The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive

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I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why.


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Ryan Kish
I think the trabant is more embarrassing
umair khattak
its crappy because most people cant even afford to drive it or buy it.
Drew Patterson
I also hate hummers
embarrassing? like did you and your high school friends totally agree over this?
with your face i won't let you rent my hummer unless you suck my grandpa's bone you dump fuck, fuckin cunt
David S
Years ago I used to wonder why the hummer was discontinued... after watching this I now understand why. lol
marvin Villegas
I hate H2, but damn after watching this video I hate this dude even more, annoying af!
H2 Productions
This video made me get an H2.
i love the hummer h2
James Anderson
Maybe that's your problem you stayed on the road, not that it would go far but it could be dirty.
pontiac Aztec is worse
Pablo Carrillo
Hummer is for a real man ,not for homosexuals. anyways you don't look right on a hummer. you belong in a ford focus,or a minivan. leave the real toys for us the real men.
kusum Badwal
Mycheal Thompson
I love how people who can't create shit hate on other peoples creations, it's just funny to me. LOL
master501 master501
its so roomy and sh;t but it has a oil patch on the roof lining right above ur head.
pa pa
I have hummer h2 and when I drive on streets ,people look and and turn back to see another look . Beast beyond any other suv .
This car is 'Murica personified.
Hunter Wittke
I got a 2006 hummer h3 for my first car for only 8k and 145k miles. And it has clean car fax and all the major problems have been replaced. Was this buy a good move?
Reshaud Gray
the way he say hummer
Lou A.
AHHH---poor baby----did a Hummer push you from the road?
dustin james
Lmfao. Even after watching this video I am still obsessed with hummer H2's. And by the way it drives amazingly and the turn radius is actually really good for how large it is. And it is very comfortable and all the xtras in it is awesome. And you use your mirrors for visability when backing up. If your smart at all you don't need to look behind you to back up other than to see if there is something directly behind you. It's plain and simple. Any dumbass can wreck backing up in any vehicle. Why do you find the need to talk shit about Hummers? Not everyone buys them for the same reason. Really the only thing so horrible about them is their gas milage. But you can find that same MPG in other vehicles as well. Even something as small as a Dodge Durango. Stop talking shit about things you don't like. Let others decide for themselves.
Orange is the new black
You review one or two British cars and suddenly all British cars are shit, you review one bad American car but American cars are still great..
Doug McVety
So this turkey works for autotader... won't be using autotrader any more , with fools like that giving advice !
hector tamm
Tabish Syed
The Compensator H2
I'd take a hummer h2 or h1 over a hair dressers Miata or any BMW or Mercedes or viper or Astin Martin, hell I'd take an h2 over any new ford product on the road.
Todd Hansen
'the ultimate prius my H2
Matt 16268
How many different spots have you said "HUMMER H2"
Andrejs Pokovba
total bs dude cuz i have driven one and it was good
Dran Fernandez
just buy a hammer and strike your hummer! problem solve!😂
What more could the asshole who doesn't care about the environment ever need with its shitty everything and giant carbon footprint!
Kylo Ren
Wrong. You are fake news. This is number 2, only after the Prius.
Mukarram Ali
Excellent video
Ferdaus Ahmady
which motor company give u money to do this video😏😑
Hey, it's Mammoth Patriot!
I still think it's a cool looking car. I like the design, and I like the ornaments that are nods to the original Hummer. Not as ugly as the H3, that's for certain.
ryan schwartz
you sir are a fag.
I still want one cause I liked every aspect of it even after watching the video
All the butthurt in the comments is the best part of this video ;)
XXking awsomeXX
I think the Poniac Aztek is more embarrassing than this
Jhon Siders
I had a REAL H1 the H2 was a 3/4 ton GMC pick up chassis with a boxy body I used to tease people in the H2s Id look at them at a red-light and yell FAKE I have a REAL Hummer and roll coal on them as I drove off LOL
I have one of these, it's awesome in the snow because of the crazy all wheel drive unit and weight, and mine only got 10.5 mpg. It weighs like 7000lbs curb weight and should really be compared to a suburban rather than a Tahoe. It has the worst blind spots of anything I've ever driven and if I put the sun visor down I can't even see the traffic lights lol. It's so sweet in the snow tho that I'll probably never get rid of it. I think that might be the only one thing I like about it. It is comfortable too I guess but lots of cars are comfortable.
1 2
the only thing embarrassing about this hummer is your dorky self in it ...asshole
I don't know why we're watching a review about Hummer after 9 years since its production stopped 🙁
Ginio Lamy
who's actually driving this in 2017 smh
a Hummer should NOT be reviewed by a homosexual
at least that one had the spare on the outside. I worked at Hertz years ago and we had one with the HUGE spare inside! ruined cargo space. my customers at the Scottsdale Airport would say "don't you have a suburban?" it was a downgrade from ANY large suv. haha!
Great video. Very funny and now you know how many hummer owners watch your show hahaaa!!!
Justin Estabrook
The only person I know with a Hummer H2 yanked my 98 Grand Marquis out of a ditch during an ice storm with no problem. Fuck it thumbs up. You can say all the stupid comments you want about my wreck because it was an idiot day but he drove like it was nothing.
Kaj Zwinkels
6:20 skoda octavia has it too
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