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iPhone 8 article on Forbes - http://bit.ly/2p1T3yT

iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or just iPhone? Apple's latest device is moving closer to production. This video features a 3D printed mockup based on strong speculation via various sources. The 3D drawing used for the print was provided by Benjamin Geskin - https://twitter.com/venyageskin1

Which feature are you most excited for in the upcoming iPhone. A new camera system, wireless charging, stainless steel construction, OLED display or the extreme screen-to-body ratio? Let me know in the comments!


This iPhone 8 Mock-up is strictly speculative. It is based on information provided via various sources including 3D drawing. The final iPhone 8 product will likely include variation from this mock-up. This video serves to offer insight into the potential iPhone 8 (iPhone X, iPhone Edition etc.).
Sachin Gowda
can u plz give an iphone to me
Geek Play Market
The 12Tth of Septeptember...
Big screen is such a big thing... the screen looks pretty much like Samsung 6... iPhone just can't compete with galaxy S8. This is just a joke. It looks like a cheap old version of Samsung, but costs soo much more.
Tech Kuldeep
Watch mine
anyone here watchin on 4k?
A_PGam3r '
Iphone 8: a s8 with traffic lights on the back
Billy Yang
only $0.79 To buy original iphone cable
Nanda K
Open it
Laura Muller
Swing someone small etc adjustment advocate until.
Shehryar Zahid
Has everyone forgotten the iPhone 7s?
I think same trash
Adam farrugia
Hands on iPhone 8 mock up*
Antonio Perez
galaxy phones are better. and now iphone is copying galaxy with the full screen display smfh.
Ibid Angeles
Hands down the coolest feature would be the screen to body ratio
F**k this sh*t, first the headphone jack and now touch id.
Shahmeer Akbar
WoW I'm excitedly waiting for this device
don't you want iPhone 8 even if you still have iPhone 7? lol
Virral Therapy
Watta phone
Sid Menon
After watching mkbhd's video this guy sounds so unprofessional
Traffic light......hahahahaha
Greninja 04
The camera is so ugly why
That Planet, Pluto
I don't like it.
Erick Molkey
What is the name of the songs for the first two beats to this video?
Phoenix Robinson
The display and the hidden front facing camera
Adolfo Lopez
only real nigga I can trust
GabakUSA Free computer training
what iphone 7S??
Lol i dont get how people like this get famous, Seriously, you just showed NOTHING.
Bernard Fernandez
Now my question is, would it bend? Because pretty sure the price is going to be high.
hatem ali
man you re pimp for Apple thats all I can say . fuck you
eli parker
Biggest feature I like is the fact that the size of the phone will be manageable with a larger screen
Arvin Dumayag
buy ONEPLUS 5 instead ;-)
reminds me if the iphone 4 design mixed with the iphone 7 plus
unbox chemistry
the apple is the finger print scanner
Frank Hsu
wow Apple so original and innovative!!
You not going to see a USB on a iphone, you are also probably not going to see that 3.5 jack again. The reason they got rid of the jack was they couldn't charge licensing fee's to third party producers, same applies for the USB-C. Reality is if apple cannot make money off a feature either from the consumer or third party manufactures they are not going to implement it. You will also never see a MicroSD slot on a iphone because it would negatively impacts their planned obsolescence marketing.
Yumna Shebani
the iphone 8 looks very ugly
finally iPhone 8 has copied Samsung S8...
too optimistic... if they can pull it off, it would sell like hot cakes. So, how will the optics capture images if the lens is covered by the display? if it's oled, it can turn off images around the camera I guess...so it has to use oled. With finger print, it would have to do the same to prevent false reading. Overall, I don't think it's possible in this release.
Camito H.
I want the OnePlus 5
Darshil Parmar
Hey man! Were is the front camera? Are we going to have or what?
If you want to read the comments, please don't, it's 99% just Android fanboys pissing off Apple sheeps. It's so annoying.
This phone is gonna be unbelievably hard to preorder lol
Faysal Naimi
Apple stopped being Apple since the first iPhone. You can't call a bigger screen or better camera revolutionairy. They stopped thinking and are just following other phones and uitilizing their Ios software, which Now is their only unIque selling point. I guess Apple is quite saturated. We can fairly conlude that The Apple R&D needs a smash... in the face.. with a lightningcable.
Margaret Foster
Oh i like it
Doll Yessm
why does the camera lens needs to be vertical???
It's a faaaake!

Where's the front facing camera? There is no way Apple is going to ditch the front facing camera. If the display goes all the way up to the top edge of the phone then it will have some sort of cut out, much like the Essential phone.

Seriously, aren't we still waiting for the hologram keyboard we were promised six years ago? (sarcasm) I think that some of this is real, but I wouldn't be surprised if none of this turns out to be true. I'm not a hater. I'm just keepin' it real. Yo.
It's a Samsung running iOS.
Juantonio Jesse Lopez
iPhone is overhyped, overpriced, and overrated.
Tashi Lama
Do a video about the iPhone 8 widescreen
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