My Teachers Are Awesome

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Teachers With a Sense of Humor who make learning fun
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Doge Wanna Drink Bleach
my teacher is memetastic
Unicorn Lover
one time I saw a grumpy cat meme in the teachers lounge while walking pass
Unicorn Lover
7:16 music plz?
Annika Johnson
My teacher did one of these!!!!!!!!
Holiday DC
my teacher dab
Jessica Ammel
I hate teachers
Vegetarian Soylent-Green
My teacher once came in dressed as Spyro the dragon.
Laen The Great
reminds me of my 8th grade science teacher bobby robinson xD
isha kaur
8:11 the date on the phone is my birthday!
That_legit_gamer 1098
My teachers are boring
Ice Shatter
I'm having a really bad day...
can I get a sub?
N00B N00B Entertainment
My teacher is stupid she always take out booger 😀
Brandon Vigil
2:50 My math teacher has that
Margrete Will
RDG Thunderstar101
not my teacher
Aleksander Surowiecki
i bet they are not your teachers but film is good
Panda Omq
6:15 My sisters school did that once..
Cinnamon The Animator
Are any of the random people here from Clinton Massie?? I don't wanna be the only one out of millions of people!!
jon nas
foxyandsansgamertv476 5488
Béla Málnási
My physics teacher often talks about how many crazy things did he when he was young and gives tips about how to cheat
OrangeyTheCat :3
Hello random person scrolling through the comments
pugman 1
3:29 john doe confirmed (in the right)
Gaming AWESOMNESS with Lily007!
last year at the end of the year a giant bunny and bear (of course it was someone dressed up) came and did a dance off at my school! so weird but fun. I'm not lying
Green Fox
0:46 Is that Thomas sanders
Ana Zurita
Once when we had Science, our whole class was watching a video of cats being scared of Cucumbers
kitty kat5
the teacher at 8:40 looks like my ex boyfriend
Ava Sophia
At my middle school, the whole school calls the library the fishbowl because all four sides have windows. XD
Astrid Ruud
Shuttle too move very sophisticated like tent kit procedure.
Random Content
3:30-Jhon Doe confirmed. (The only non-drawn on name there)
the Wildcard
My math teacher was a woman in her 80's, like 4 feet tall, nobody liked her, and she probably wont be retiring for a while ;-;

On the other hand my social studies teacher was awesome
kirby kirby
6:27 is scary. poor wasp being assaulted by my worst fear stupid animal abusers
Jackson Kirshner
My teacher posts memes on the wall... dead memes
4:42 hahahhaha
USS Wolf 501
Wish my teachers are cool. Only JROTC is fun...
Brock Kukla
there is more than 1sparta
Jonathan Smith
Teacher: Anyone who gets less than a 100 is dead
Cookierookie review
my teacher cartwheels in class
Bavneet Sahans
in My science class there is a display of science memes and the title says:
Oo... Corridor pass?! You can't walk along the corridor without a f***ing pass?? What next, an armed escort?
edmund sajrajt
0:13 how to conquer a planet
I want teachers like this
NexarZ Gaming
1:08 CrazyRussianHacker
Blidaru Stefan
our physics teacher gives us 3 points for free at every test...we love her.
Lai Matthew
I wish my teachers are like this
We have a "ashes of problem students" in our classroom too
Mega Memee Please Watch Me!
song at 6:47?
Kat The Unicorn
my science teacher puts science related memes on tests.
Victor Peterson
This actually happened to me.
Student: Miss? this book you told us to read is not school appropriate. (drug references and swearing in SIXTH GRADE! LIKE WTF BRO!)
Teacher: I know. smiles mischievously
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