Bear on the Bikepark // SLOW MOTION // Malino Brdo SLOVAKIA

Top Bike Park on the SLOVAKIA

Kilena Milena
Ty píčo medvěd.
Always stop in your tracks when a bear is next to you.
why the fuck did they stopped? I wouldn't stop and kept going!
Bear: "Hahahhaa bro its just a prank. There's the camera!"
Sam C
Holy shit, i thought it would just be click bait
Lucas Hamashia
Kenai cresceu e queria vingar a morte da mãe.
Rasstico Pavličko
no posral by som sa
abandoned new zealand
Woow that was awsum Mayne not for you but wow we don't have bears or anything like this is our country
Kája #animals
Kdo je tady od Valdy?!?
Pavel Bartik
prej ty pííčo
This needs to be an X-Games event.
Marcell Mihályi
More like bike park in a bears home. these guys got nuts !
Vítek Ranš Ř
libový kámo.
o5 Clan
every 10th sub on my channel gets 20 subs
Stephanie Poison
Yes, there are bears in Slovakia. Yes, they appear on film.
Monika Petrikova
The chase is on. Juj Chlapci davajte si pozor. Bear spray . )))
why can't my unstabilised videos get 10M views?
Anna Manaberger
Колямбас Мебельщик
Filip Hudec
keby zastaví tak ho môže medveď zožrať debil
Dosratý bol riadne
Korben Dallas
WARNING: Lot of stupid Americans in comment section!
Fhratuu-_PvP YT
Si Fake
Dávid Wagner
10 000 000+ gratulujem! :D
1234 4321
y porque deja de grabar?
Matus Pinka
je tu aj njaký slovák??😃😃😃
furry peach
is this fake
Denis Krupachev
Xenonovy Let‘s playe
Barca OG-Times
The bear wants to take a ride with a bike
KlioDay PC
Что он ему кричал на 25 секунде?
Sofi Word
OMG měl štěstí
Der Kaktuszüchter
Ein gefährlicher Sport .
Maurizio Mozzo
Roman Minárik
WTF video zo Slovenska a pomaly 10mil zhliadnutí :D (y)
Dennis Hubbell
y que pensaron que encontrarian a la caperucita roja?😂😂😂😂
Particle Deaccelerator
Ty vado, ho měl málem k obědu. Doufám, že to nepoleze k nám, vlci už tady trhají jehňata!
James Pantoja
No one has died from a brown bear in Slovakia in over 100 years. That being said I probably would have been a little nervous. I wouldn't want to be the first one.
Vlk Saki
medveďku, daj labku
morris johnson
Sofi Tv
ty volee
eray boss 2007
Scott Burns
Why the fuck would these two idiots stop?
Bollywood Hotties
plz sub my channel..
Fantsa Gaming
Roman Beran
To bych teda nechtěl :D
DoubleM-K Gaming
Hehe, it seems like it was going to cut him off trough the woods..
Samuel Funket
it s not from slovakia b from cz repablick.
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