Oi Noi
Ahh I love the moment of the final peice getting placed in. Especially when the peice naturally falls into the correct position! Love the satisfying video!
Chitoge Kirisaki
İ love the sound
Noviana Sari
saya tidak mengerti inggris
soumya priya
I want to ask a question ...Do you always focus on magnetes?
who else spaced out during this vid because they're tired
I LOVED the snap of the magnest
Tammy Hoang
And I have it
Mr.Hacker Lifihaker
Very very good
lost moon souls pack
Were u get these?
Sloth and panda Gaming
this dose not satisfy me att all
Mortal Kombat
Which is more satisfying magnets or slime
Like for magnets
Reply for slime
Aditya Dharpale
Shadowdragon109 AJ
I love the video because there aren't many magnet videos, but background music should've been added because it got a little boring after a while.
Chaplina AO
Melissa Diaz
That's fucking boring dang
Abhishek Sharma
Aww, satisfied
Augu Kawii
Yo tengo estos imanes
My Family Vlogs TV
were did you get all thos
fnaf family
pls give me some
Jordan Anderson
This guy's got balls of steel
Jordan Anderson
Text me, boo
Hinata2000 Naruto200
I have those
Marlene Picado
Ricky To
Build an armor of magnet around yourself 😂
Karim Gamer
Muhammad Rafiq
very nice
Keke Simon
The first little piggy built a house of straw
The second little piggy built a house of sticks
The third little piggy built a house of bricks

The last one built his house of magnets and now all of the street lamps are stuck to his house and his very magnetic house has pulled down the satellite dish from space
Zinnitopia Girl
Are they trying to play with magnets like slime? 😂😂😂😂😂
New ideas
Good ideas
charlestubegaming Inigo
2:05 that sound
Oyun Atı Gamer
Very good video
Fatema Sajed
From where can I buy these...??😍
Nidra TheBatPony
OK that thing is flippin cool
D Hisham
Satisfied Pineapple
This is Satisfying!
alex challenge
Inice 1:00
Najmus Sakib Arko
Turn that subtitle on. 😏
Carolyn Jarrett
Oh my god were do you get those I love magnets so much
The Gamer Girls
0:57 that's gonna suck all the currency out of that
Tamás Nagy
Hmm you play with magnets . Why should i cum to this?
Rkvyas Vyas
bro from where you have buy this magnatic balls plz give a link in description plz
Ana Haziyeva
iii loveeee ))))
Anđela Milenkovic
I love you canall
Shipuden 889
did you hear that. at 0:30
Arianna P
Wow creating that 3D star was SO SATISFYING!!
Canal Mionard
i thought it was a br channel
havuçlu kahraman
iğrenç video uzaylı McDonald's
Sopheap Ros
This looks awesome
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