Ray Pena
Superman Spinner https://youtu.be/iQNOtAoKVac
Spiderman Spinner https://youtu.be/IW-noa7wbF8
Salman Alin
Superman spinner
Christian S.
Ray make our name on a fidget spinner
Thank you
I want a fidget spinner
Иван Иваненко
Ура...у всех прям дома станки!Сам руками,без станков сделай...
Vicky Aguilar
for my son b-day gift
Vicky Aguilar
you can make me a fedget spinner
Hey, i want to say thank you! I won the Batman fidget spinner and want to say personally thank you.😊 I love it and it is very good! I like your videos and ideas and i support it that you put very much work in your videos. So thank you and don't change a thing!
mo koko
Maria Concepcion Dijamco
Can you pls make A wheel fidget spinner. I want to see your skills at making spinners.
Rogue Gamer
Are they for sale
Hassan Oumar
I like the batman fingers spinner. i hope you get one
Leila Emarah
Leila Emarah
can you make me a moon fidgit spinner please ?😘😘😘
Ae TDBoyzGt
ok its ok i will buy
Ae TDBoyzGt
pls help me i belive in you
Ae TDBoyzGt
he loves paw patrol
Ae TDBoyzGt
i want to buy for my baby brother
Ae TDBoyzGt
after you make pls sell to me
Ae TDBoyzGt
plz make a paw patrol fidget spinner
Ae TDBoyzGt
ray pena pls make a fidget spinner
Geneson Manoel
Jose Hernandez
That's so cool
Akshay Berde
dam thats hardcore
Łukasz H
I recommend my project. I invite you to my channel.
SkidkidGaming1 PlayzRoblox
Anyone came here from Evans video??
Clara Hernandez
That is a great fidget spinner that you can be able to do you are the first person who IV sean make a gold fidget spinner that is so cool that I want to make it 🍩🍪🍦I gave it a 👍 not a 👎 because you are 😃😛😘😄😏 LOL laff out loud o please laff now!👿 eany ways have you watch the youtube channle DanTDM/The Diomond Minecart you shoud sertch it up thanks.
Maira Olmos
are you selling that
Branca Watson
make a captain amarica simble fidget spinner
Erika Rodriguez
can u make a weed figdet spiner
England is me city
wow where can i buy this from?
reeta devi
i want a rare fidget spinner from aaron
Maro Naimi
Do roblox if you now what it is roblox fidget spinner plz I will love one
tarun munjal
hlo i want to make a homemade spinner so plz tell me easy materials for making it at home
alahkai thit
can i get a figet spinner
do you sell them?
Aimee Vazquez
I'm going to get a gold led figet spinner
can u gave me 1 normal spinner?
Dorothy Esaw
can I have the gold Bat man figit Spencer please 😚😘
ダダノキリミ ch
It's very cool!!♡
cool girly Vasthi
Rabia Sultan Kacar
banada yapin
Swaggattack Gaming
war type of laser u using
Brandon Johns
it's awesome? how to get one
Hama The Cat :3
Mack a sheep spinner
Zenaida Rodriguez
could you make me and my cousin one
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