She sounds drunk!
do kio
people express there opinion on Iggy so Envy thats why you look phony.
Christian Young
She looks like the dude from white chicks
Jeanette Bukovsky
Uhh..Yuck.pleaze help us .. somebody
And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu
So much hate :( Iggy is a great rapper, and she is totally beautiful. Let's accept these facts and move on.
padmavati sudunagunta
Love her! Don't know why ppl hate her!!! I like the way she raps! And she seems sweet
Kalu Braun
she Looks so disgusting
Brick Maniac 556
Fancy is a cool (old) song, but I have to be honest. This was the most wasted 3 minutes and 32 seconds of my life.
"Older people"

I'm 23 and had to look up half of the words.
Aj Romero
she has a nice ass but she is ugly! dawg paper bag over her face would do the job while i hit it haha
Benton Xavier
her hips are so wide it turns me on and that ass is out of this world
Sami, The Agnostic
What a down to earth ass. Literally her ass down to earth
Angela Swanepoel
I find it funny how Hugh Jackman still hasn't lost his accent after all these years but Iggy kind of has lmao wtf
veee kayyy
Whatever happend to iggy
Kay Tipi
so now she has a southern accent?
Hande Varol
Kayln Thompson
she talks weird but i know she is Australian
john banks
nothing wrong with 1988..what the heck would she know about that decade let alone tell us what we should or shouldn't do about it..and Jimmy...shame on you haha
Mladen Bukvic
I would screw that butt.....
my god this sucks white women are to be looked upon as "bad".... hard....and to be respected cuz of this....for real this whore never seen nothing hard in her life...these type need be beaten for real before theres no good women left for the nxt generation
Olivia Roeder-Santana
her figure.. goals <3
Vince Carter
Where'd Trey Songz and JLo's go?
Ash Die
that was funny haha
Maria Ines Romualdo Redondo
love her voice so much
Tun Adriana
oh em gee....nice body
Nha KV
i dont no bout other i do like her personality
"I am a degenerate whore and I also look like one." fin
micheal john
how very sad am glad its allover
Her hair is so fake
All of those operations and she didn't even get a nose job??
Her face looks disgusting
Tttt 2000
She is so ugly as my ass My dick can not cum
kellen dollins
Arnold Rivers
Hold you down like giving lesson in physics was word play, right?
Мария Томова
Im 16 years and I dont get about 60% of the lyrics.
Josh Lee
@Thomas Madison you're obviously a homo
BigNig YaDig
Iggy reminds me of a duck
she looks like a travesti.
Zena C
27:00 Was she booed ????!!!!
Milly M
Yo where the hell is she now ?
Jessica Hughes
i lovs her voice man 😍
Is she high or is she high?
ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ
2:58 (That laugh doe...puke)Now I know she's a suicide terrorist remember her name because she just sucks at rapping, dear goose fly back to Asutralia!
Marianna Bshara
Apologies about the grammatical error how*
Marianna Bshara
Why the hate?!?! i believe iggy is an optimistic Australian that is full filling her dreams and aspirations in music. Her physical characteristics she has, doesn't have to do with anything. Don't judge people, based on how your perception.
Haruka Masuda
Should've known Jimmy wasn't going to give an actual translation...
danicka john
This is terrible.
I like her a lot
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