Kellyanne Conway Gives It To Stephen Straight (As In, Straight Up BS)

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Stephen goes 'lie' to satellite with the counselor to the President of the United States.

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Lunar Memory
He's channeling Weird Al.
Alex Martinez
Stephen walk down the street in middle America and you will get your ass handed to you. We'll be waiting Stephen don't spinelessly hide behind a TV camera grows some balls and take your sorry act to the street. Not such a big man off camera are you? You ONLY have ratings because his grace Donald Trump is is the first great President we've had in the last eight years. You are nothing without him. The difference between Trump supporters and yours is if crooked Hillary would have won we would have not have liked it but we would have accepted the will of the American voter and would accept her as our leader. We would not be acting like lunatics and trying to obstruct and undermine her. We take pride in knowing that disrespecting our President no matter who it may be as you do is also disrespecting our country and would not be part of our American fiber. Respect me, our great country' and give respect to our President. Nothing has been accomplished in government in 6 months because you and the left foster unwillingness. You are not 12 years old Stephen so quit acting like it shut up with your disrespectful trash talk and show America respect it deserves. 2020 will allow you to have your opportunity to demonstrate your displeasure like an adult with your ballot. In the meantime if that is just not in YOUR fiber middle America will be in the street waiting for you.
James Moseley
This meeting shows you how much smarter Russia's leader is than our leader. This was a test to see how stupid and corrupt the trump campaign really was. When they found out the answer ("more stupid and corrupt than we could have imagined.") they talked about adoption so as not to leave any evidence that could be used against the kremlin in the international scene.
astronaut club
Democrats Lost...............................................................................................Republicans Won
"How do you think the president would look in a bathing suit?" Ohhh god I imagined and uhhhhh it's horrifying!
mary saw
Colbert your on the ship titanic its coming to its end. enjoy the cruise.
Kenneth Mardis
There's no talking to the trump people. They are always going to right no matter what.
Paul FredEric
America u fucked up!
steve lawrence
Colbert is an unfunny arsehole
What is this braindead bimbo still doing in the news lol?!?
Dan Mule
Colbert would be off the air if he had to come up with any other material. This Bob saget looking faggot.
Robert Stewart
What a joke, just look at all the attempts to be funny by this pitiful group of insignificant a..holes. Just as the facts about their Hiliary Clingon and her cohorts were really up to with the Russians. Talk about caught with their pants down. They can't even do the sneaky, corrupt, slimy actions thing with even a smidgen of kindergarten competence. Somebody really needs to tell Stephen whatshisname, to try and resist fishing for balls in his pocket, he'll never find em, That last sentence is not my usual style, I just had to get it out, that weasel makes me nauseous.
Jerry Paul
Nice but truthful
Kayla B
no information that was meaningful or helpful was gained from this 😂
Judy Powers
Stephen always delights me!!!!
Tucker Bowen
so Kellyanne's been taking notes from Spicy
karenza t. Wall
oh. she is a stepford wife
Blue Hearthstone
nice lipstick, colbert
Enzo Della Corte
she is being picked on cuz she's a woman! hippocrite shovenist libtards, i wish i would meet this guy in the streets, i would bitch slap him,
4 now
He is a cocky ass. He is a paid political assassin who is on the Soros payroll.
andy mo
Little known fact, Kellyanne Conway placed 3rd in the 2016 Kentucky Derby.
Christopher Spanos
:) This is how all her interviews should be! Lol
Windows Sucks
Her name is
Scott Dunn
She is having the desired effect on all of you. Stop giving her attention.... sheez! OH! The Colbert report! Nevermind... very funny ha!
Troy selvey
""THE CLINTONS." Need I say more. Oh wait, I can DUMBO looking OBAMA telling the Russians he'll have more flexibility when he gets reelected. F OFF LIBITARDS.
What did you have for breakfast, Kellyanne?
Well I think that meals are really important and there are several meals that can be had throughout the day and during the morning people do tend to have breakfast but in no way I think that it must be restrained to that time and dinner and lunch are also important meals.
Conway like Trimp, are both white trash.
lananh coryer
this Kellyanne Conway , this woman's smile is so defiant , this stupid defiant smile make her look so sickening and pathetic disturbing face of her .... what's a distrust words coming out of her mouth ...
fucking witch cunt
Trump 2020!
Former comedian Stephen Colbert, what a clown show.
Stephen Colbert = Tool of the jew
samson galactis
I had a premonition that steven Colbert was killed in a head n collision and saw it on live leak
Lana Barley
Why does trumps entire LYING-ASS press team have to always say that super-condescending "As was explicitly stated..." That bullfrog Huckabee does it too, and it makes me wanna fucking Vomit! Don't talk down to us, You're the Idiots around here!
Jon Davidson
Conway is the only person in the Trump administration who seems even less shameless than Trump; because unlike Trump, who believes his own lies and fabrications on a moment-to-moment basis, Conway is Aware of reality and that she's lying.....
Texan Tim
Even in this fake / edit / pathetic little puff piece , Kelly Anne still wiped the floor with this little piece of human excrement .
Colbert is going to come off like the envious fool sucker he is once this is exposed it was all a set up by Obama,the Clintons and George Soros. All you have to do is check it right here on YouTube,This was all arranged by Obama and the Clinton's to set Don Jr. up ! Hey Colbert,,you lazy ass fuck ! Do some research before you start running off at the mouth you jealous,envious JERK !
fake comedy
T Mc
Joyo Mama
trump is not President,he's just a puppet being told what to do...
Jono Hoog
dudes a dickhead never watch
I would pay to see Colbert actually interview her or any one from the white house
Dead Purple
Lol it's like watching an actual interview of her.
Mike Hunter
Loving all he butthurt trumptards
Pink Pickle and the Peaches
And Hillary deleted thousands of top secret emails but who cares? Oh and the fact Hillary handed 75% of our spent uranium to Russia but who cares? How bout Hillary colluding with Ukraine before election but who cares? Fact is Democrats lost and continue to lose which makes them Losers!!
J Dub
Hey loser bitches, get used to Trump cuz he is going to be around for the next seven years. Hope you got a real good sense of humor come 2020, you are going to need it....again!
Mak D
This was a spot on assessment of every single interview Kellyanne has done no matter the outlet. Hilarious PARODY but nothing was fake about it and I am glad he called it what it was, lying. ROFL
I see a lot of comments attacking Kellyanne's looks and while I disagree with her on so many levels and have very little respect for her, there is no reason to bully based on appearance. Make fun of her for lying and talking over people and being uninformed all you want, but her appearance is in no way relevant. Just my two cents...
You leftist assholes are all nothing but a bunch of entitled whiney losers and Stephen Colbert is nothing but a tool piece of shit. Let it go idiots. You lost. You lose. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out fucktards.
She looks like someone farted in her face and it stuck that way.
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