Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer Netflix version

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Since the video is not available on the actual channel I thought I would upload it

Kenneth Thysbjerg Jensen
This looks really bad, damn.. I have been a Star Trek fan all my life. I am amazed about how much not star trek this looks... Start Trek was never about fighting all the time, it was about the science and exploration of space. There was conflict, but even then some times a peacefull solution could be reached most of the time. They need to make a series after ds9 time, in the oritional timeline and stop with the damn lense flare :'( It just to obskure bad animations and break your focus. Star Trek was always more bright and hopefull, not this damn darkness! I manage to get my self upset now :')
Михаил Найденов
This off by a mile. What the hell?
this is going to be so crap. If anyone wants to put the final nail in Star trek's coffin, this is it.

Yeah 10 years before Kirk, but all the tech is decades after! Why on earth did they bother with yet another prequel!? We want to know what's happening AFTER Picard, AFTER the last TNG movie.

What a waste of time.
Ensign Ricky
So bad they had to pull it from the actual channel. Yep, this is off to a good start.
Desmond Townson
not a patch on voyager/ds9/next generation/enterprise...
andrew worley
Why no Andorian we always get a Vulcan.
Martin Hermann
PC bullshit
C Hill
Yet another prequel: Check
Lens flares: Check
Wonky camera angles: Check
Screaming, because screaming is dramatic: Check
LGBTQ+ storyline: I promise you it'll get awkwardly smashed in there somehow because this is 2017 goddammit
Conclusion -

Star Trek 2017: SJW Edition due for 1 series before crashing and burning because, weirdly, people don't love boring, obvious, simplistic political agendas in their TV Sci-Fi for some reason. Kind of like Ghostbusters last year.
Eric T
This looks like the best star trek series I've ever seen!
Madcap Magician
10 years before Kirk.....before Spock......before Enterprise......err no, NCC 1701 USS Enterprise was not a new ship when Kirk was Captain. Pike commanded a five year mission, then she entered a year long refit, so if you allow construction time that accounts for almost the entire ten years. And more importantly this looks terrible!
Paul Munro
Netflix has done a much better edit and presentation on the trailor than cbs all access.
Victor Von Doom Jr.
Captain Queer Skrilleg and her rag-tag group of emotional unstable aliens commands the LGBTQ Social Justice to diversify the universe BAMN!
Stephen Derbyshire
Erm!...WA!...Hmmm!... No!
How drunk was Michelle Yeoh when she signed for this?!
Vinz Obnimaga
this is illuminati
Dan M
If you want equality, that means people are selected on merit. It does not mean that so called 'minorities' are given preference over white people even if they are a shit choice. Positive discrimination has destroyed the South African political system, their economy and even their once great rugby team FFS. This show will be shit because it lacks the substance that was given to it by people like Gene Rodenberry and the cast lack the gravitas of a Nimoy, Kelly or Stewart.

They've cast some hood rat in the lead role purely on the basis that she's a black woman. Even in the few clips she's in there her acting looks labored and unconvincing. But hey, if you're trying to pull in non white fans and make more money you have to dumb down the themes covered by the plot and ramp up the shiny special effects. Gene is spinning in his grave. Also that captain, she fucking sucks too, "da feda'ation does nah fiyah fuwst" she can't even speak'a good Engrish. If she tried to give me an order I'd be like "yeah fuck you twat get me a number 52 with some black bean sauce and make it fucking snappy".

We now need Q to save us by using his omnipotence to erase all the Trek horrors of the past 7 years.
People complaining about the fact that Mighty Whitey isn't front and centre of the trailer have forgotten the entire point of Star Trek.
Joe Smith
Looks horrible.
Incoming triggered /pol/ and mras in 3...2..., oh wait they are already here
It will be proved that kate mulgrew was a great captain.
the story might be good, but god dam do I hate the look of this show it is unrecognisable as a star trek show and that fucking lens flair is everywhere.
Salvor Hardin
Wait.... WHAT???
jimosfear Spadge
Netlix I am comming back. This is great
Fuzzy Dunlop
In a way it looks beyond everything CBS has ever made...but it just looks stupid...the black actress from TWD is annoying and the cast in general seems really weak...the shot in the desert is nice but i'm pretty sure it's only going to be in the pilot and then they're always going to be stuck in the spaceship talking about nothing. I'm more hyped for The Orville, looks more fun and enjoyable.
"We have engaged the Klingons..."

Yeah thats debatable...
That looks reallyy shit
Rabbit Entertainment
Easy 9k views tbh
so much diversity, this will surely make it a better show because reasons.
Sérgio Oliveira
Seriously...? So busy making it multicultural inclusive and what not, they forgot to add white males. And a plot.
And those are not Klingons, those be Orcs. PC is ruining ScyFy, like everything else in the world.
john kerr
Try looking up some trek lore before questioning or criticising. Im looking forward to it. Be curious, you might learn something. I love the updated look.
Dirk DigDuggler
I think I just came in my Starfleet issue slacks.
I`m still skeptical...
I'll stick with The Next Generation.
Vendicar Decarian
Oh man.. That looks sooooooooooooo bad.

Might not even last a season.
Deep sea Klingons?
Theme song by.... The Shins?
Wow, looks just awful
mr. meeseeks
i am sorry guys, but this is already disappointing. only thing i was excited about to see james frain as Sarek.
I miss the guiding hand of Gene Roddenberry.
Aspects that I enjoyed about star trek is definetly gone because I think people are trying to push an agenda. This doesn't feel star trek. i will give it a chance... but it will be over quick.
David White
this looks like it could be set in the JJ universe even though they said it wouldn't!
Dan M
Is it now illegal or racist to cast white people? After all, Gene Rodenberry was white
Caleb Byrne
Dear God, what happened to the Klingons?!
Gabriel Henrique Stolt
I don't think wise to use a character on which we might have a grudge (Sasha TWD). What would we think of Jeoffrey in her place.. Oh my.. is this what they want after all ? O.o
im confused. its set BEFORE the original series yet looks more advanced ??
Gabriel Henrique Stolt
And i was like... Meeeh.. could have been worse....
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