The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive

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I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why.


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Agentum Silwer Silwer
these cars sucks.
but its very american.
I like how this idiot calls this thing a piece of plastic when the reason Hummers get nothing but 10 mpg is because of all the steel used instead of plastic
Hadef Shajir
and Gordon Ramsay drives that around
Umberto aurora\
You look really stupid. Maybe Hummer should have been built better, but you could definitely dress better. Looser 😘
jatt shergill
U fukking lost a subscriber!!! Thts all i could sayy h2 is some ppls dream car
BOOM! Llamas
My aunt drived pink one. No lie
John Graham
Apparently he's never drove a Nissan Cube if he thinks the H2 is a joke?
Hue G. Rection.mp4
2:15 those are there so you can open the hood
Airplane Crash Debris!
Mitchell Yardanoff
this why GM went bankrupt ( too many silly vehicles)
Tommy Schmid
Hummer H2 are not embarrassing idk wtf ur talking about they look bad ass if you think any hummer looks embarrassing its the H3 and btw the H2 actually has very good off-road capabilities and could easily keep up with an H1 off road
Eugene Onegin
Doug your a Hummer Hater.
Nils Lembre
Great video man! Keep it up I love what you post!
DOUG, I JUST SIGNED UP TO TURO BECAUSE OF YOU... They have to give you all free rides you want...great promo for them...Your viewers are car lovers...perfect targeted audience.
Eliazar Marcano
can be american be worst doing cars .american cars are real crap since 1980 until today.
It's based off of a combat vehicle is it not? Small windows are good, big buttons are good in combat.
Angelo Mendez
Hummer H2 and H3 are stupid but the H1 is a cool car
i suspect this video was done before the Lamborghini lm002
One Of Six
Please try a Daihatsu
Joseph Stalin
My grandmother has a yellow one. She loves all the attention it gets.
Sars Ebola
The H3 is clearly the more embarrassing vehicle. It couldn't not be. It's a worse H2, which makes it an absolute piece of embarrassing garbage.
Farang Talk
You need a Hummer if your penis is smaller than the tip joint of your pinkie finger.
Ben Dover
I have to say the AZTEK is hands down the worst.
Ronaldo Blandon
No a Prius is the most embarrassing.
hummers are cool as fuck i dnt no what planet u live on
Carlos Lüschen
i love it even more now
Jonas Barsøe
No. The thing that makes this car so embarrassing to drive, is that it isn't 2005 anymore ;)
Jason Lin
I just come here to watch him complain and talk s about cars :p
Chad Scroggie
your a fking idiot i love mine plenty of power especially pulling something
Wb a geo tracker
The Prius is the most embarrassing vehicle you can drive. Only hippy vegans think it's cool
if he say hummer one more time...
It's so ugly but pimped out it looks alright.
Rob Hill
If it's so embarrassing, then let me have it😂
if he would have said hummer one more time
Scott Schmitz
Hey doug, one car to suggest is the hyundai veloster.
I know it is an affordable quirky car with only 3 doors, but i would love to see you fit into one of them.
Stanley Armstrong
Dry newly base uqvzn death decent sad African-American funny.
I see a lot of these on the road where I live. I'd much rather have a lifted pickup to be honest.
Gay insults
Don't listen to this dog fucker, h2 isn't even bad. The only complaint about it is gas. It wastes alot
Don N Dunavant
I have been driving my 04 H2 for over 125,000 miles. Much better than my Tahoe or Escalade. As it turns out it is quieter and smother. Sorry you rented one that is wore out. Never seen a shifter that loose. All of the port caps are gone and as far as the trailer button it is in the right place, but obviously you have never pulled a trailer. Dorks do think they are Embarrassing, but I am sure you drive a Prius, which to me is Embarrassing. By the way my other cars are Jags and Street Rods so I know my cars!!
Riziq Irfan
Your video fucking sucks
Riziq Irfan
Your face is fucking embarrassing
It appears you're just a raging homosexual who can't accept that some people like different things. Also, that Hummer you got seems to have a lot of issues. The shaking is out of control, and the transmission lever is in terrible shape. The owner obviously hasn't taken good care of it
marissa anderson
hell cat DEFINITELY has more branding on itself lmao
Speaker Nockerzz
Your retarded
Johnnie Ceee
actually the lada most embarrassing car created
had one since 03 I love it pulls more looks than your Aston Martin ✌
Devin Williams
I think its a great mix of utility. there really isn't anything that heavy duty that is also that aggressive. off road capability and towing/payload capability has trade offs, and the H2 balanced them pretty well. 8200 pound towing capacity with the same ground clearance and approach angle as my utv
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