Bear on the Bikepark // SLOW MOTION // Malino Brdo SLOVAKIA

Top Bike Park on the SLOVAKIA

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BEARS; the sharks of the forest.
Terry 1973
Forest Dolphin,
Dead Prepper
This is why in my country we have guns
Dalibor Hudák
Já bych se posral
Allen KV Vidz
My biggest fear when I bike
Read comments below to see why these people will never make a living from comedy......
Tenchi Star
Bear Hug! Annie Ultimate Fail
retards and you stop so dumb
SamGame king
ja presne bývam v Ružomberku a stále chodím na malino brdo a žiadny medved tam neni.
These are just Czechs in Slovakia.
Chris m
Probably just wanted to sniff their spandex to find out sex they identify as, he? She? Or undetermined?
R Multer
hay how about your bike path runs through the bears hunting ground..
Melvin Thomas
mate 10M views, ste na tom aj nieco cashli?
m o n o n o k e
Brother bear gone rampant.
ZhongKhee Lam
3K bears disliked this video
Marciel Industries
Lol that's crazy, looks like a cool trail though.
Why the FUCK did the bikers stop in the trail instead of keeping on down the path?? You've got to be a f'n idiot.
Andrzej Tysiorowski
miał szczęście chłopaczek.
Marc Perez
Why did they stop? I would've been gone.
Predator Haze
за компанию решил пробежаться,а потом услышал эти вопли истерические,ой на фиг пойду ка я отсюда хд
bear was gonna head him off at the next pass, good thing he stopped
Milky LegendCZ
Nejvíc mě dojebává: ''Ty pičo, ty pičo, MEDVĚD!'' XDDD
Jack o
they need some bear mace or a sidearm, a good knife or something. if youre gonna go into a place that has bears that big, probably good to do so.
Andriej Grumyko
this bear was just running away form bikers in the same direction - that the whole fucking thing.
And Americans try to say Australia has dangerous animals...
Fuck that shit.
William Savary
Oh, come on!!! This video was just flat-out AWFUL!! And you're actually gonna do a slo-mo of it?
I got two words for you- Get a fucking life!!
Among other skills, like swimming and climbing trees (exception some species that get too big in maturity), bears are fast runners. I was not expecting them to run faster than a bicycle going downhill however.....
Winnie the pooh gone f*cking wild
Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this
Well, where the fuck did Big Foot go? It seems like the bear should be like 20 feet away at the end of the video.
Liinu S
Always stop in your tracks when a bear is next to you.
why the fuck did they stopped? I wouldn't stop and kept going!
Bear: "Hahahhaa bro its just a prank. There's the camera!"
Sam C
Holy shit, i thought it would just be click bait
Lucas Hamashia
Kenai cresceu e queria vingar a morte da mãe.
Rasstico Pavličko
no posral by som sa
abandoned new zealand
Woow that was awsum Mayne not for you but wow we don't have bears or anything like this is our country
Kája #animals
Kdo je tady od Valdy?!?
Pavel Bartik
prej ty pííčo
Maija N
This needs to be an X-Games event.
Marcell Mihályi
More like bike park in a bears home. these guys got nuts !
Vítek Ranš Ř
libový kámo.
o5 Clan
every 10th sub on my channel gets 20 subs
Yes, there are bears in Slovakia. Yes, they appear on film.
Monika Petrikova
The chase is on. Juj Chlapci davajte si pozor. Bear spray . )))
why can't my unstabilised videos get 10M views?
pinkfluffy unicorn
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