Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

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Get the new album '24K Magic' out now: 

See Bruno on the ‘24K Magic World Tour’! Tickets on sale now. Visit for dates 

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markangelo oyardo
Nice Bruno Mars
Osama Hassan
Is it 2017 :/ i dont feel it <3
Victoria Gye
That’s What I Like
Amira In Games
All fans of Bruno Mars love this song than others right? Like if I'm correct,I don't mean I want likes,I wanted to give these likes to Bruno Mars
eira eri
The Tiger Park
Juliana Miranda
I love your miusic.😍
Ashley baybay
Love this song makes me get up n clean n start dancing with a broom
Jack Uberdo
Julıassıc World
"Just the way you are" to "ugly as frineds" well...
Morgan Acker
When ever I here Bruno Mars it makes me think of my uncle Ryan aka Rye-Rye! I miss him so much, he would blast this from his car and we will would dance. I can’t wait for him to come back to EK!♠️
carlton matlock
Cleveland Ohio where you at
Anthony's Gaming
hi pauleth the best im a weird kid and pauleth is the prettery girl
Claudia Zarate
I like that song 😎📱
Wayne Poppin
So Funky
Socorro Marquez
This was my birthday present from bruno birthday is October 6th
Spoofy Swagger
Who's here from PES18?! :D
Lexis Nicole
Help me build my brand!
Support black business!
Hi hello hello yes please
Wendal Ormon
Love this song I sing these song every day
Younes Elarr
From pes 2018 android hhhh 😂👍👍
jon Will
This little gay motherfucker will be OUT after 5 years. He'll be forgotten in the music world.
mohammed alsuqair
Men I'm smiling when I hear that song is liiit
Randy Douglas
I want you to take that ture to jam jam jamaica we love that song
Dat ass....
Juan Salcedo
I'm not a Bruno Mars fan, but I gotta give him points because if the nice old school style on this song
Фарид Мамедов
Who listen this song in 2017?
Mikaylah the Narwhal
Let's set this party on fiiiiiiiiiire....
Gibson Christianson
dang hes my favorite singer
Agustin Beltran
Iulian Manea
oh nooo !!! so much money and the allante has a dent in passenger door ......... just kidding.. great music, bruno !!!
Dont Read My Profile Picture
Whos still listening in November 2017 ????

Ps. Dont read my name
Christina Moore
Love this song the lead singer so cute
Nancy Gratias
Der Song geht nicht aus dem Kopf
Giulia Maggio
he wanted to be a billionaire and now...
Triple Truth
I love that's what I like! I love Bruno mars
Anime Episode 1 English Dub
Sarasofia Diaz Andrade
Like is you see there in 2017
is like gta san andrea's songs
Frances Deleon
Why you mad fix face
Narasimman R
awesome chicks
Blue Wallpaper
Zhaydin HasYoutube
Kendrick lamar copyed you remember he just used aAAAHHHH and other then put it on high pitch and remix it and backwards it Bruno mars do you know that?
Sarthak K
24K magic in the *asssssssssss*!
Lol. This song is awesome!
GirlWillDich _HD
Soo hot
Daniele Pusceddu
New King
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