Ariana Grande - 'Jennifer Lawrence' (Live SNL)

Ariana Grande - SNL 'Jennifer Lawrence' (Completo Full)

Ariana Grande - SNL  'Jennifer Lawrence' (Completo Full)

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Anthony Brown
who wastes their time watching this reached shit
Sophia Patterson
So fake
Ronaldo Alves Aparecido
Thaís Tarantino looks Michael Keaton
Shane Meritt
Jennifer Lawrence is probably really hard to do and Ariana nailed it perfect.
Will G
How does Jennifer Lawrence get hotter??? ... She is actually Ariana Grande
Amazing 👏🏽
Arron Tolan
"How annoyingly relatable" - perfect
Rocky Felimon
short jennifer lawrence...hahah...i love arianna though..haha
Ned Cauphee
Oh how annoyingly relatable
alisha clermont
This was painful to watch... EXCEPT for the Ariana Grande parts.
Carolyn Clark
She looks good with that hair holy fuck
Terry Tso
He is so Quentin Tarantino.
jack thao
Black Jason Statham
E Dalidah
Whatever you say David Bowie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kong King
IM sorry but it looks like a recorded voice and she is just doing the mimic..Dunno, thats what i see, look at her lips when she talks!
Grande is NOT someone I willingly pay compliments to but WOW this is an amazing impression of "j law" WOW
Edward Terry
"Ya' know, you say you're a regular person more than any regular person I know."
Kilian Listens
Love the J.Law impression, I am, however, not living for this sketch.. This was so slow, and so awkward that I side eyed through the whole thing.. Other than the occasional funny guest, SNL has really...gone down the drain.. I miss the old school SNL.. Dana Carvey, Chris Kattan, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, gimme some good ol' Mike Myers. Steve Martin, Dan Ackeroid! GIVE ME THE GOOD OL' DAYS MAN.. When humor wasn't " Hahahaha, situational " . . . . . . .
John Nodoe
She cant downplay herself. Add ten million moles and tagalongs
Tamar Godalazian
she sounds like nina dobrev
I want her to sing hanging tree and see if she sounds like Jennifer when she sings
omg 3:51 ariana grande nip slip!
Sarah Butler
She is actually better at being Jennifer than I thought she would be lol
Abhijith S Nath
volume toooooooooo low!!!!!!!!!!
Klee Klee
Donut shops hate you! Haha, we don't forget that easy.
Don Sugar
i spotted the houndslayer from GOT in there i think
Alan Lloyd
damn, ariana grande is super fucking hot
And people say that Ariana isn't a good actress
she does Jennifer Lawrence's voice so well
Adventures of 12
Backwards Watermelon
the madafaka
Ariana just earns more RESPECT from moi.
Norm MacDonald does a good Tarantino.
Joni Danzy
Micky R. I agree I was like DANG
Shu So
HOLD ON, are you sure that's not Jlaw voice over
Bill Dee
She looks like she has sweet little snacks.
Marc Rios fastner
are they all impersonating??
Kulsum P
Ariana is better Jennifer than Jennifer herself
Missy Sana
I used to dislike Ariana Grande. But right now I neeeeeed her in a movie. Wtf? This diva is talented 😍
Vibee Snipez
He looks like the black Dr.Phil
Who loves orange soda?
Kell loves orange soda!
Is it trueee?
Hm-mmmm i do, i do, I do-ooooooo!
Johanna Sel
She is more Jennifer Lawrence than Jennifer Lawrence herself
Phil McCracken
This show is poo. Ariana is a gem though.
Krummy Crew
gotta love kevin smith
Annaloon mackenzie
I swear To god I screamed when Ariana did that jlaw impression.. I thought it was legit dubbed😱😱 Ariana👏👏
Desiree Kanatzar
Desiree Kanatzar
Ariana is always awesome at impression I love her so much!!!!
Pink Berry Vegan
no she sounded like bella thorn tbh
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