DaddyOFive - YouTube Child Abuse FULLY Exposed

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DaddyOFive is a YouTuber that right now is coming under a lot of fire and rightfully so! The DaddyOFive YouTube channel has over 700 000 subscribers and they claimed to be a "PRANK" channel! The only problem is ... these are NOT pranks! What DaddyOFive was uploading was clearly child abuse, emotional manipulation, and exploitation for YouTube money. So in this video I share with you the evidence that DaddyOFive did not want you to see (his videos are all private now). Please help me pray for this situation ... God Bless


Mr Dapperton's original video with ALL the incriminating evidence


Instagram @vigilantchristmario 

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As someone who has lived in a family where child abuse was extremely prevalent, people like +DaddyOFive make me sick.
mario you do know these videos that daddy0five make are scripted and fake they are not abused i do support you and love your videos but i need u to do more reserch into this and make another video on the subject thanks
Spiny Sis
God damn child abuse!
Spiny Sis
Sorry fuck!
Spiny Sis
What fucked up parents!!
Kendra B.
Omg. I could hardly watch...
DaddyOfFive should have been lynched, hanged, or killed by now. People like this make me sick, it's horrible and disgusting. Thank you for informing us Vigiliant Christian, #PraiseGodAndJesus #ThankYou #MayDaddyOfFiveRotInHell
Ghozt Outlawz
what a troll bully
Ghozt Outlawz
I Always watched his videos and took it as a joke and actually laughed now I think these videos are bad and these parents are stupid fucking fools
Tripper Getem
I only played with poo when my play doh hardened up.
A Devo
the woman is not the mom she is the step mom these people are the worst who could ever do this to a child? the man reminds me of a demon
djjs josh
this hurts to watch why is it the fact that this horrible father did this I wish that people weren't so torturing why won't this guy realise his kids aren't for torturing and humiliation on the internet
Paul Goodridge
I can understand God's pulling pranks and occasionally picking on the kids but this is not that it's way beyond the line
Malak Eggimann
I seriously can't watch this until the end it makes me so sad 😭 😭😭 may Allah swt guide this evil people on the right path or destroy them ameen
J purple ramen
I have a update on this video daddyofive has lost coustady of 2 of his children hope he loses more and go to jail.
Nygil Setzer
sorry I just disliked this
How could anyone believe that this would be a prank? The parents should be arrested!!
Tim Lewis
It seems like the majority of the crap comes to Cody. Also the older brother is a bully and the dad is also a bully. maybe not to the same behavioural level of the older brother, but then he should know much better!
GOD is the alpha and the omega 2675
i grew up like this the effects last forever pray for these kids
Kristal Roman
That's nothing I use to get beat with the vacuum cord naked for no reason and get thrown random stuff to my face. Thank God my mom changed and isn't like that anymore!
Families are broken. The Bible says this would happen. DAYS OF NOAH!
Athena Latrell
This is just evil.
Nana Smith
What makes this even more sad is that foster care is a lot worse 😕
Nana Smith
The ink prank 😨😱😢omgggggg and why do they mess with Cody the most?
so I was right
As an abused child who has grown up and witnessed 1st hand the effects of abuse have on adulthood, youtube should be suid for allowing this to be posted.
This disturbs me. How terrible person you must be to do those things to your kids?! Seriously, fuck those parents. I don't even say things like that. I cannot finish watching this video. It's too disturbing and disgusting.
Gia Ferdinand
this is sick!!!!!!!!
His Name Is, The Word Of God Rev 19:13
waoh!!..that poor wee boy 😢💔
Catherine the classy Californian
This is horrible! He's torturing his children for monetary gain!
Amberr Boo
thats why kids grow up hating the world...
Study, Judah! Study!
The parents are really immature but this is not "abuse". Its abusive, but not abuse. Calling this abuse is slapping the abuse label on being "mean" which means CPS could sweep in take the kids, put them in fostercare where rich pizzagate illuminati dirtbags can show them what real abuse is.
Elizabeth Baena
wow I couldn't finish watching it it just made me cry how these children are being treated they deserve a unique violent life this is mental abuse and hopefully these kids are taken from them
Renan Phillips
So before watching, I'm just assuming that the devil has something to do with possessing the guy into beating his children, and his mom is a succubus...
Matt 04
i feel bad for the kid in the video if that was my child i feel sorry for myself....😷😷😷😷 this is sick f*** up stuff
Rebecca S
Horrific, absolutely horrible. The day those parents have to sit in the courtroom facing a sentence, their own videos of pranks will have them be daddyofnone.
Sickening. Reminded me of my own childhood. Some people just shouldn't have kids.
Those poor kids definitely need our prayers...
Brenda Penny
This is horrible, Please sign the petition to help the biological mother Rose Hall to help her get her kids back. papers were forged & Cody & Emma apparently we're taken under shady circumstances. There's also a video interview with the father's first wife. Mike wouldn't get a job or help around the house, was in mental hospitals, and was abusive to the first wife & her child long before youtube. Those parents are evil and deserve jail time.
KC Gonzales
the youngest boy seems to have more sense than both parents combined, he is clearly traumatized & acts out but has a Critical thinking process at points to try & de-escalate the situations. this breaks my heart into a million peices. please God let these kids get into a good loving home or let the parents repent & change (highly unlikely but there's a small chance) Please Lord take care of those children!!!!!
KC Gonzales
Rebecca Crane
Those poor babies...I just want to hug them all and make them feel better.
D Shannon
This guy and his wife need to be reported to Child Services, regardless of whether or not this is for pranks, views, whatever.. this is not a joke, this is not entertainment. Grow up and be a real man and teach your children how to function as decent human beings... and people wonder why we are where we are in today's age.. how much longer are people going to sit and watch?
People, we are not robots quite yet, we can still do something and make a difference...
Prayers, to everyone, and their children, may they all find Jesus and accept the blood he shed on the cross for US and OUR SINS.

Thank You, Mario, for fighting, exposing, evangelizing and being a great and influential presence on YouTube.

Peace be with you, brother.
ch mexi
I have a brother who bullied the whole family like this dad is doing to his kids. these kids n the mother would be better off if the dad were dead
J.J. Mora
Poor children
Brennan Persing
This is terrible, but stop talking while the damn abuse videos are playing. My god.
I've been emotionally abused as a child too....but not to this extent. What I went through dwarfs in comparison to this because though I was a child, I wasn't abused til I hit my teens. What this boy was put through is extreme abuse. The parents are breaking down this little boy for the sole purpose of making merchandise out of seeing the distress in this little kid. We need to pray for Cody, he does not deserve to be in that household. Those parents need to buckle up, if they don't. Be prepared to face God on judgement day and give an account of everything they did to those children. Let's pray together and reunite to help this kid out. God bless Cody and his family. Cody is blessed to have people who care about his safety and security. As of for his dad, time will tell.
How long was this going on before someone actually did something?
this is so crazy oh my lord I cant believe this stuff it is child abuse 100%
Chantel Speller
this was difficult to watch. how can this not be considered abuse?!
King Quail
I'm surprised that dad would buy them an Xbox
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