Braun Strowman puts Brock Lesnar on notice: Raw, April 3, 2017

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Paul Heyman's celebration of The Age of The Beast is interrupted by Braun Strowman's chilling warning.


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Kamran Shah
fake hey ye sub kuch
Shamim khan
Alton Finklea
Brock look like he was about to cry
Jaylon Adams
I want Brock Lesnar vs The whole raw roster
Jovica Vasic
goodbye goldberg
BigBox 703
Why can't brock lesnar speak for him self
Cold sky Ł¡ઝ૯
under who? LMAO. REST IN PISS.
Han Guleli
braun shitman sucks michael cole balls
pratham tejura
i love Brock because he the champ
pratham tejura
i think brock is a toughest guy...for meeee
Rahul Baniya
Both Lesnar and Braun have German ancestry, I wouldn't be surprised if there ancestors were deliberately bred for the purpose of being giant genetic freaks in Nazi Germany
Cristiano Khoury
Brock Lesnar don't get me wrong I love him but it's so funny how he just starts jumping when Paul heyman says something random
henry cruz
sounds to me like everyone is happy goldberg left.
Ahmad Rozak
lesnar are real fighter. they will never scared with movie actors like him
Ahmad Rozak
brock "red salmon" lesnar
Funny 620607115259
goldberg has to come back and fight this man before he destroyes everyone
iis aisah
Braun Strowman if you strongman fight in mma real fighting
Brock Mulberry
My name is Brock too
heera rodriguez
Lesnar can throw a car door. Strowman can lift an ambulance.
King Kong
3:07 "Shut up blud"
Ancient Blackfoot Olmec
The Undertaker should retired after the WrestleMania match with CM Punk the yr of Paul Bearer's death.
DNK 55
Brock...kill braun....Brock...Brock....Brock....Brock....Brock....Brock...Kill Braun...
xXxSavageEmpiorxXx Blankenship
we want u back Jake the snake Roberts 😦😦
andres velez
Snow pornstarCold
Kick brock skull in
Snow pornstarCold
Brock is big head
Svn Tamu
Brock lensar vs Braw strowman hair vs hair match👽👽
Don Rafo
This 2 sure as hell got my attention.
Clark Kent
Fans applaud that Goldberg isn't coming back? This is why WWE handled that story poorly.
Threemc Rapcon
Who,wants to see Bruan strowman vs Brock lesnar
Nyran Stanton
lol when he said you wont see Goldberg around anymore, Massive Applause lol, fckin hell they are pushing Braun super quick, are they just going to ruin him before hes even started?
WWE wrestlers
everyone loved goldberg💕
why not now??
Montel Raad
Jack Reilly
Brock Lesnar vs James Ellsworth for the WWE Universal Championship
Oscar Saravia
yegar de bocon y sale con el Rabo entre las piernas
Oscar Saravia
no tiene guevo
Oscar Saravia
estrouma es un cobarde solo por la espalda ataca siempre sera del monton
Ebude Sobeh
I'm not tryna be rude but where is Brock lesnar's eyebrows? 0:12
Franklin Boy
What are you waiting for, Braun Strowman, get going!! Brock looks nervous, hahaha 😂😂
One thing is for sure: Heyman really knows how to tell a story
Nakeem Gilliam
Wen Brock lesnar going to fight Braun Strowmam
Akul Malhotra
stupid crowd
Michael Smith
not sure why brock goes back and forth between ufc.......i don't really watch wwe but when lesnars on I always tune in.
jordan inniss
i like lesnar but i wanna see strowman as champion he would be unstoppable!
3:05 SHUT UP BRAUN lol
Michael G
WWE please don't make Braun look small compared to Lesnar cause I'm pretty sure Braun is capable of more than we think. I hope WWE can make that feud the best it can be and not screw it up.
Junior Balbuena
empire roman
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