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It's a race..IT'S A RACE!
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Lush Alaz
I used to play poppy kart and it sucks
Monstergaming Shawn
Um how is spongebob breathing in air
Temmie Brian H
Temmie Brian H
Temmie Brian H
I played the first one but It got an update
What about littlebigplanet karting?
Diego Martinez
Dude the stage you thought was bikini Bottom that's not Bikini Bottom that is the stage of rugrats look on Google for Bikini Bottom Nicktoons Racing
Dylan Dylan The Niga
How dare you!? Garfield kart is a mahstapeice!
Mateo Sánchez
There is even a South Park racing game
Pause at 1:27 then look at spongebob and patrick
Adrian Christopher
Tøast Høwlter
That smash mouth analogy at the end was great
Red Recon
I had Cartoon Network racing on my game boy advanced and it was dope and kirbys air ride
Awkward Crafty
Conner is an animu boi.
No megaman racing game so hahahhaahahhahahahahahhaha
Sonic The Hedgehog
Stop talking crap about my game it's not a copy we don't copy mario cuase we're better
Elec Starlava
What is that game on 0:30?
Mewanna Eveiy Trainer
Fucktart1w rule don't make fun of digimon unless you have watched it
Candy Pup
i remember seeing the nicktoons racing in chuck e cheese once
4:56 daddy crapo u laughed so hard oli felt my lungs coming out
I have Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing for DS
I subscribed! Your humour is very clever! Also the Jontron reference was awesome. Please be here on Youtube for years to come!
Chocobo Racing is my favorite kart racer, and I'm still bummed out that the 3DS sequel was cancelled.
Robin Rapid
They used to have a game called shreckkart I played it when I was little
Dragonlord the king of dragons
SpongeBob ends in 2019
coll macdonald
One difference LEGO Racers had to the formula of mascot kart Racers, is how the power ups were obtained and utilized. There were colored bricks to indicate speed, projectiles, defense and hazards, and adding white bricks upgraded them to more powerful effects. Plus you built your own kart and racer from Lego pieces in the first 2 installments, so it's not completely a ripoff because it brings new things to the table. It's not a ripoff the way that mobile app one changes a few assets and colors but still resembles the SNES version of Mario kart. Thanks for sharing
Dante Robles
You forget CN racing
That YMS music tho....
I played the nick toons game awhile ago it is really bad
Daniela Gloor
The Arch
Can you do a video with your reaction to playing bad scratch projects

I want to see you suffer
UltraMaster2O1 Studios
I'm surprised you didn't add Crash Team Racing.
Alright, we get it. No more cartoon racing games
Valente Graciano
Silly Spongebob
meemi pappa
How about dreamworks racing game for Wii
Csipszhacker 64
You forget cartoon network racing
It's really sad that I've owned Poppy Kart
are you sure these are rim offs and not just racing games?
Dylan Jordan
Ordinary Gamer
But Need for Speed is amazing
Man, are you calling Forza Horizon 3 BORING? THAT IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE GAME EVER! XD
Andrew Pappas
I think I actually played the Nicktoon and Shrek games before, I think I remember that there was a Pac-Man one as well
PBWeather Pro
Come on Conner, I love Nicktoons Racing!
that loser called gee-bee
oh look. a "rip-offs" video.

make something original already
MY BOI CONNER (I'm also a Conner)
Celeste Irizarry
Holy cow, someone talked about the Shrek racing game! That one was my childhood :)
Why did you went so cringy so fast
goku son
i hate u sonic racing games is better than Mario kart shit
I'm not A duck
I love all the tales of symphonia music you use
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