Injustice 2 – Fighter Pack 3 Revealed! Reaction

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scumb eazzy
Y'all are on the infinity war trailer!!!
Marc McCullers
Theres a comicbook of batman fighting the ninja turtles
Marc McCullers
Now add the original power rangers
Tap Gameplay
Why do you were masks you weird freaks
am i the only one who grew up with the 2003 TMNT....
Jordan Milton
Watch the flash earth x
You guys should star in your own show on HBO or Netflix. I would watch it. lol
Tiona Miche`
Does that mean shredder can be in here too with splinter? O.o
Oh shit, it’s the MUGEN champions!!!
Bruh who cares about atom or enchantress the turtles are gonna be a whole different level of dope
Marcus Dyer
I’m pissed people spoiled it for you and ruined the reaction. Since you knew what was coming.
Pablo Campos
salve otimo video
Elijah Summers
@Ecomog Media Group -- Super Shredder for the next Mortal Kombat game, I'm calling it right now. Hes the closest thing to look like the Shao Khan in the MK universes.
John Baldwin
3:13 this dood wasn't having it
Frosty Revan
Shades on blunt in his mouth ☠️
james blackshire
This is going to be the shit
james blackshire
Jack Wood
It's ninja time!
Zilla rex
People just had to spoil it.
Red Mage Joey
That guy on that left: That's me when I first saw this!! T-U-R-T-L-E Power! T-U-R-T-L-E Power! #HerosInTheHalfShell
F*uck of me yo..
I love you guys, you are hillarious
Hazardous Wolf
The Nigga Turtles
Charles Anne
😂😂😂😂😂black ppl funny asffffff
Sandra Dorado
I'm pretty sure there going to release the Ninja Turtles last Which is probably February
High 5 goes wrong lol
Darque Robinson
m-dogg stfu about dr. manhattan...."with his OP ass".... nigga, wit' ya HATIN' ass....there ain't a FUCKING thing wrong with having dr. manhattan in injustice 2....ol' hatin' ass nigga.
Ruth Acosta
React to scary stories animated
Ruth Acosta
Scary stories animated
Christopher Robinson
He said " we fight as a team Mickey" that means you pick them as 1.
Mervyn h
These guys are fake
Mervyn h
People who watch this was going crazy for joy
Mervyn h
These guy fake their reaction ..
Too good 4 you
I'm gonna whip everyone ass now with ninja turtles.
Voodoo Ray
They might use the turtles' gameplay like Triborg.
J Scanlan
I knew the crowd I was rollin' wit were too young when I said "Thems the OG TMNT's w/ the trench coat Raph when he ran away from home" n nobody knew WTF I was talkin' about. smh
Penny Sturgill
He said in the trailer we have to work as a team that pretty much tells u how there going to play
yeah they fight together
GhostFrom ThirdStrike
Go Ninja! Go Ninja! GO! I gotta buy this pack.
MegaNinjaRyan 6731
LOL clicked off Tyrone Magness to watch you guys! You guys are awesome!!!
Caden Presley
People are assholes sometimes for spoiling shit. Lol
Kevin Glamorous
Y'all are rude asf fucking people I tired to play with you and u kick me out fucking asshole
Dr_stormie -
Rico 1990
Who grew up watching tmnt?
Asian Assassin
When you think about it, there are straight DC characters in this Fighter Pack.
Simonsays REACT
I Dont like the look of the old turtles i like the animated 2007 movie turtles and the shows on TV The old ones look like shit to me
Paolo Calapatia
I was truthfully shocked at first. To be fair, recently Batman and TMNT had crossovers already. One with the current comics Batman and the IDW incarnation of TMNT and one with DCAU Batman (before Justice League) and current Nickelodeon TMNT's. So I'm ok with this
Kelsey Conover
Does this mean power rangers could get added later on? They also did the dc crossover in the comics.
Antwain Hunt
They cnt side step
It’s probably going to be like Triborg in Mortal Kombat XL, where it was one character with four different skins and you could choose between Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke and Cyborg Sub-Zero. With the Turtles you’ll be choosing between Raph, Donatello, Mikey and Leo. That’s what I’m guessing.
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