Ed's Galway Girls - Irish Dancers Featured in the Official 'Galway Girl' Video!

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The Irish Dancers Featured in Ed Sheeran's official 'Galway Girl' Video! Find out more about Fusion Fighters at WWW.FUSIONFIGHTERSDANCE.COM

What a brilliant response to our latest campaign #Step4Sheeran The campaign has reached many International media outlets & collectively received over 50 million views on video entries! 

Check out this amazing video from Hession Irish Dance in Galway! AKA Ed's Galway Girls.. 

Music Credit: Ed Sheeran - Shape of You & Beoga - A Lovely Madness https://itun.es/gb/XEvDcb

Email projectfusionfighters@gmail.com for more information..

l_aug_h !
I wish I could dance like you 😊😀 really amazing 😍
jan gowan
God Great,beautifull girls,great foot work....But what's goin on with the arms?..Nothing,an that's the pity.....Irish dancing would be so much more interesting,an Sexy if only they did some Creative work with their arms?...Michael Flately realised that!
Maisy Hayward
My six year old cousin can do this
Heather sx ; gfCdrgfwL
My birthday is March 17 so I’m half Irish
Heather sx ; gfCdrgfwL
I’m half Irish☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️🥂🍺🍻🏰
Madysen Body
You guys are REALLY GOOD pleas leave like if you agree
Dancing is great ! the beginning music needs to be changed to a more classical style . Great dance Galaway Girls .
Radio Scotch
A dinnae ken. The dance is pure amaze but the song seems a wee bit too soft in the beginning to actually be able to dance though....
Lemon Bird93
I hate cockroaches too
Kevin Kosmo
Which one is the girl with the cast on her leg in the music video?
Gary Bross
Your parents must be proud of you.
arrgie aj
Haha I loved learning this when I was small image had to give it up because of my instructor but honestly it's not her fault she was the closest one then died
ron m
I would think that after years dancing like that would take a toll on your body. Michael Flatley of River Dance fame had massive problems with the vertebrae in his back..
Giorgia Porporato
But it's shape of you😂😂
Rock 'n Roll Daddio
I like the one dressed in black trousers with the black and white top.
🗿Magic! 😄
Aryba Qazi
Wow.. this is so badass...
Satvik Sahu
Kya maal hai bc..!! 😍😍😂😂
Patata Kawaii 7u7
Que sincronización
first name
Poor shoes.
Lucas Tan
That is pretty awesome 😊
Remo Schärer
Best girls on earth
Master Mac
Well, I see they are well fed.
rebel dalton
отлично,очень понравилось,девушки все на одно лицо))))
Popcorn Girls Lovers
Like if u do Irish dancing I do
the trueofcoment
So funny how they move foots
alisha ward
That must have taken a lot of practise :) well done
okan sama
whaat a shoes ! xd my grandpa used this 100 years ago
R. Patrick OBrien
Gorgeous and talented...Proud to be a Patrick O'Brien...30 years Army, CSM, Combat Veteran
Lea Nitsch
Wow ihr könnt voll gut Tanzen
Алексей Нечаев
Taha Maghraoui
They shoud be a good soccer player xD
Im just kidding that was awsome
Gary Bross
I watched the girls and boys. Sorry guys the girls are so pretty and do dance better. I live in the USA so something like this is foreign to me. Does everyone in your town dance too? I find it interesting to hear and see how people live in different countries. If your parents don't want you to contact me that's fine, I understand, I have two daughters and two grand daughters but they don't pick up their shoes every morn and tap down the street. Your amazing and would appreciate an email from someone, garyscts@live.com only if your parents approve, Thanks Gary
Mermbo Nermberferv
keep ireland for the irish
LittleCin Canupp
U gals are amazing and beautiful keep on going with ur talent
Paul Matthews
Brilliant, and you guys are all gorgeous !
sidou man
hey guys win your iphone 8 here
Kristen Blair
That ant Galway girl
Aleah Achterhof
Muhammadrahim Kenjaboev
Beautiful place
praveen sharma
wow wonderful
LPS Andrea
I love Irland! Especially Dublin
Tatum Anderson
These girls were in ed Sheeran Galway girl music video!!
Gene Sumogat
Hahah shape of you
Nicole Ann
Two of the girls went to my school
misbah kuwawala
So satisfying😎
Bed_Of_Roses 2319
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