Truth or Drink Engaged Couples- Solo (The Amandas)

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Amanda, A man duh
That one otaku who is obsessed with Homestuck
99.98% of the comment section: Ugh why do people hate gays?
.02%: ew gay
Asmae Faris
pfff 😩 lesbians ..
Lena Mendes
I want their relationship
kostas xarakidas
thought the left one was a man
Princess Bubblegum
I literally just watched 20 seconds of the video and was like: they're definitely soul mates! If I ever be in a relationship I want it to be like theirs
LMAO, I just realized, when they get married, they're going to have the exact same name.. 😂😂😂
i want to know what its like dating someone with the same namee
Miyagi Bangz
is it me , or do they look alike. the amandas are cool
Kemi Coffman
reminds me of piper and alex ... on orange is the new black lol
Melting Blower
Iv been looking at her double chin the whole video
Hollie Melton
These two are adorable together!🙌🏻😍 #couplegoals
Austin Stroud
Why is it always gay people I hate this
Ana Caylen
They're so cute
Harriet O'keefe
"Cause she's hot. I would have" that's literally me and my girlfriend 😂
heidi melissa
do these girls have instagram or something?? for the love of God please let me know if you know! <3
Andrew Catenacci
I'm not hating but why all the homo vids
Thế Hoàng Nguyễn
Holy shit I laughed through the whole thing XD
gabrielle mgbudem
they were drunk before the video
Marielle Kawaoka
They're so cuteeeee 😫
Hot-Like-The-Summer Colder-Than-Winter
Long haired one reminds me of Sarah Paulson.
Joy Rain
I love 0:55
Haley Hanson
Question:who's last name do you use if you are a married gay couple
lol i love them, made me smile throughout
Thee Emma
0:11 I would be that person that always laughs at things people say behind camera
Elle Keener
Comment section is full of bitter single people.
Gühnter Müller
i think what they are trying to tell us in the first minute is that on weeknights they dont have sex at all and on the weekends they just fuck like rabbits.
Juan Jose Romero Sarmiento
nah nah nah.
Ivan Stojaković
I've literally passed 50 "comment section is cancer" comments and not a single one shitty comment
If there is no homophobya don't act like fucking victims and cry about it.
Have a nice day
the right one is sexy and the left one is the guy
jason asiro
Lesbian .........
Neghie Thervil
Hilarious. I keep reading comments about how disgusting the comments are, but I haven't seen any which is awesome because all the comments about how negative the comments are have pushed all the actual negative comments down! It's like a digital Care Bear stare. If you were born in the 80s, you know what I mean.
Jenny Reed
Anyone notice the random black dots flying across the scene at various points throughout the video?
Alan Muñoz
Lesbians aren't real. Gay men on the other men have been fucking since the beginning of time.
the girl on the right is really cute
Sibi G
fuck homosexuality
Leonora Auer
The right girl with the long hair looks like Emily Blunt from the side!!!-
They're so cute omg, love them ❤
Amelia beeedelia
omg they are such a great couple. so cute and funny
Morgan Freeman
short hair girl is hilarious
Not hating, but I have yet to see a lesbian couple with both having long hair. One girl has to look like a male in the relationship, if the girl didn't date a male why would she date a girl that looks like a male?
Awesomesavage Possumcabbage
"How often should we have sex?"


George Coughlin
once they fight I can tell they full on bitches
Ellen Dula
I guess I appreciate the fact that I'm only seeing "these comments are disgusting" comments instead of the actual shitty comments
Stanley Sarmiento
The fuq?
Lesbians confuse me and let me tell you why.. So the one on the left clearly wants to be a boy or is considered tomboyish and is attracted to women, hence the fact her mate looks like a girl so i would qualify her as gay because shes attracted to feminine characteristics right.. but the one on the right seems to of just had bad luck dating guys and got tired of it but is still attracted to guys hence why she dates a boyish looking female so i don't qualify her as gay.. does that make sense? i mean it makes all the sense in the world actually.. If they were both gay they would both look like women however only one does and that one is attracted to male characteristics
Richie Rich
Whats intro song
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