10 Changes You Can Make To Have A Great Year


These changes may seem obvious but are highly underrated.

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Lucy Venema
'Take a day off social media' pahaha keep dreaming babes
the oddly specific 'change your sheets'....I actually need to at the moment xD
Ridwan 34
Chande your sheets?!?!
Sleep deprived Af
Hey I don't mean to spoil your day but 2017 is going to be a lot worse with a lot of wars
madison j
For changing sheets I thought they were going to say have lots of sex
i like guilt free day.. like everyday
Ruckus Riot
We took your advice and documented it, it didn't work.

Evidence has just been uploaded to our channel.
Laura -
Everytime people say to choose clothes for the next day in the evening before, I'm confused. I check the weather and put the clothes ready always in the evening. It makes life many times easier.
Phaniel Snape
"A day off social media every now and again"
Me: clicks off video to watch something that's not telling my to get off my social media
Julianna Belle
Stranger things soundtrack?
Abigail Marshall
I don't know why but Ive always loved this style of buzzfeed videos...
donnie delicacy
I love buzzfeed
kiddo rot
the sort out short term goals shot was so pretty
Plastic Bag
They all look so pretty...
Jesse Playz
I already do all of this except talking to myself in the mirror thats just creepy
Sherlock Holmes
I didn't expect this music from buzzfeed
Lui Shafique
Hahahah change your sheets 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ace Cardona
"Talk to yourself in front of a mirror" -I do that everyday of my life, like i'm my own best friend m8.
Gaz Roberts
Stop watching buzzfeed. That's my advice.
Aurelious of Phoenix
buzzfeed is right. I'm going to celebrate my wins. yay donald trump won. woo hoo buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage now. I think buzzfeed needs to take a break from youtube and publishing "news" and face their fears of reality and real news.
Angeline Sonugan
I always talk to myself in front of the mirror everytime I go to the bathroom. lmao
Change your sheets
Yeah like I haven't in a year
Miss Xo
I don't know why but this music gives me the creeps
Easier said that done...but YES!
According to this video I should face my fears by being attacked by a shark. I don't think so
Leah Elbourne-weinstock
buzzfeed: take a break from social media
me:thats gonna be a no from me
"A day off of social media" Heck to the no. How would I keep all my streaks on sc then. Huh buzzfeed huh.
that girl in them socks at the end fine as hell.. oohh i'd love to be that room with her. lol
Anna Sopoco
I want to kill myself
Let's go of someone who doesn't care
J K Pegasisters
Remember when Buzzfeed used to make these types of videos?
The Alien Eye
Face my fears ehh...

Hi Buzzfeed
Robbert van Buskirk
spread radiation cheek science benefit radio reduce withdraw shift.
Eren Jeager - Survey Corp
Is you tube a social media? I'm confused
Change your sheets????¿
Okay buzzfeed thanks for the tips
Alliquake Grande
I LOVED this
Alex Hurd
http://www.gofundme.com/gm-raising-money-for-mind everyone go support MIND charity run in Brighton, even if you can't donate. Don't forget to share the link!!
Grace K
I don't think that I can live without my social media
Zakenzie vaughn
these tips are really good
Lord Reality Teacher of Truth
Nice video, until the trashy race-mixing propaganda at the end..
Abby P
I wrote this down
Dima El-Qasem
I literally talk to myself everyday like whenever I like. Doesn't necessarily have to be in front of a mirror, also not just for encouragement. I talk to myself about everything lol. Like thinking out loud. It's really awesome. Just try not to do it while anyone's around to avoid weird looks haha
Emilee Tornow
What about my streaks
Andreja Bradshaw
This didnt really help😂😂😂
Tamasa Sarkar
Love this video 💖
1. Create better memes
Keanu Herrera
1:28 porno
i talk to myself in the mirror and everybody thinks im crazy
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