And now, night king passed the wall
That is not a "Giant Ice Sheets Melting". It are glaciers calving. have calves, glaciers calve icebergs, which are chunks of ice that break off glaciers and fall into water. Calving is when chunks of ice break off at the terminus, or end, of a glacier. Ice breaks because the forward motion of a glacier makes the terminus unstable.
David B
Because I am tired of seeing people talk about calving or saying that this is all natural, particularly +Lemon who needs to get a job. Here goes.

You don't seem to understand how bad "speeding it up" actually is. The ice melting is normal, but it is melting so fast that plants and animals are not able to adapt like they would to a natural event. We are killing off species at a rate so far above normal that modern human history will already go into the history books as a mass extinction event. Also, just because the ocean once covered exposed land means nothing; what is important is that 1. we need that land to feed our [growing] human population and 2. the destruction of environments at such a quick rate has disastrous effects on ecosystems, resources, and many other important things. Finally, the scariest part about the ice melting is the reasons why they are melting. Ice melting is a side effect of increased gasses in the air that is trapping heat and not letting it be released. The largest proportion of this gas is carbon dioxide, and the largest proportion is not even in the air, it is in the ocean. If there is enough carbon dioxide to have a noticeable impact on the temperature of the entire planet (which there is), then that means there is a massive impact of carbon dioxide going through chemical reactions in the ocean and making the ocean more acidic. Making the ocean more acidic kills all the fish, which is also problematic when considering humanities survival.

I hate this term but it is useful here. TL;DR Your argument is, as far as my knowledge without looking it up goes, somewhere between a fallacy of division and a red herring. In simpler terms, the things in this video might indeed be calving, but that does not disprove the idea of global warming at all.
Bunner Boybox
This is just sad to me.
Calving comes from advancing glaciers. That's another way of saying they are growing
1:02 Man down! Man down! General Quarters! Man your battle stations! Set the navigational detail!
Khairul Anwar
It is not amazing at means that Global Warming is critical in earth...humans what the hell have you done to the earth? - ET
John W
Seriously? 90% of This footage is from the 1990s
Trevor Hedges
If the ice did not brake off it would be the length of the earth.. nothing to do with global warming
Brad Feng
how has this become a tourist attraction?
Soul Truth
The earth is trying to save itself by melting ice introducing fresh cleanwater into its radiated contaminated blood which is the oceans esentaly trying to give it's self a blood transfusion trying to flush itself clean.
How come I've seen videos of people shooting rifles with some kind of bullet in it that cracks this ice to get the big chunks to fall off and they take the big chunks of ice? I've seen that and I think that that is what they are showing it's not just ice melting it's being shot first and then cracking and falling into the ocean
how f*** be happy It's not time to B happy.
I think this ferry people creating this kind situation for to get more tourist !! to make $$
I hope countries can band this kind tourism place !! for environment
Xe M
I just want to punch every cheering idiot that gets enthusiastic about this.
Aaron Lewis
This video: People slowly realising they're fucked
sheep. we deserve to be underwater.
Omg... The amount of people in this comment section who say 'Idiots' 'So Sad' 'The world Dying, and people are laughing' etc.
Whether we continue global warming or not... This would happen... They are impressed, i mean entire cliff faces are falling... It is pretty cool...

If you people actually know anything about this, you would know that Volcanoes, Cooking, FARTING... all cause pollution too... We are speeding up the process yes, but only to an extent... also do not forget that scientists are saying 'We are leaving the end of a miniature ice-age' therefor we should be warming up anyway... I mean the amount of land which used to be in the ocean, which is NOT right now... is a lot... 4 of the places i am speaking about is: Somerset Levels (England), Dartmoor (Norhtern Britain, I think Scotland), The Netherlands, Venetia (North Eastern Italy), and a lot of other places... What does this mean you ask? It means that once, the water levels were even higher than they are now... therefor the ocean is just reclaiming land, not taking... Therefor, it should be considered NORMAL for ice to be melting right now, perhaps one day it will reclaim all land and then start taking, but i very doubt thats going to be any time soon.

Please just enjoy the video (The last few clips were kind of stupid, i mean what it was saying)
Totally Not a Ninja
At first it's all oohs and ahs, then comes the running and the screaming.
Alles Gute
Jan Koch
So you can do touristic trips to see Ice melting?... like honestly its an attraction to see the planet die?!
So stupid. It's the glacier calving not melting from global warming. They're moving rivers of ice. When they reach the end pieces come off. It's a natural process and has been going on for tens of millions of years.
Lord Jock
Does the ice wait until there is a boat load of american tourist there before it breaks off
mæstro mÜgre
Climate Change is such a beautiful thing.
Gardner Smith
You could not possibly tell us where this is, could you. It's Top Secret Ultra.
Jeff Beck
Type icebergs are fake. Check out Aaron Dover channel. I think all of this is fake CGI bullshit. Another psyop to make you believe in global warming. And speaking of a globe, you might want to research flat earth, and how to calculate curvature.
rob happe
The black plume of smoke that comes from the tourist boat in the third video says it all.
The world falling apart, what ignorant people. This can be seen anywhere there are Glaciers. It has been going on for thousands of years, and has nothing to do with global warming, which has been going on since the formation of the earth.
0:49 is the reason why global warming is happening xd
"Global worming is a catastrophe, we should stop fossil fuels" Starts boat engine 0:49
Dan mesnard
Fuggin white people.
Stephen Woods
Screaming people are embarrassing.
She said "Holy crap" . Is that one from god one from jesus or just sheet from the angels?
Napoleon Legenda
What movie is this?
Charlie Brown
these idiots dont even know what they are witnessing
This is normal people. It is what ice sheets do not caused by global warming. Notice they don't tell you what time of the year it is.
Before the flood, it didn't rain. Waters bubbled up through the soil. I suspect (guessing) that in order for the world to return to an "Eden like" place, all that water needs to go back to its atmosphere. The melting of the polar ice cap could be the beginning of the process. See, the glass is half full.
Susan Turner
Public school fail... glaciers flow toward the ocean and calve all the freakin time.Your climate change teachers just leave out half the truth ,it keeps u just smart enough to be usefull and willing to do anything.
Emre Kanlı
winter is going.
Mike D
Fact, not a single piece of ice ever melted on earth until humans came along.
Humans: wo0o0ow
Nature: I hope u die with natural disastrous
Nizo Dizo
Is this Global warming or just what happens?
Talking with the world
we gotta take better care of this planet it starts with all of us
Chris Barnes
Hopefully I'm not the first to mention that these aren't ice sheets melting but glaciers calving. Increased glacial melt due to global warming is a reality.
Peter Gruhn
"Glaciers calving".
This is not something your cheer or celebrate. You fear it, and hope it motivates you to help stop global warming.
What is the probability that a calving event large enough to capsize the boat will break off? It has to be larger than zero, and this end-of-Earth-as-we-know-it cruise tourism stuff is, necessarily, kind of new, so I'm wondering when the first boat capsizes and then re-rights itself (presumably these boats are that type), sending several of the occupants into hyperthermia and heart attacks.
Sam Luciano
global warming is what happened when 2 trillion tons of ice broke off from Antarctica what's on this video is normal glacial shedding.
Travis Memolo
All those people in the first video must of been freezing cold after that.
Happens all the time. It's a natural occurance. People were dumb to stand that close
Mother nature is screaming at us HELP ME !!
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