Joel Kesniel
Wat was the ocassion n wat's being asked....God our journos have the brilliance n the intellect.. bt I still cnt understand y a promo event shld hv such questions...
Christopher Sugrim
His English sucks lmaoooo 😂
Aahan Paul
Its not a paap to duck a question
141 1992
its not personal question but u try to get personal opinion idiot journalist ....
amita r
She's out of her mad
bkp pandya
This lady is acting like if she is actor and sushant singh rajput is journalist.Stupid People!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
Kav S
Mindless media !!!!!
tupac or biggie
Why isn't this AWKWARD for the journalist!
Mahnoor N.
That crazy bitch. WTF?!
Sushant you were awesome!
Chutia singh rajpoot
Nadira Jahan
sick journalist
Rahul Biswas
That fake accent of the dumbfucks
Sharjeel Khalid
indian media wale sirf baqwas kar sakte han
Adarsh Anand
Why indian media is like this😠
Revati kardak
oh my god such journalist exist. whatever happens to the national issue, these wouldn't give a damn about it after a day, and immediately move onto another hr topic!
hands down to such journalists
suhail 999
He copies srk alot
Sarang Monu
fake nationalist of bjp acting as a reporter
Durgakshi Vaidya
what the f... reporter seems to be sooo dummm... what the hell she is trying to do to come into the spotlight... like seriously.???
Adhyan Ravel
sushant is right
Simantha D'mello
have reporters completely lost it?
Rodela Michel
who is this cheap reporter? she should have been asked Gallium Arsenide bipolar junction transistor CV characteristic. Then her expression should have been recorded.
Shiwangi Priya
hate this types of media
total wannabe reporter
Marriam Khan
fake accent of idiot sushant
Arpana Bhanushali
thik hai is baar media ka galat sawaal hai but is sushant gadhe ka koi b interview dekh lo attitude tapakta hai jaise bohot bada star hai
Arpana Bhanushali
is gadhe sushant ko koi samjhaaye k jyaada shakal na banaaye fir b gadha lagega dnt show attitude 3 khan se mil ranbir ranveer sidharth varun se mil gadhe
Wow. As a Pakistani, I was always in love with Sushant Singh but now after this particular reply he gave to that hate-mongering reporter, it made me love him even more.❤️
Prince Singh
Bhosdi anker Pagal ho Gaya hai
Rajat Shukla
Kulbhushan in an indian naval. Officer all defence force people are sacrafising their life for safegiarding you... And you people are hesitating to take stand for condemning his punishment
Rajat Shukla
If these people will backoff from taking any stand for indian people like kulbhushan then they dont deserve and respect..
Rajat Shukla
No.. I agree with the reporter .. If these people are public figures of india then they must support india in these platforms but they know if they say anything in favor of india their movie will be banned in pakistan and they will not be able to earn more....... So they never take stand in favour of india
Vikas Kumar
bahenchod harmi k aulad hai Bollywood wale
the reporter just wanted her 15 mins of fame
Hitarth Solanki
are yaar kem ke questions pucho Na movie trailer lunch he to movie ke bare pucho Na
Sameer Khan - The warrior
don't know why that reporter was acting like a bi**h....its his choice whether he wants to answer or not....
Deepanshu Pathania
ye gaandu media sale TRP k bhukhe ! dusron ko fasana jaante hain bewajah. khud pe baat aai toh fat k haath mein aa gyi
Heart Valentine
What kind idiotic reporters are those who can't even comprehend a simple straight forward answer.... And this video title, wow.... So, there are people who really support such kind of Mass Media cunts....
Tanuj Mittal
disguisting reporter
kumar Gaurav
discussion regarding soldiers can be done on any platform.
kumar Gaurav
sushant raj put what the hell you are saying man you will not speak for our soldiers why this topic is public domain & whole country is reacting on it.
Saurav Sinha
Sushant is absolutely correct on his statement. I think the journalist wanted to make an issue so that she could get a promotion on highlighting this issue. Who ask this question on a promo of a film. Its nt fair enough
Future Visions
is thatvreporter out of her freaking mind ?? ?? somebodyvgetbthatbreporter a peg of vodka 😂 sale haramkhor hai yh media wale
Sameer Talsaniya
yeh media kudh ko jiyaada hi smart samjti h... raaaaaaaad sali... itni hi Gaaaaaaand me daath h tho Jake politics walo ke Jake puch na.....bc
wtfz wrong with thw reporters
Abhi King
whatsapp pe desh bhaktii k msgs jda pdh liye reporter ne senti hogyi..
Batul Khan
dammnnn is she dumb
Rupam Bhadury
sushant is right some how ppl may not know and it's not totally wrong any how
BritKhush Sharma
ye itna over acting krre q bol raha hai shushant !!
Peculiar Tube
bc reporter log...kaisa question kaha karna hai in behenchod reportero ko ni pta....
singh deep09
bc yeh media wale khud ko bhagwan e samjne lg jate hain
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