Braun Strowman puts Brock Lesnar on notice: Raw, April 3, 2017

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Paul Heyman's celebration of The Age of The Beast is interrupted by Braun Strowman's chilling warning.


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Naveen Kumar Mavi
If brock loses, i leave wwe too
Big Daws
I've been waiting for this to happen
Buzz Cube
It's been so long sense I watched this show
smart science
The beast is back
Me braun strowman, me like belt, me no like Roman reigns, me fight roman, me beat roman, me fight Brock, me beat Brock, me win belt, me champ, RAWRRR!
Yasir Baqhteyar
brock or braun
Iwan [Iwanipad5000]
Crowd Chants: Braun Brock
Aldrin Marcus Alcruz
Ryback & Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman-Tag Team Match:WWE SmackDown Live
Sandeep Putta
Diogo Junior
mega big 💪💪
Francesco Giacovelli
I really hope braun will kill this insect
ภัทรพล ตันติโชควัฒนา
ซาเจ่ก ตีหัวมันเลย
Shahzaib Bhatti
Brock leaner is the king of ring
Boffo300 aquino
Luiz Victor #betinhamito
Br ?
Ring Explodes
nu ja
Cant wait for this match.

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman
bbbiiieeelll tubi
Dj Fernando
Que buen video
Dj Fernando
Ehhhh...... congratulations brock lesnar
Dj Fernando
shazad khan
ibrahim Ali
u could c brock shat himself
How come ever time someone comes out to talk they always face the right side
Brock Lesnar Monster looks by his nick like nemsis in resident evel 3 😀
Killer Mari Gaming
this is stone cold all over again
Another badass who fights the best people to prove he's a badass
David Bosher
I presume you know that wrestling is fake.... It's not a real sport lol tff.
Dyl boy
Subscribe to my youtube channel if you think braun stroman is gonna beat lesnar
Chris MA
Monster vs Beast!!!!
Braun vs Brock!!!!!
4 Title Belt!!!!!! Let's get it on
already Wwe.
Иван Прядкин
Yea strowman should've gotten lesnar to look at heyman than clothes lined him over the top rope at least...
Affan Feby
vidionya jelek
jon dough
In a real street fight , Lesnar would kill this clown. I mean end his life. It would be brutal.
Delsouz Abdullah Mohammad
Lil ni
Delsouz Abdullah Mohammad
Bock win
Mohit Sharma
brocke lesnar what a great player from mayank
Heyman: to start something TO- BRAUNNNNNNNN
Lyam Gaming
Paul Heyman is such a hippocite saying that Roman Reigns was telling everyone that Roman beat the greatest performer in WWE history at Wreslemania because Paul Heyman always said that we act same thing except saying "Brock Lesnar conquered your undefeated streak at Wreslemania".
Osiel Reyes
So people like Goldberg when he comes back but when he's about to leave they him 🤔
A lumberjack vs a Viking
Big Bacon Vlogs
Top faceheel of WWE Braun strowman
ch.shani gujjar
WWE top5
50% Brock Lesnar & 50% Braun Strowman
Cameron Bonilla
brawn stroman was scared
case mock
braun strowman is way better than brock lesnar if u agree give me a hell yeah
walid mouhoubi
a dream match
Undertaker Gamer
brock vs braun vs romam vs samoa
Danny DeVito
Strowman needs to be next Universal champion
GAMER Damien
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