The Speedy Diver
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A Big Guy
Are you in drugs?
Josh Hockman
Wear gloves please.
Mohammed Afnan
From there game box was there thats mine
Brandon McGregor
Whats the address
Natalie Brown
Where u live
where are u located
Maria Martinez
What are you poor
Wolfenstein SS
It's called a job...get one ya homeless crack head.
Its JustNadia
at 13:23 you see a credit card but at 13:47 he throws it TF
This Is Me ._.
Nobody's nobody
he is trying to look for hot dogs🍣
Nobody's nobody
he is trying to look for hot dogs🍣
Bryn Anderson
I love you
Zuzu Torres
lets be real people who throws away games and electronics and in good condition everyone just sell them or give it to someone else
luke ogbourn
I dont get it. Are you homeless or.....
Ryan Jr
U sound like homeless looking for food in dumpsters
Nikcola Fuller
Is it me nikcola
Liam D
This actually looks really fun. I'd pay to do this. Is that bad?
Your a moron
Gav Heinrixh
What nights do u do these like Thursday Friday 2hqt
Carter Robinette
MW3 was the only good find, everything else should be in the dumpster
Brent Polk can quit with the thumbs up, that's sooooo annoying!
Bibi LaLI
Why not get a go pro camera. And. Camera halmet to go with it to make the digging quicker. So more content.
Yasmin Vega
i like your video so much
Amrit Pritma
Marchenrich Lorenzo
ConorLONG Gong
Sweet! I found a broken cheap Xbox headset in a dumpster with "white stuff" all over it
Brynn Brewer
holy shimoly
jacksepticeye jr
Is this guy digging trough trash
Makhi Byrd
Great video
Heather Wayment
please send givaway. i subscribed lliked turned on notifacations and liked! please send GIVEAWAY!
YoungT Nation
Speedy can a please try an get a give away my family's going threw a lot an I need to make some money for them😔
One man's trash is another man's treasure
Sam Sam
I subscribed!
Andre Reyna
Blue Brick
Wow I wish I could dumpster dive at game stop but I'm only ten
Goes crazy for PS3 games. What a tool!
Madison Godin
does anyone realize this guy has been in 127 dumpsters
Luke Baker
This is so fake
Elephant GOD
Tell me why this guy sounds like faze censor
Ha ha he said nipple
daniel Jimenez vlogz
Daniel Jimenez vlogz
What do you do with the empty cases and stuff?
Barreras Family
is it legal
Put some gloves on eww lol
Garyplaz 2
your clickbait
Troy games life
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