phone shouldnt get a new phone. She was pretty stupid to fall asleep with a charging phone. A Samsung would have done it to.
Leon_ Productionz
They set fire to a SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENT!?!?!?!?
Cherry Cheese
when they were talking about the swollen fingers because of the nap I the snow they used the wrong stereo type at the end. They used one for Australia, not Canada ;-;
Uncool man
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