Slizza_ Skye
Pewds not getting all the apples is driving me insane
arya stark
Everytime i watch a pewdiepie video i just become someone who don't have any purpose in this fucking life.
arya stark
Oh my God thats just like dark soulshxhehducusuw
Alex Petersen
Does anyone know what sound he plays at 6:28 is from?
Mariano Yalour
He didn't jump on the turtle because he respects tartles and it would've been so aza to get zero deaths.
Manny Heatherly
also when "i took a shower and i FUCK YOUR PIG"
Manny Heatherly
i died when he said "mothafucka tried to fuck me"
DatBoiXD !
Welcome To Sunday Worship
Mr Guy Games
Ayy poods try geometry dash it's realllly hard :|
Mr Guy Games
You only die because it tricks you soooooo you are really the best youtuber of all time
_heucker_ & AdLex
спасибо,за то что научили читать корейские субтитры
Jenny Rock
The hardest is the next bridge, not this one, this was the easy one! :p
pug face
General Jams
The high road is way harder
Bitar's Youtube
Why this video didn't got demonoteized
Master Muffin
Pig in german is Schwein.
But the subtitles said schein
Shah John
Zero Mother Flippin Fuckin Cock Suckin Ass Lickin Mother Fuckin Piece Of Fuckin Shit What The Fuck Was That - Sooooooo Funnny I laught so hard for that part
Arunima Gahlot
zehrho dweaths erryonne
Hm, my game surely is too easy to be like Dark Souls..
Austin taylor
5:15 oh god xD
George K
The POWER OF respecting WEMAN
Ryan Salvador
He jinxed so many times.ermegherd
Sarah Chan1
Pewdie is illuminate?
Farhan Said
Pubg is harder than this
Eli Dylan
I love pwetiepie
8:25 my name is jeff
Hunter Rigsby
I fuck your pig
Hunter Rigsby
57,681,808th subscriber
Hunter Rigsby
gamer boy
I addicted to pewdiepie
Vaibhav Parashar
PewDiePie plz react to kamlesh ka soluchan!!!
Boij XO
6:28 i lost it there
Nadeem Rana
ты русский
Jiri Cernohorsky
Enter the 36 chambers Wu Tang 4life
The number 1 welcome everybody haha
"Men din jävla morskaka!" I'm fucking crying.
Have fun with the second bridge level. This is Kindergarden
У меня одного название на русском
gamingslayer 576
This is the hardest level ever I'm stuck on this level I never do it 😭😭😭
Charles Vince Jocson
Well good poods you didn't die even once well good job...

But not to ruin your moment of joy on finishing that level you could have used the rope...
but still its very funny i like it
Steven Wade
so momster hunter world is coming out next year and if a certain someone cough cough were to play that then that would be pretty cool
Ismail Hussien
U should've jumped on the turtle
Bear Hoovy
10:09 thanks me later
Taras Scurry
David St
Hey pewds play co-op cuphead with marzia
Jovelyn Umpad
hey pewds try no make a video about philippines
Jason Mcbride
sub my dad plz pewds
Влад Золотарёв
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