Eloy Perales
Now who tf picked this lil sorry ass beat i dropped my phone in the shower and showed my lil ass meat
Kay Branham
21 Savage came out lookin like the count from Sesame Street πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tia Does Makeup
I feel like Denzel curry was the most deserving of success out of these rappers and unfortunately it turned out that the others blew up πŸ˜“
Cool Name
looking like damn clowns
Proves how fucked up the music industry is. All of these blew up, except the best freestyler there, Denzel.
I remember watching this last year and thinking it was garbage but now it's actually fire compared to this year. I wonder what 2018 is going to be like. Lord have mercy on hip hop.
Jordan Leggans
21 started busting out fucking laughing when kodak said lil kid sorry ass street
Mary Alyssa
Lil uzi looks like a homeless woman
Go Home
Lil uzi stood out the most. He got everyone hyped up
when the principal lets the special ed class do a talent show ....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Yogesh Suthar
Just here to figure that y Kodak black is here.. yeah yeah yeah.
marcus holtzheimer
Bitch im trynna cook this yola WHAT
benjamin pittman
who let the special ed class have a talent show
valencia playz
yellow are awesome
Shit. Im not even going to listen to this years xxl freshmen class. Im just gonna listen to 2016s as if it was this years.
Roblox Gamer
0:40 Kodak's face (When mom catches you drinking Redbull for the first time she...)
Natives with attitude 23
lil yacht is whack asf I think il
21,21,21 :D
cadensmasonsvlogs cadensmasonsvlogs
Kodak gained 150 pounds since this dropped
Salvador Vergara Jr.
dj drama like wtf did i get myself into
who came here after they saw 2017 Freshmen?
no offense but that man purse lil uzi got is horrible and looks gay no lie
Steve Ross
NICE HAIR... NOT What the Hell is up with the purse Fag.
Philip Carey
he said he took his both to the store cus they ran outta soda
Jon 9lane
no offense to any of you other guys, but out of all of you, Denzel did it best
Amir The dribble god
21 savage only know the number 21
Amir The dribble god
Lil yachty sound like he got so much spit in his mouth
Winter Wonderland
Mannnnn I'd give anything to see lil dicky here
Zaire Carter
Lil Uzi look like the one who smile all class 21 look like a trouble maker Denzel look like the one with the serious face lil yachty look like the kid trying to fit in and Kodak Black look like the kid who yells all class
Wtf is this shit?
21, lil boat, Uzi and Kodak are like the kids who get held back from special ed
Trevor McFate
I like Uzis the best
Heard Denzel's and 21's then left
who here after watching the shit that this year's list came up with?
Forever young
Gay Era Freshman 2017 Homo ass Lame Fuk boys
AP hart
Like a gathering of all the worst rappers on planet earth........ except Denzel curry........ but really did they just put up a sign that says "if you cant rap, come rap with us" ?????????? Like really these guys suck. Yachty and curry are the only ones who can freestyle at all
Trey Gerrish
did anyone else notice how 21 only showed emotion to yachty..
igav inimene
hey kodak black wheres ur shirt? thats so weird
August Palma
Denzel Curry highkey killed this cypher
Stephen Cambre
lil Uzi started dancing when denzel was on the mic all the other rappers were talking and not listening
Serpentine t
why dey hating on denzel doe
sam Williamson
How the FUCK did Denzel end up with these idiots
I love the fact they all back each other up . . . . . .
Aniya Maxwell
Kodak= trash/disrespectful
ƁɑƢɑtuL 69
Why i`m the only man that thinks all of them are like 30 ages old ?
Nicksol502 '
Yo who else waiting for X πŸ˜‚
Nicholas George
Everybody turn up at 21 part
Tremaine Davis
21 savage don't rhyme
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