M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
I wish Lego trains weren't so light so when they hit a car the don't fly off the tracks
Daniel Cobian
This is like the GTA V train
brachydios playz
lame so lame
Last ones very cool! Its good the see other content on this channel!
Marco BHO
Even better than real crashes lol
Kaelan Swan, The King of Doom
tfw when (The) Notch sends you to a video.
All you had to do is to slow mo crash the damn train CJ... ~Big Smoke
Diesel17 K
0:16 I start singing the Thomas The Tank Engine Engine theme song :)
Ggd Fgu
Alexander Aulenbach
Is it just me or is this video really satisfying
Yummy Jam Studios
if these were real, these would be VERY destructive
Rod Lag
whos here from the snow and train collision
Mendozar Men
It doesn't have slow motion
sabrina nauerz
Noah the Slender Boa
rip lady at 0:17

like if you cry everytim
Noah the Slender Boa
1:16 trickshot!
Tai Thai
LEGO Level Crossing Abuse!
привет ти добрый человек 👨?
Minute ELF 9557
u call this slow motion
Hot Cup Of Joe Productions
Just gonna say, if I built something that big, I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to crash any trains on it. :P
T - Toyz
Hello, your channel is very interesting, let's be friends, I subscribed to your, please do to my same too. =) Thank you!
Blue Slime
RIP red car that sounded like a blow up bad luck an Amtrak
Jai Man
whats that app called
Cooper Gardner
Thats not slow motion you just added motion blur and put it at 60 fps
William Top 5's
so anticlimatic
Marcus Holte
This is not slow motion
I'm glad minifigures never get wounded :)
Zbyszek Borzęcki
Ale debilne!
Orlando Soto
Conchetumare se volcó la micro
Aquamarine The British
Did anyone notice the kid on the third crash?
Matt Michael
Face reveal at 0:30
Those cars are called Noobbybooby
2,0 for normal speed
HEAR 0:13
Rhiannan Grace
notice that one kid in the background just staring.
TheGaming Sloth
cool lego city!!
Rezdy Tofan
0:49 The train just derail and then back on the track.
Dinospartin 03
The little guy next to the bus on 0:40
The Chieftain
This why you never try to beat the train don't be apart of the next dumb ways to die video "be safe around trains" lol
An2nio Productions
you should put a car on the train and make it hit the overpass.
An2nio Productions
you should put a car on the train and make it hit the overpass.
Duke Nukum
Why people don't react?
Professional Youtube User
lol a kid at 0:32
The_anime_ Guy
I'm sorry I know this is a 2015 video but this is not even in slow motion
I am not a boy or girl
That's like 1000 frames dude this shouldn't count as slomotion
Punmanboy 678
That face when it crashed tho
Meme Child Official
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