Star Trek: Discovery | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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Set roughly ten years before the events of the original series, Star Trek: Discovery shows a never before seen era that shaped Federation history. First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) encounters new ships, worlds and villains as the threat of war looms. 

Star Trek: Discovery debuts this autumn on Netflix. 


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Star Trek: Discovery | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

w. hiro
Its official, this is a reboot of Star Trek, they really do not have a clue what the fans want do they.
Its also spot the white guy lol
Sk8r Boi
No JJ Abrams but still lens flare in every scene... yuuuuup definitely inspired by the original series definitely not the new films. And don't get me started on the fucking Klingons.
Chris Loender
Another diverse piece of crap pushing an obsolete progressive agenda !
humpty doody
Never liked star trek...but this looks pretty good.
Sergio Garcia
wahts the name of the song
Nate Whitelaw
everyones complaining about this as if its supposed to appeal to only them. get over yourself. this has to appeal to mainstream audiences, not just butthurt nerds. lame ass aliens that look exactly like humans, but with a crest, might have worked in the past but these days that shit will not fly. they are only doing here, what they wish they could have done in the previous series.
Rack off Ya mole
People in The Orville comments are saying this is shit, but this looks so cool I can't wait to watch it
5ergio 6arcia
the next flop
Looks awesome!!
Finally a good trailer
Christ, it has the aesthetic of the new movies. Not good.
xed alpha
I was worried when I read this would be online only back in 2015 but now a lot of the best shows are in that format. plus, $7 million per episode guaranteed some nice production values. I'm not hating on this until I get to see the story. Nor will I whine because it's not set post DS9/VOY.
Sam Trott
Thank the lawd they updated the ship design to not look as compete trash as it did in the initial preview XD
It seems Lobot has jumped franchises.
I'm so exciteddd!
Adam Goodwin
Is this a prequel to the original series or to the 2009 movie blue uniforms remind me of the uniforms in enterprise (yes I liked enterprise)
Ethan Georc
Guys, obviously the twist is that those are not Klingons, but Romulans.
Jason Marone
Goodness knows why her character's name is Michael but it's still damn good to see a black woman leading a sci-fi cast and Star Trek nonetheless.
Marcel Klein
I don't want good CGI, I want good stories.
We will see...
You call that a Klingon?!
jake frost
I thought this was on CBS not Netflix? Anyway, the acting was bad and the characters looks like cheap rip-offs of other established Star Trek characters. Meh.
I just don't like the unified blue uniforms everything else is ok
Thompson 85
Nothing against women lead rolls Voyager cpt Janeway my favourite series. But this just don't look so good. We'll soon find out hopefully I'm wrong
Michael McAuley
This looks awesome!
I'm a star trek fan and the only real issue I had with the reboot films was the Klingons I know out of all the really odd disjointed stuff my issue was the Klingons .
my problem is that there been a design for the Klingons for years and the redesign has taken a lot out of the character of race , I just hope they still have a massive thread of honour and using batleths and daktags ( I know I misspelled them ) .
as for the show ill give it a shot its always nice to see someone try and bring back star trek even though some of the fan stuff is far better
Why does everyone look like they've just had a concrete suppository?
RaspberryCherry i have no life
go on sonnequa green-martin xxx
Tabula Rasa
My issue now is less with the show continuity problems and more with CBS stifling hype by region-locking and copyright blocking trailer related content and behaving like this is the early 2000s.

Even with around $100 million budget for the season, it's like they're trying to kill audience interest.
Get rid of the singer
Mohammed Kulmiye
Lets be honest people, whatever our feelings about this show, we need to give it a real chance. One of the reasons Enterprise didn't do so well was because Trek fans were comparing it to TNG, DS9 or whatever came before it. Lets treat the new show as a new entity onto itself. I was one of those fans who resisted Enterprise back in the day, looking at it now its a great show and I wish I didn't let my biases get in the way. Too many sci fi shows have become space operas or 90210 in space, lets give the real sci fi shows a real chance before producers decide to axe a great show before its gets its due and replace it with Monday Night Wrestling. Rmbr what happened to Stargate Universe!
Uncle Furbies Voice
0:28 "What am I looking at?" That is a good description / phrase for this new series. Honestly, what the hell is this supposed to be? It just gets worse. They should have called it, "Star Trek: What Am I Looking At?" Or "Star Trek: Chinegroes in space vs other odd things". A prequel era is meant to make more sense, not less!
Looks like it should just have been titled "Star Trek: Again".
I'm not interested in prequels. I want to see the Star Trek story continue beyond Voyager and Nemesis. What happens next for heaven's sake?
Nhạc Trẻ Cover
Michelle Yeoh Great
Dan Wells
sasha didnt take the pill she swapped herself for a walker and went to space
Devan Velo
What if space isn't real?
Groove Mistress
With the show at least a year behind its original transmission date, only a reputed 2 episodes completed, and the critical panning the trailer's received, I'll be amazed if Netflix haven't already hit the panic button.
ellie collier
Now we know where Sasha from Walking Dead has gone
Dead, looks dead
The war on Men continues
Methinks Yakisoba is Oishi
can not hold a FUCKING candle to TNG.
but whatever new star trek yay
Alexander Knight
Uncertain. The views/visuals look up to par for what you'd expect from 2017.

And I think it would be really interesting to see Michelle Yeoh as a captain. That I like. I'm quite disappointed in the Klingons (Abrams Blingons) (hey TV execs, if you're reading STOP fucking around with something that has been clearly established and is time honored and iconic. Disgrace to Roddenberry)

The USS Discovery is meh, nothing attention grabbing.

Can producers please stop wallowing in the TOS. It wasn't THAT good. Enterprise the show was LAME. Why can't we have an earlier picard, or Janeway/Sisko timeline. Shit was actually interesting by then. The problem with this new show is that there's not a lot of surprise to be had, when you know the 500 years later that shadow it.
Tv Show
The diversity casting seems very forced
After what happened to Axanar, it seems that a lot Trekkies (Including myself) don't have the best opinion of CBS/Paramount. Add to this the rumors of shady things going on during the production of Discovery; I think you might want to ask for you money back Netflix, cause this series looks like it's gonna bomb.
There is a lack of white male role models in the crew, I see. I'm being race-washed again. #nowhitepeople
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