Benzo L
wtf is this joke shit?
Orla Ben Larsen
Fuck womanbeather Floyd Mayweather
James Guthrie
So they tried to recreate the mike Tyson segments from the attitude era.. Except this crowd is dead
jacinto giammarresi
Esta es la mentira mas grande del mundo, una victoria disfrazada. Porque no lo enfrentan con el enterrador.
Crossfire Gamer
tf the last word is the winner is floyd many may wether
Pretty Boy Flizzy
Only mayweather and Tyson boxers had a WWE match. What's Conor saying
Alec Lumba
That sign in the beginning saying, "I'm gay"
Mrinal Bond
this proves wwe is fake
bad chris
What happened to WWF
i'd rather spend my money at a zoo watching a chimp scratching his balls
YAY!!!! I love you mayweather.
Danger 45
0:01 lol im gay😂
Павел Погородний
вот так и будет 50-0 , подстава на подставе ))))
Hemal Patel
Mayweather will conquer mcgregor
Sean Gaines
That ain't cool these nigga jumped big show
Руслан Шестаков
Floyd Matheather is a cool
Apurba Biswas
Floyd appears like a little midget
Muri San
看的出Bis Show已經手下留情了,不然梅威瑟只會更慘。

Manyakerz Pic
mayweather production lol full of crap, who wants to spend? you dont get a real fight on mayweather production, just getting every cents out of your pocket
Anthony Ramirez
3:27 damn he choked his ass!!
Jemyx montero
This a fcking movie 😂😂 everything is so fake and obvious😂
Can't believe I use to think this shit was real. Lmao
Artur Baishev
блэт че за постанова
"I'm Gay" sign at 0:01 lol
Arslan Charyyev
Batflip you will scream stronger than Floyd in that moment
Sports Today
i cracked up when that guy in the crowd pulled up the im gay sign lol
Scott Roark
which number win was this of the 49?
David Rousseau
that sidewalk slam would have been instant death for the little negro.
Gustavo A S.J
En el minuto 5:30 parece que tiene un orgasmo jajaj
Andrei Andriuta
Si tuviera 15 años me lo creeria
Tsünåmî Sèt
Floyd look like he actually suppose to be in the wwe
Alok Pandey
Actually this match was fixed
Kevin Logo
tod nob
Floyd Mayweather is a piece of dog S%#T!!! Lost all respect after SUCKER punches knock out in Ortiz fight. Seems to me Mayweather was happy to get out of the rest of that Ortiz fight as fast as he could. Sure Mayweather will probably dominate and win the Mc Gregor fight, because of boxing rules only. If I needed someone to have my back in the real world I pick Conner all day over Mayweather. If the two were to fight mma rules, Conner would dominate Mayweather in the same fashion Mayweather can in boxing only rules. I think Conner would hurt F M much worse in mma rules fight over what Mayweather would do to Conner in boxing rules only fight.
Doomsday Tuther™
Fixed to fuck. The Big show won that fight over and over
Week ass body guards
Morgan Jackson
We just gonna ignore how good of an actor he is lol
Enesin Dünyası
Fake fake fake fake fake fake
If this was a real fight, Mayweather would have been dead.
gareth cooney
Alex/ GX
шоу ебаное
Who saw the I'm gay poster at the start
Gabriel Montaño
Facyu big seet
Gabriella Bitterlin
his a joke then and now
Malkit Singh
Floyd looks like a little gay boy.. big show would break his tiny little gay boy face
Никита Губанов
Ебать! Обезяна против Гориллы!!
Алмаз Алагузов
Майуэзер бы по настоящему ебнул
XxdirtbikeriderxX mcclain
This real??
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