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New year... new me? Meet Redgy!
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Bryan Tran
\( '-' )
) )z
/ \ You're Fabulous <3
qadri rulzdood
These are real..real temporary tattoos. Hahahaha
Nicole Banana
Oh wow
Manny S
4:43 whoever thought of this bit was a fucking comedic genius 😂😂😂😂 said it so morbidly "what?"
Krešimir Mirojević
Im so edgy i go home at 10:01 pm and i am a kid
TBNRat II Screaming and more!
My Instagram tutorial is better
I'm so edgy when my dad said come down. I said wait for 1 minute, but I waited for 1 minute and 1 second.
Miss Meowington
I just realised that the EDGES of the thumbnail are weird
Party Pete
I'm so edgy I am a unit of measurement...
because I want to km/s...
Teal Tabby
I'm so edgy that while reading books I imagine characters against their descriptions
God Gun
Oh my god Look the tattoos is so shiny so fake its funny
Goof Trooper
which island of Hawaii is your home? I live in Oahu
hi my name is Shawn
Earl Sam Wilkson
I'm so edgy that....when.....uh......people I've subscribed videos........I.......uh......I swipe the notification away! (and watch it while I I'm in the bathroom doing you know...........brushing my teeth)
Apple Clan
Edge Lord Ryan?!
I'm so edgy that I went to bed at 7:02 when my bed time is 7:00
Mako Matoi
Wait a minute, this means Ryan wanted gray hair from the start... ITS A CONSPIRACY
Hillarald Trumpton
Be white. That's how to be edgy.
Erika Estrada
Elctro thrower
Im so edgy that i arranged my keyboard keys.......ALPHABETICALLY
Ilija Stankovic
No Kaneki? reported
The switch was still on when he got edgy?
Issa Arika
I'm so edgy that I hit the "Agree " button without reading 📖
the first videos were more edgy by today's standards where ryan and sean said stuff like to be a ninja you must imitate anything, like an animal, a tree, or even a fag
Personally, i think the clean humor is refreshing and is what I like best about your videos. You put so much quality in your creativity, and you're amazing to have kept it up as long as you did.
Asher_wolf VIDS
well he did curse once ,he did flip the switch .
Ming and Carlene
im so edgy that i
watched Mickey Mouse in my tv and watched a duck swim.. no? whatever
Charmaine 918
女 means girl
Duc Tran
I'm so edgy that i on the edge of edgeness
SamTheManTheHam 123
sory no swering I'm only 7
Whoa he cursed I don't care.......... EDGY
A random Name
Ahh he said shit ohhhhhhhhh
Abby P
"these are real temporary tattoos" 😂😂
Kuan Chan
I'm so edgy I posted an instagram picture with no filter and didn't say #nofilter
Kilimandzsáró Lakatos
And now he curses for real..??
i am so edgy that i hit the like button without watching the video
misssavvyabyy 11
Am I the only one who was like "Harry Potter" 😱😱😱😱😱😄😄😄😄😄😄
Iyonna Bunton
I'm so edgy, I asked thelegend27 to battle me!

( I'm so edgy, I made up a comment so people would look at it... 🙂😐😓)
Sarcastic Angel
Clorox Bleach's Brother Brown
My name is Ed G
Alisha Mat
I eat goat milk cause im edgy
Andrew Williams
0:45 Surprise motherfucker
Phoenix Duffiney
wait if your from Hawaii doesn't that mean that you have or you are from Polynesian descent or heritage .
Edleen Agarao
00:03 masarap?
Terrific Trio
So planned. Awesome committed youtuber. Will definetly pass pewdie pie
sarah arfaoui
when you don't need a vid to show you how to be edgy cuz you already are....
I really late but, the Harry Potter reference tho 😂
Carlos Christ
I keep the channel clean. Shows guns, death, Ebola syringes, addiction, blood. Yeah clean enough
Matt daboss
how do you do the ending so funny
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