BATMAN Hand spinner fidget toy from 954 BRONZE

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making the BATMAN Hand spinner fidget toy from 954 BRONZE was suggested by another youtuber: Dan the maker man....and What a great idea! (please visit the links below). 

the batman hand spinner is the second fidget toy I've made, the first being the Alpha.  i made these simply to see it it would work NOT FOR SALE.  it was obvious from the beginning that they were not going to be symmetrical about a horizontal axis nor were they going to be balanced but as Dan points out, sometimes form Trumps function. and in this case i think he is absolutely right.

the buttons are recessed into the body of the spinner so that only the top surface is exposed. the clearance is only .012" between the parts but that is plenty for them to have enough space not to touch.  to be clear i used the left over buttons from the Alpha design for these spinners but since these are only for show and not sale i think it will be okay.  in total i only made three of these and honestly they were too expensive to manufacture so the are not viable for production sale anyway.

9 gear fidget hand spinner:
mini gear fidget toy:
3 gear fidget hand spinner:
Real Gear hand spinner -
the alpha hand spinner -
Batman hand Spinner -
spiderman hand spinner -
superman hand spinner -
handspinner playlist:

Ray Pena
Superman Spinner
Spiderman Spinner
Vicky Aguilar
for my son b-day gift
Vicky Aguilar
you can make me a fedget spinner
Hey, i want to say thank you! I won the Batman fidget spinner and want to say personally thank you.😊 I love it and it is very good! I like your videos and ideas and i support it that you put very much work in your videos. So thank you and don't change a thing!
mo koko
Maria Concepcion Dijamco
Can you pls make A wheel fidget spinner. I want to see your skills at making spinners.
Michael York
Are they for sale
Hassan Oumar
I like the batman fingers spinner. i hope you get one
Leila Emarah
Leila Emarah
can you make me a moon fidgit spinner please ?😘😘😘
Ae TDBoyz
ok its ok i will buy
Ae TDBoyz
pls help me i belive in you
Ae TDBoyz
he loves paw patrol
Ae TDBoyz
i want to buy for my baby brother
Ae TDBoyz
after you make pls sell to me
Ae TDBoyz
plz make a paw patrol fidget spinner
Ae TDBoyz
ray pena pls make a fidget spinner
Geneson Manoel
Jose Hernandez
That's so cool
Akshay Berde
dam thats hardcore
Steel Inventions
I recommend my project. I invite you to my channel.
SkidkidGaming1 PlayzRoblox
Anyone came here from Evans video??
Clara Hernandez
That is a great fidget spinner that you can be able to do you are the first person who IV sean make a gold fidget spinner that is so cool that I want to make it ðŸĐ🍊ðŸĶI gave it a 👍 not a 👎 because you are 😃😛😘😄😏 LOL laff out loud o please laff now!ðŸ‘ŋ eany ways have you watch the youtube channle DanTDM/The Diomond Minecart you shoud sertch it up thanks.
Maira Olmos
are you selling that
Branca Watson
make a captain amarica simble fidget spinner
Erika Rodriguez
can u make a weed figdet spiner
GTA Related
wow where can i buy this from?
reeta devi
i want a rare fidget spinner from aaron
Maro Naimi
Do roblox if you now what it is roblox fidget spinner plz I will love one
tarun munjal
hlo i want to make a homemade spinner so plz tell me easy materials for making it at home
alahkai thit
can i get a figet spinner
do you sell them?
Aimee Vazquez
I'm going to get a gold led figet spinner
can u gave me 1 normal spinner?
Dorothy Esaw
can I have the gold Bat man figit Spencer please 😚😘
ダダノキナミ ch
It's very cool!!♡
cool girly Vasthi
Rabia Sultan Kacar
banada yapin
Swaggattack Gaming
war type of laser u using
Brandon Johns
it's awesome? how to get one
Hama The Cat :3
Mack a sheep spinner
Zenaida Rodriguez
could you make me and my cousin one
Pepe The frog
If he sold these he would make a fortune!!
dark_ filth32
can you make a iron Man fidget spinner
dark_ filth32
can you make a joker fidget spinner
ivan benites
gilllllll jajajajajajajaja
ivan benites
gilllllllllllllll jajajajajajajajajaja
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