TRANSFORMERS 5 The Last Knight Official Trailer # 3 (2017) Action Blockbuster Movie HD

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TRANSFORMERS 5 Trailer (2017) Action Blockbuster Movie HD
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Nathan DeBrae
2:31 is wrong his eyes are actually blue when he kills them
lol, what a bullshit.
and the best part: mr. hopkins prostittes himself for money.
Anderson Almeida
Eu ja entendir esse filme todo ele vai sair daquele jeito que o pulblico gostas parabens pelos senegrafista kkkk
Luvedroid! The cute robot
Grimlock Didn't Die He Just Destroying The Cars Of The TRF(Transformers Reaction Force)Along With Slug To Prevent The Heroes To Safety

And Optimus Prime Didn't Rip Up Bumblebee's Arm He Just Rip Up The Car Doors
Draggline 77
Micheal Bay and Parapmount have have clue how to make these movies. I don't want to even see this shit ball. The last was almost unwatchable. Micheal Bay slums.
Peter the Pantherlord
the movie was awsome
Qais Rasooly
I don't want bumblebee and prime to die
Valtteri Tapio
RIP Bumblebee RIP earth
ashu rathi
Finally we will see a transformer movie as good as 3rd part
Golden Zingers
False advertising
Danny Garcia
Just watch the movie last night and it was nothing like the trailer they edit it before it came out and this ain't the last one the ending shows it
i fell asleep quarter of the way. all those cliches. and awoke for the saving earth from destruction cliche
The Ranger
That moment at 1:16 :P 5 movies and finally the mask did something
Cezary Welnic
1:28 the guy is a drama king
The Lenny Face
for my world to live yours must die
Good Spark
This is the first time I haven't been very excited for a TF movie. Bay should've stopped after Revenge of the Fallen. (That's just my opinion)
Cezary Welnic
Love can't wait
AntWazHere Animations
Wow this looks so good i actually forgot it was directed by Michael Bay.
Bunny Speed
In Sacramento there is a store in Old Town that has a Optimus Prime figure that costs almost $3000.00! It is about 3 feet tall and made of metal. So cool but you have to be rich to afford it!
mike uwish
nemisis prime vs megatron fight fer the omega lock
Killer- Boii
Rip all transformers
Who died 😥😥😥😭😭
Kos Bekpeker Batam
omg i cant wait now is june
Kos Bekpeker Batam
ithink bumblebee is magnet
Ares Odin
shia is better looking than that mark why did you fire him did he call you a racsist b** too
Christian Dominguez
This looks very good then the past transformer movies
Natayio Velez
This may sounds strange but what is the instrumental song that starts at 0:35?

Also cannot wait for this!
Elder Santana
R.i.p optimus prime 2007 - 2017
Jay Vincent Vilarazo Manahan
i like
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Optimus Prime is the bad guy?
Sophia Powers
Guys did you know that optimus doesn't die
Rubiks Gaming
This is most likely gonna be the last and most intense Transformers Movie
KevTon 13
I like 1:18
Brendan35shoot torres
grimlock doesn't die
I'm a giraffe
The most authentic-heroic-emotional movie series has ever been created and can't be copied for any reason!
Rip Our Favourite Loved Giant Bubblebee 2007-2017
Rip Brother Grimlock 2014-2017
Hellfire scorpion
optimus prime: for my world to live. yours must die.
If they have to put fucking humans as the main characters, can they at least not include ANOTHER fucking female character only for kissing scene at the end?
Jaeyeong Seo
what if optimus prime is secretly iron man mark 9000 that went to space for a while
Limit Less
No Sam , No Transformers
Donald J. Trump
I cant say whats Gaming Graphic, and whats real Graphic is...
Jamie Escort
Is starting to get boring when Optimus prime always in the movies!😶
Sheryl Po Tordillo
I wish optimus prime would die
illuminati fredbear illuminati ignited fredbear
Is it pg 13
JasonV 1016
Megatrons a dragon now... God damn
Christopher Fleming
If Optimus Prime and/or Bumblebee die in this movie for good, a lot of people will be pissed and angry! Including myself. It actually may fuck the franchise in the long run.
Transformers 5 Optimus Prime said "For my world to live your's must die"
Transformers 4 Optimus Prime said "After all we have done, humans are hunting us"

Me:The humans probably knew you were gonna destroy earth because they have a time machine
Doc Brown: Great Scott how'd did you know
Me:I don't know
Çağdaş Daşdemir
2:10 like if you see him ;)
DeAngelo Phillips
no one ever heard when Optimus said one day your Alli will betray you and that day will never come
Sora Alchemest
Why did prime have too become bad
Akshay Pandey
no one gives a hot shit anymore
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