it has to be awesome Netflix is not allowed to mess this franchise
Free Saxon
Flogging a dead donkey to music.( and bad music at that)
$$$$ milking time
Will probably get cancelled by Netflix after the first season anyway.
Dragon Warhammer
how about creating a series about the web comic, the worst of both worlds. basically if the borg won and only a few federation ships were left fighting for survival
Star Trek is not a shiny shoot em up space cowboy series. Fk this shit and the kelvin timeline in general...... These have absolutely nothing to tell us only fancy effects and action. Star Trek is dead to me.
How long before the lead character is stripped of her rank and eventually court martialled for frequent insubordination, seeing that's she's not even a Captain?
Before Kirk..... Before Spock..... Before Enterprise..... They for some reason had way more advanced looking ships, space suits, coms desk and basically everything was way more advanced, I hope they tie in this apparent regression over the next 10 years so we can see why for some reason Enterprise looks a thousand years older than Discovery.
Lofty Production
I'm not a massive Trek nerd, but I'm sure this has been done already, but the show didn't take off that well.
deepak chowdary
"This" is gonna revive star trek?
😭 NO! So much wrong. With this!

Sincerely a Trekkie πŸ––πŸ»πŸ˜­
Juro Mikula
Mark Northcott
Anaxar got me hooked from the trailer but this hasn't yet which is a surprise because trailers are usually more likely to be greater then the movie. I'm still hopeful though.
Soumyo Mukherjee
The trailer at least needs better music
It comes out 25th September :3

I am concerned by the constant upgrading of star trek tech regardless of time period, its going to make it harder and harder to sort out the timelines they make

Also I dont like this new design of the Klingons, its ugly, not good ugly, just bad ugly.
john kelly
Dont have a very good vibe on this show ,arguments,cost cutting,in fighting,rewrites and many other problems while in developement dont look good for the new series .
Jimmy Darmody
God damn she is so fine thoπŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ
What have they done to the Klingons!!??
amy clarke
iain hamilton
band of horses yeah......dicks!!!!!!!
why are people asking if it's in the prime timeline or the Abrams verse, if it's pre-Kirk (already confirmed) then its prime as the jj verse doesn't folk off until Nero shows up on the day Kirk is born.
Chris Taylor
wtf have they done to the klingons??!?!?!
Not another prequel...
Hate what you have done to the Klingons.. bring back General Mortok
Tom Spencer
Prequel, sequel WHO CARES.... STAR TREK IS BACK WOOHOOOO!!!!! Thankyou Netflix!!!!!! This looks soooo UBER!!!
John Murphy
This looks great. So excited.
Star Trek is a piece of shit that should has never been made!!!
Damien Hine
Calling it now, Michelle Yeoh will die to make way for the young female to become the hero.
Brian Wigglesabit
That fucking song.
Mark L
as much as I like the new star trek im afraid it is never quite the same as the next generation, DS9 or voyager its a shame as all three are good series
noo what have thy done with the klingons? thy have no idea about original storys why the klingons look like thy did. just like in the fierst new movie the romulans dont look like volkans. plz befor making somthing new make sure you get all the fakts right. this pisses me off...
What was that piss awful shrill for background music?....They still don't get it....Only an orchestra works with Star Trek.....Hate to say it but this series will bomb just like Enterprise did.
Anorak Outlaw
this is only set 10 years before the original series so why does it look completely different? also, wtf are those Klingons?
Kamel Kadri
Why every Space show has to start a Female has the Males gone extinct or something come on, Dark matter, Killjoys and now this too, well at least we have "The Expanse" Miller oh wait they killed him and replaced him by a Martian Chick
They made a Mass Effect show and some intern messed up and wrote Star Trek on the label. Now theyre stuck.
Paul Lindsay
What's the 't on my post for ?
Paul Lindsay
Why do that always have to do preqwals can that just set it after TNG archer didn't work and neither will this and that will say no one like star trek any more no we don't like going backwards in time we love star trek but not prequels or remakes
The Hal
Man, these Klingons are dark 😳
Gifted Gamer
i like star wars too
Austin Dyer
The sheer irony of the last line in this trailer is the best bit about it.
Andy Thompson
I love star trek but it annoys me how drastically they have changed the appearance of the klingons if it's canon then how do you justify it? jj started it unnecessarily I personally loved how they looked before the change not meaning tos obviously
Todd Johnson
it would make more sense to do it after the recent series which was enterprise so like 50 to 100 years after enterprise
Love Star Trek, can't wait! Although I wish it followed after Voyager not predate it
Straight white males have done essentially everything when it comes to the development and innovation of space technologies. This show does not have enough straight white males in the cast.
Blacks have a lower I.Q than whites... Why on Earth would we make a black woman the captain of anything?
Gustavo Roque
Go easy on the green screen... but still looks great!
Smiling Jay
What's with the moans? I'm a long term Trekkie and I think it's looks amazing both visually and in terms of story, ST will always be amazing but it was the bigger story arcs people remember as opposed to stand alone episodes!
Indie In The Blood
They are so scared to venture past the voyager time line as they are not talented enough to make it work, to think of new ideas and outside the box! to put real life stories, religion, politics, race and a multitude of other topics into it like they have for all the years before them, this feels like its going to be just like the movies, looks good but lacks the substance that made star trek epic in the first place! you know the work is goo when all these years later the lessons, values and morals still apply to the world we live in now! the new movies lacked all of this and im really scared to watch something I love with a passion possibly be tarnished in such a way! Its StarGate Universe all over again!
I am excited by this! Very different style to classic trek tv show but im down for something new and this does intrigue me
Mizanur Hussain
I just don't like that actress I hated her in TWD cos she thinks she's badass but she is a big pussy michone could tear her a new arsehole
I'm not sure what to make of Discovery. I'm a fan of most of past trek, excluding voyager and was even ok with the new movies - what they lost in burying hundreds of hours of episodes and characters in a reboot they partly made back through the excitement that Star Trek was back combined with flashy visuals. Now that I heard that Discovery is going to be a second reboot I've largely lost interest - I'm getting pretty tired of Hollywood repackaging the 80's and 90's and selling them back to me in a flashier but badly written/executed form (see also Robocop, Ghostbusters, and others). Sequels and prequels require skill and tact to make interesting and engaging while being consistent with what came before and after, which is hard but should be viewed as the price to be paid for wanting the past fans to come back. Constant reboots are a lazy way to try and haul in an audience without putting in the effort to either make something new and great, or to give the proper respect to what came before.

Hopefully I'm wrong and this will be the best star trek version ever which will launch an entire new series of shows and movies that will make us laugh at the TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT as well as the 10 original movies, as well as the 3 (4 someday?) reboots, but I can't shake the impression that this new reboot is just an effort to promote CBS all access - I'm going to avoid it until I either hear that the rumors about it being yet another reboot are wrong, or until I hear that it turns out to be excellent and stands alone.
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