Iggy and Pip
I wish I gad teachers like this
Joanne King
Its always math teachers
Cute Chocolate- Neko
You have a lots of theachers....

Orlando Marquez
No they r not
9:13, I Found Him!
Justin Perez
What touched my heart was the 100 year old math teacher
Fandom Trash
My teacher blasted Hamilton in our class
Nada De Nada
you have so many teachers wtf
Once I had a teacher who stole the head off of the school skeleton to use it for our Shakespeare class assembly. She also made a pair of donkey ears for someone playing Bottom. Somehow the donkey ears found their way into the skeleton and it is still in her classroom, on top of a bookshelf.
Phillip Oukh
my mom says if I dont do good in school ill work at a donut shop or mcdonalds
Silvershot112 112
Phly Daily's intro song anyone, no just me ...................ok.
Ja Talavera
"I'm too old to read this, what grade do you want?"

Lita G
where are these teachers when I need them most?????
Natalie Green
I think That song is called zombie.
#minimumwage #future #McDonalds
Judith R.
5:09 actually made me LOL.
Į åm bręåd ñøt tõåßt
Taiwanese Mapper
Nigel Lim
11:06 Ben stiller?
i better not awnser incorrectly
En Uggla
My teachers do a weird dance every monday and friday
Alison Brown
Clickbait theese aren't ur teachers.
legit trash lmao
I get to make my own Greek god and I'm just like "finally something I'm good at! Making OCS!" Well in the case OGs but still :T
Kat Lyni Renae 7047
My ELA teacher caught a kid asleep in class, and rung a bell in Hus ear to wake him up. He never slept in class again after that.
Our (male) teachers once dressed up as a woman for a whole day 😂😂 Best school day ever!
jamie buan
I wish my teachers are like them 😂😂😂
One time my bio teacher sad that sugar last forever, then he takes a 50+ year old sugar clump out of the closet that was like 3l big and gave us a tiny bit of it to taste.
this kid has like 100 teachers
Anybody PhlyDaily??!
Trinity Torres
if i was a teacher i would ride a hoverboard to school
Adelaide Krohn
No one trusts my math and science teacher because he always tricks us. He had a piece of foam painted like a rock and he threw it at the kids. He also had two black balls, he gave one to a student and asked him to bounce it. It wouldn't bounce. Then he bounced the ball that he had, and it worked. We were working on density then.
Yellowpwn1234123 \_[•_•]_/
8:50 , took me a bit too realize what the second picture was 😂
Alex V
I asked to come in during recess and the hall pass (at first) looked like this:


Once my teacher was done it looked like this:

Student: Melvin
Date: (whatever the date was)
Reason: Stuff
Signature: (his signature)

I'm like "I'm not Melvin" so he wrote it really small in parentheses next to it.
My friend said after his teacher got mad he flipped a 1 litre bottle and it landed and the whole class screamed
Doge that drinks bleach
my teacher is memetastic
Black Sheep
one time I saw a grumpy cat meme in the teachers lounge while walking pass
Black Sheep
7:16 music plz?
Annika Johnson
My teacher did one of these!!!!!!!!
คุณชาย ฮัฟเฟิล
my teacher dab
jacob caswell
I hate teachers
Vegetarian Soylent-Green
My teacher once came in dressed as Spyro the dragon.
Laen The Great
reminds me of my 8th grade science teacher bobby robinson xD
isha kaur
8:11 the date on the phone is my birthday!
Ŵê árè àñôñŷmôûš 1098
My teachers are boring
Ice Shatter
I'm having a really bad day...
can I get a sub?
N00B N00B Entertainment
My teacher is stupid she always take out booger 😀
Brandon Vigil
2:50 My math teacher has that
Margrete Will
RDG Thunderstar101
not my teacher
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