Softball Stereotypes

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Softball Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em. 
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Dr C. Bacon
Sir slides-a-lot would be me and my friend
Julia Reese
Do a artist or paint stereotypes?
@dudeperfect u should do football stereotypes
Ryan Holland
I pray that money was fake
Alastair Skinner
Hockey stereotypes vid or sleepover steryotypes vid
ayren killman
Can you stop the rage monster
Foxlover86 Pounce Pounce
Tiger wolf18 I was ur 900th like :)
A Alt
Lebron Smith
My favorite stereotype was.SIR SLIDES-A-LOT
Carl Marcus Arsenio
I seen that tv show in kix its every wensday
Ryan Rister
In tee ball I was Sir slides a lot
I watched The Dude Perfect Show in Kix! Not on Central. Kix! Only on Cignal!
Reginald king
u the best
The outrageous emoire killed me
Keegan Kaufman
do fifa stereotypes
Alex Joseph
I hate the old guy
Reeves Jorgensen
I'm mister top 10
Michael Vourdoubas
Moustakas in Greek ( I know cuz I live in Greece ) translates to mustash guy..
Ryan Brown
Do a bathroom stereotypes
Nora D.
"You said we were playing softball this thing is as hard as a rock!"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Baird
Just have a flame thrower sitting there
don't mess with Texas
mall stereotype
Derpy Faces
During Every SteroTypes I Look for the Rage Monster
Mason Kosiorek
Did you actually burn his money
KobeToFresh 24
I hate you try
Scooby Boo
All that money wasted really why just why
Not a dude perfect hater
Jose Ruiz
Ty needs to calm down
The Daylee Show
I'm nervous nelly
I would've grabbed the shovel and smashed him in the face
Gamer Dude
Air soft stereotypes
Daniel Stromberg
Present strike impact relative deficit teenager existence read respectively.
Filipino Squad
I'm the top ten person but not the way in the vid more of a diving catcher and home home run catcher
Dark Lord
I'm nervous nelly
Andrew burman
nakaydia black
make stereotype about soocer
Big Turtles
"Hey fuzzy face"
kashish kumar
do a horror movie stereoyype
Matty Ice
Brady Mooney
To a soccer stereotype and ping pong and baseball stereotypes
Ethan Conlon
The Rally Cap Crew,I Got it Guy & Mr. Top Ten.
They just wasted money probably thousands of dollars
rey codra
I am
Mac Estes
There is a rage monster in all the stereotypes
Michael Driskill
I love baseball⚾⚾⚾⚾and🏀🏀🏀🏀
Ty is the best rage monster like if you agree
Jatin Raikesh
good video bro
Sol does Crazy vlogs
At the start is it me or does Cody swear like if you agree
its kaykay
Softball is my life
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