Chris Wallace Has Heated Exchange With Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow

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ReeK HavoC
Wallace is a smug cocktail leftist.
Quick advice to Mueller: If the decision to fire Comey was wrong, then the acting AG did it in his recommendation. No need for a special prosecutor to shift the blame to the president for what Rosenstein did.

And: Why did not Mueller immediately start indicting Comey when he learned that J. Edgar had been leaking classified info? Or what about the "matter" with Loretta Lynch?

There really seems to be something "special" about the way s.p. Mueller interprets his role and the rule of law. When faced with real obstruction of justice (Lynch and Comey), real leaking (Comey, Rice), and real collusion (Comey+Lynch+B.Clinton), he turns a blind eye, only to investigate where there, for all we have heard for almost 10 moths now, really are no irregularities, Russia, Russia Russia - Putin Putin Putin.
cov fefe
The only Trump supporters left are the cultists. If you don't agree ask yourself; what would Trump have to do to lose your support?
Happy Heifners
You seem disjointed.
Steve Kohler
"He won't pay and he won't listen to our advise" Every decent law firms reason for not representing Trump. So he ends up with a Tv lawyer who contradicts himself on live Tv. Entertainment at its finest.
Kate Pickrum
fox news is falling fast
Christian V
wooooow you guys are smoking some delusional WEEEEDDDD
Keith H
Up your nose
with a rubber hose Chris Wallace. What a maroon.
S.G. Scheerer
Trump as president is a joke. obviously Trump is not comfortable with who he's positioned because they have either quit or he's fired them. Trump's followers are brainwashed. Trump needs to quit making comments about Hillary Clinton it's over it's done he won now go in a different direction and quit using that to fall back on. As Trump said over a year ago what the "hell is going on" I think we're all still asking ourselves that question. I said this even before Trump was elected "if Trump wins we will have a beautiful first lady and the most entertaining 4 years" and that I was definitely right on.
Kevin L
All of you people have your heads so far up your asses that you missed entirely the ass whopping Wallace gave to this stupid lawyer.
Chris Wallace should be fired. He argues and cuts off every guest he gets.
Pam Johnson
Chris Wallace for jail, seditious snake.
Pam Johnson
Love truthful attorney Jake Sekulow, he's a powerhouse of integrity, always has throughout his reputable career.
lane bellamy
A video of you watching a video and reading out loud the closed captioning? You do realize we can just watch the actual interview.
teri raser
thank u for reading out the transcript of the interview. bc i looove Jay Sekulow but i haaate watching Chris Wallace. so thanks for the Wallace-less summary, Martin!! 🤓
bob palmer
I've had enough of Chris Wallace,and that Putz Chuk Todd is just plain dumb. Get rid of the GoTee, you look stupid.
All the money spent on investigation after investigation into the wrong person (Trump). The ones screaming the loudest are the ones that need to be investigated. Quit wasting OUR money on your damn witch-hunts into POTUS. Go after Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Pocohantis, McCain, Schumer, Reid, Comey, Mueller, and that pervert Biden. Now THAT's a list you could be proud to investigate. Republicans, get off you sorry lazy elephant asses and assist the man whom We, the People elected!!! We won't forget what YOU HAVEN'T DONE come your re-election bid.... Has Wallace come down with dementia?
Brad Pittman
Chris Wallace you are a terrorist.
Mendy Foster
Martin watch Tom Fitton on judicial watch he explains that the special council is unconstitutional. Please watch him on YouTube.
Lexi Lee
Martin: I stumbled across a click bait, drew me in OK... but it was a LIBERAL channel 😮. The comments were beyond hysterical. It was like Rachael MadCow, Nutty Nancy PIG-LOSE-i, Moron Maxine and the View, JOY-Less Behar all cackling and shaking their heads in agreement. Those people now have Trump by not showing his taxes, it's because it's all Russian investments and LAUNDERING $ for the Russians. 🙆🏼oh this narrative is getting beyond 1 tells 2 that tells 10 and by 100 people, the original story was "I was eating a salad with Russian dressing while my wife was doing the laundry."
Mendy Foster
With these idiots in the media don't realize is that the president can fire the head of the FBI for any reason even if you don't like his tie he does not have to give a reason why he is fired these people have no idea about the constitution all they want to do is change it. They make themselves look stupid every day of the week as a matter fact every second of every day
Mendy Foster
The asst deputy ag came out and basically said unmanned sources and full of shit to the American people don't believe everything you read this was directed at New York Times and Washington Pos you can add CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and the rest of the alphabet soup. That is a shame when the FBI has to come out and that there actually lying
Jeremy Levee
Who's it in peril with? The 75% that voted for Hillary? Where are they? Non existent. Irrelevant.
Mario Cantani
what did you think Chris Wallace was a good deny person? He is like his fucking father ,,the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Pat Kennedy
Hell the EU is almost
Truth is Forever
Chris Wallace, Chuck Todd, CNN idiots, Rachel MadCow, The View, MSNBC, WaPo, and all other Fake News Propaganda Organizations need to be shut down immediately, if not, we, meaning US, need to pay them a visit.
Ronda Martin
Go away Wallace!!
Rebecca Z.
Chris Dumbass WallAss arguing over POTUS S tweet? ? The tweet has an EXCLAMATION MARK at the end of the sentence which means TRUMP was posing a question in rapport to the leak from WAPO he was not stating that he is under investigation. ..oh Stupid Chris. .
Kris Garvelink
Love Jay Seculow! Great great man!! Really good attorney for Trump. He's argued to the Supreme Court on many occasions. Whole investigation is garbage thou! I'm trying to keep my blood pressure in check with all this. Yes praying this nightmare will end soon. Hope Trump is hanging in there as well. Don't know how he does it. A man of Steel.
Doxxy Lover
Chuck TOAD, not Todd.
Jay Sekuliw did such a good job on all four shows. God love him and the president.
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