Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

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Get the new album '24K Magic' out now: 

See Bruno on the ‘24K Magic World Tour’! Tickets on sale now. Visit for dates 

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Imposso Bros
The next Michael Jackson
Antonio Martinez
Bruno mars-24k magic
Antonio Martinez
like si ablas español pero te gustan las canciones en ingles❤
muto legal tu eres muto bene
sharon turcios calderon
You're better than Michael Jackson.
Meesie Steels
Anne Jure
Bruno is a Spanish guy trying to be black
jamie stevens
i love this fucking song so much
jester saturnino
Bruno mars is so talented,
Ricardo Vidal
For those who speak english as a first language, please tell me if you can understand this part easily, because it's so hard for me to get what he says (portuguese is my first language btw)

0:00 - 0:20
"Tonight i just wanna take you higher throw your hands up in the sky, let's set this party off right"
Tippou Houda
Bruno makes u wanna dance so baaaadd
Caiden Cochran
Shity song
p khademi
vvvvooooovvv very well
Jonah Kueny
Did anyone else notice the dent in the top of the door on the convertible caddie
Catherine Jackson
Catherine Jackson
My kids love this song until I realised it said "spend your money like money ain't shit!"
pewdie pie
Kerryann Cole
Love your song u have a great voice
Deadlox roblox gameing
Cidi Miguel
YOU STINK WHY mine brother he likes so much that song
Cidi Miguel
william patton
is that Stevie J
Shane Apiata
cool bruno mars so so cool!!!!!!!
Kyah Montes
liceth castillo
Emma Cox
When you become the richest person in the world
Deisy Cuartas Calle
Me encanta Bruno Mars 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aaron Elyasi
the song is of limits to much goold
Chris Davis
noooooooooo mom
Josh Cappello
at 3:16 to 3:23.... pimpest shit ever.. do your thang bruno...
Ashwin Toraskar
24K magic in the Air
Rebecca Perry
24 24 Karat magic in the air so so bad from Bruno Mars
Elitefatoum games
Let me think of a joke

read more
0:48 motel 6
Andrea Felix Chargoy
I like ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
muito bom cara
Ane Stephany
He's Bruno Mars is one cat i'm sua fã.

SN1P3R V1P3R 20
Me tomorrow [the last day of school].
Aliya Pippen
I like you Bea
Aliya Pippen
I love you
N.A ClaSHer yt
why isn't this at 2 billion yet?????
joanna boulton
Juan Lorduy
tjjgb juh njy gfttvkijtty
Bruno Gils Club
I love Bruno😭😍
Sharon Hogaboam
Bruno Mars lil michal
Sharon Hogaboam
King of pop: Michael Jackson
Prince of pop: Bruno Mars

Michael Jackson Jr.
Sharon Hogaboam
If you don't like this song there something wrong with you
Hernan Pena
yes Bruno
Quinton aonezine
I swear that boi bruno think he fly lol
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