The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive

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I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why.


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E Didit
You're a fucking clown if you think this is the most embarrassing truck out there
Слава Муравьев
Like anything in USA.... Just commercial , nothing else..
nah, the most embarrassing vehicle you can drive is a rust bucket, van, no car, etc.
I owned a H2 SUT brand new and drove it til 137,000 miles. Say what you want, Doug, but it was good to me.
Fox-E (Bonzai)
Fuck this channel. It's fucking stupid just like the pansi running it
Yo Mama
The H3 is stupid ass
weren't they designed for military purposes?
The H2 would be great with: duramax swap and solid front axle swap.
they look chubby lmao
Racing is life
So much hummer. Too much hummer
This guy is the biggest tool I've ever seen on YouTube and THERE ARE ALOT OF EM'!
I'm sure he drives a Prius and plays acoustic guitar in coffee shops. A H2 is WAY too much for this clown.
Nice pink stars !! you're the ONLY fake part of this ridiculous video.
Jasper .C
Raptor Slash711
Dang I’d hate to let this guy judge my truck lol. He would say it’s so embarrassing because I have 37s and it rides too rough. Dude just needs to learn how to drive a bigger vehicle
David Ryde
Should have done a trail day. H2s can kill em.
Brandon Crimmins
I have a 2006 H2 and while I can't say I LOVE it...I am quite fond of it. Had GM had the foresight to put a Duramax in it...Then I would LOVE it. But I'll just have to do it myself.

This guy strikes me as the type of guy that buys a brand new car of what ever make and model you prefer and then de-badges the whole thing thinking it makes it look "cooler". Personally I like all the badging. There is no shame in people knowing what you're driving. I know it's not for everyone, but that's ok because it's not your only option when shopping for a vehicle. If you don't like it...Move on to a Prius Susan!
I always liked the H2, it was the H3 that made my laugh. Make sure you watch Borat, if you haven’t already.
Andy Schroeyers
You have to be wider than you are tall to drive on of these, if you aren't obese they won't sell you one. True fact.
Nah thats a prius
Hue Mungas
U mean Hummer H too fukin badass!
Joey Terrell Vlogs
It is actually the worst car I have ever driven.
Anthony Barragan
Before I drive a car I blow toro and it’s executive
Jason Camacho
its so embarrassing to him casue hes so famine and the hummer is so masculine and it clearly looks like hes trying to compensate for it, its the only way i can see such a sissy man call a badass car embarrassing.
Sorry, a Smart car is way more embarrassing to drive.
Christopher Conard
Worst window/door ratio? Have you never seen a Toyota FJ or Chevy Camaro?
kv pi
what an ugly cheap plastic box
Adrian Ghandtchi
My dad used to own one, he would beg to differ with you.
Listening to “hummer” and “aychhh twoooo” over and over is the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud at these videos. It was great
it is an H1_Piece of Shit
It's funny how so many dickheads thought this car would compensate for having a small dick. Only a douchebag would want this car
Creamy Gamers
I really don't see too many things wrong with this, he just doesn't like the design
william francis
I Think this guy likes to give Hummer's
Rafsan Ahmed
if you have a hummer and still you cant spell hummer you are an idiot...
This guy is just jealous that he has to rent cars all the time and can’t own a hummer.
zombiedog 1027
It has Tahoe seats and steering weel
i don`t care about what negative people thinks about this, im gonna get one, maybe next year B)
Denis Mburu
the most embarrassing???.... this guy is retarded, have you seen the Prius, BMW i3, Fiat, Nissan Cube ,Pontiac Aztek , PT Cruiser......?????????? THIS MOFO, SMH
Danielle Kameta-Palmer
My family owns 7 Hummers, 4 Porshes, 6 Lambos, 3 Bentley Mulsanne and 1 of them is in the colour Chrome..
Mike Berg
Borat,,how fast to kill a gypsy?,,dealer,,about 40mph,,
Antonio Difede
You make fun of that car but in the other hand you loke the the 90s lambo you have to be half outside the car to reverse and then no visibility not even to the sides and many more
Oscar Olivier
listen project society genetic mostly chain.
Anon Nymous
It's not a car, it's a giant dildo with wheels.
Dae B
Hummers is nice whatever you saying I don't care
trevor pietruszka
get it yellow and paint a 3 on the side
Saravana Manoj
Ugly review, he is just trolling it for name sake
Adrian Toia
GM should stop making any vehicles asap...
MCPEMIGHTY The darkness minecraft
Guys guys he are just talking about what he hate about the hummer h2 im not a hater im a fan thank you and also hi to haters..😜🙂🤗
Monaco Mark
Now that I read this, I think I’ll go out and buy a Prius.............that is, RIGHT AFTER I GROW A VAGINA!!!!
So beautiful! :)
Super ugly car

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