Amtrak Snow-mo Collision

Train moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

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Ben Tv
Wie unangenehm muss es sein ?
1 abo bei mir = 1% unangenehmigkeit
Vania Ivanov
The most beautiful girl MMA! Visit the channel!
Wolfgang Martin
women have the reflexes of a concrete block
Yahya Buisir Vlogs
hahah I'd film the for 12mil views😂
Dj Rnb
Lols dumb bitches
Everyone holding their phone up deserved to get rekt. Cunts.
Adi Adrian
Where the fuck is the aftermath
And my profile picture sucks too :/
my name sucks
LPGamerLP a
lol at all the morons with their phones getting blasted.
Sara Tars
How many casualties?
big shit
Top Tygodnia
5th on trending this week in poland lel
Hanna Szentgyörgyi
Sanaye 45
Hahaha omg so funny
Vitalstatistix Stats
its snow for fuck sake... not powder that isnt going to hurt...
All aboard!!! lol
I Love how they're standing there thinking that they won't get drowned in snow... It's kind of obvious.
I wonder who is bigger idiot. Passengers on platform, train driver (no horn, blinking front light, slow, ) or train station service...
bibus powa
1 felvenni videóra
2 megosztani
3 túlélnii
FLOX Crafter
Why slow mo?
Adam Smith
Класс))))) супер
Richard Dames
Uhhhh! Did you DUMB smucks not see the thick snow on the tracks. Then you still stand there ignoring the train & snow and wonder why you blasted with snow,.....Duuuhhhhhh!
Romeo Safran
Lol 😁
Cory Teichman
video should be called "Huge facial on white amateur in public"
God some people are stupid...
Patrick Jespersen
when we see behind the train: big smoke and CJ, who triying to follow the damn train
Furkan Dinc
G2 Precision
Took out a woman in a pussy hat lol
Jesus Christ
Run you fools!
Nic Montero
Shot on iPhone 7
Now waterproof
(that includes snow)
Bebe Strumf
What I don't understand is why all those people didn't realize what was gonna happen between the speeding train and the snow... it's such a hard connection to make? speeding train.... snow ...speeding train ... snow... The fact that all those people didn't realize that is almost scary :(
Aden aio
must have felt quite satisfying sitting in that train.
Affinity for MTG
There was snow stopping that train.
please add me on or sould i say blizzard nowdays starlantisad #2680
Malia Lerm
So satisfying..
Sand 22
what you rly thought would happen to a snow stupid ppl...
Yo, Thats sick!
азамат исаков
дебил машинист...... больше сказать нечего
JFn Cho
WTF did they think was going to happen when the train plowed through the snow?
Fabian Bieder
videobruce b
Any station agent there? If so, he should of called about the snow drifts.
Aleksi Saarinen
Complexology4 44
People have lost their environmental awareness, and lost into their mobile phones. No, wonder they didn't see it coming.
Marija Cejovic
bistdu naris
2017 hit me like
Pranav Dixit
Wow, and I thought i loved the snow... To a certain extent, but that doesn't mean I will just stand there and get blasted by freezing hard ice. These guys certainly seem to have a different opinion.
Snow power :)
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