Creating Saturday Night Live: Steve Higgins Makes Sound Effects for Gym Class

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Go behind the scenes of SNL to see Steve Higgins creating the sound effects live on Saturday night for "Gym Class."

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There's an app for that..
He was probably paid more to make fart noises for a minute than I did last month working a minimum wage job.
Tanya Gupta
Steve Higgins is a national treasure.
BadJoke 13
what do you want to be when you grow up?

Gautam Pai
Him and Mauro ranallo look like twins
that's fucking awesome. i had no idea he did this live. what a beast.
Ian Legend
fart jokes. yaaaaas. living
Andre Barrett
I didn't realise *these* were done live, haha.
David S.
I much prefer this version.
Random Taco
How do I apply for this job? Like seriously, I'd be really good at it. Ask my mattress.
Sapphira Hart
They should've had Kate do real farts 😂
frank frank
thought it was Pete Davidson doing the noises
Jay Yoder
SNL is literally making middle school fart jokes now....
Pang Amanda
So awesome.
Steve Higgins: King of Farts.
Sasha Kelsi
He's so annoying
What a shitty job......
Vasko H-Elenov
more please! :)
Bethany De Los Santos
I love Higgins 😂😂😂
Jochem Bonarius
Ihmo this clip is funnier than the Gym Class sketch... I mean, come on! Fart jokes???
Luper ionic
what a genius, the mozarts of farts
Veezus Christ
Man I would be in the booth cracking up
Jim Shawver
Pure, unaltered talent.
just throw that pop filter away lol
Gill Salty
Give this man an oscar. How can he do that with an (almost) straight face!?
gigi mujde
I KNEW IT WAS HIGGINS he made fart sounds with jimmy fallon and i recognised it immediately im weirdly proud of this
Jeffrey Ferguson
Mauro Ranallo?!?
Andres Borges
I wish they could have given him more to work with he's actually really talented at making noises
Kendal Cramer
Ya can't spell 'fart' without 'art'. (;
Sonia Daft
Why did you show this? That sketch was pure garbage
keiah H
okay hand down he is a genius
Watching that guy was more entertaining than that sketch
Awesome Gamer
This is hilarious :D :D
Förehead Jönes
I had gym teachers like that who would lose their minds whenever somebody broke a school record, while everybody else was like "Who gives a shit?"
this video was funnier than the sketch
this was funnier than the actual segment!
Gladiator Spear
Johanna Weiss
Tiaira Bre
Today I learned Higgins isn't just Jimmy Fallon's announcer/sidekick
Eli Clemons
Athena Davis
this is the craziest shit I've ever seen
John Miller
i thought those fart sounds were familiar!
Laura Rojas
Blaise Dahl
Please make more Higgins videos
A Guy Who Knows A Guy
Didnt knew chief here is also a producer. Hmmm....
Michael Haywood
That was pretty damn funny!
yes no
oh I loved this.😂
I"ve been looking for a new career in the entertainment industry. Destiny calls.
Justin Chin
that was him! I didn't even know...
That's Awesome !
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