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New year... new me? Meet Redgy!
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Macarius Chong
I love ur vids they make me laugh so hard I bet everyone would agree
Kathy Reene Fernandez
"masarap" daw πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜
Sparkly Piggy
My bedtime is 7:00 but I go to bed at 7:05 I'm so edgy
Christy J
how to edgy? how to be gangster? how to be ninja? how to be emo? comment ur fave
BlueDragon5000 Claws
The most edgy thing I done was that I watched this in 2017 instead of watching this in 2016
Farah Karam
I'm so edgy I pour the milk BEFORE the cereal!

dramatic music

JK, I could NEVER do that fren <3
iSwifty FTW
All the dislikes are triggered 4year olds and their mothers.
undersawpkhang gaming
im so edgy that i eat taco tuesday on a monday!
NRAS 1102
0:03 The english subtitles written by Ryan are spelt retarded.
I am so edgy that I watched a 13+ movie but I am 12.
Lauren Martinez
Im so edgy that when I eat a banana

Rising Wind
you do know ur videos don't only entertain kids lmao πŸ˜‚
Syed Saad
I am so edgy i went in a Chinese restaurant and ate with my hands
Alex Torres
Ryan(not redgy)
Ur hair looks kewl
Triplasma Jelly
im so edgy i eat my cereal without a MILK !!
he just detoryed a mac book i would of wanted that
Who the heck dislikes these videos?? They are soo funny! They don't deserve 3K dislikes
卐Johnny Bravo卐
Very edgy.
chocolateisfun - Roblox & More
I'm so edgy, instead of sleeping. I nap 8 hours over the average time of naps
The KArt
I'm so edgy when I curse it dosent sensor it
I'm so edgy I use my mom's email for ROBLOX
Sticky Wipplesnit
I'm so edgy when my mom asks me to come downstairs...

I say no.
hes almost as edgy as my jaw line
Omar Dawar
I'm so edgy I won't even finish this comm
Coolchou Zhao
The Chinese says female
World OfHope
I'm edgy cause I use it to kill away the pain that I had and to protect myself .
The Sandwich Squad
I'm so edgy I drink coffee with NO CREAM!
The Little Brown Unicorn
saw a 5 minute ad, still didn't click skip.
Imad Wardak
Im so good at sleeping i can do it with my eyes closed
I NoVaAnimates I
My bedtime is 9:00. Im so edgy I go to bed at 9:00 and 1'second.
6:45 first time without bleep
Claire Deng
Actually that Chinese tattoo is female in Chinese, but that just means your so edgy you don't bother to learn
2D Your friend
I'm so edgy

I kept my lamp on went to slept
Iam so edgy i never read the policy terms
Matt FC
I'm so edgy

I brush my teeth with the powered brush. But with the power off!
idiotic genius
im so edgy that in the spongebob theme song when he says "are you ready?" i say no😎😎😎
Austin Huang
When you said it was Japanese it's Chinese
joaquin BOY
0:03 did u just say masarap???
Dauntless- DaughterOfApollo
If Justin, Selina and Miley have gotten more famous for being more badass, than how come Bella Thorne lowered her ranks ? 😢
SnipezzZ -
I'm so edgy I put down the sun visor at night
I'm so edgy I liked the video.
Sriya Veerapaneni
I'm so edgy my bedtime is at 9:30 but I sleep at 9:31
Sarthak Pucha
I'm so edgy i'm flat.
I'm so edgy, I'm not gonna think of a edgy joke
I'm so edgy, I ordered something at 17 1/2
Super Bunny
im so edgy, my mom mum said i had to sleep a 9:59, but i slept, at 10:00!
Parker House
I am so edgy my bed time is 8:00 but I go to bed at 8:15... edgy!! Guy um play the music!
Jessy J.
I'm so edgy that I sleep at 9:05 at night. My bedtime is 9.
Mom omg no I was kidding haha goodnight 😴
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