M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

mrs clausm&s christmas TV adMrs Claus TV advertMrs Claus M&S#LOVEMRSCLAUSM&S 2016 Christmas TV advertmarks and spencer Christmas admarks and spencer xmas TV adM&S xmas adJake and Anna

Meet Mrs Claus - the new Christmas icon is here. Marks and Spencer launches the Christmas 2016 TV Advert campaign with a modern twist on the much-loved character Mrs Claus.

Discover more about her magical, festive journey at: http://www.marksandspencer.com/c/christmas/christmas-tv-advert?extid=SM_yt_wow_p_christmastvc180sec2016_tvc

A commercial directed by Tom Hooper.

Click here to download the M&S Christmas ad track ‘With Love’ by Rachel Portman
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ната віза
Merry Christmas
David Flynn
Such good add
Jared Davis
Moral of the story, if you really want to get what you want for Christmas - write to Mrs. Clause. She’s the one who gets stuff done!
crazy kids crazy
So sad i cried ☺
"You might not think I like my sister, but I do. I love her a lot." COOL I LOVE TEARS
Lovely cosy Christmas ad 😊 soo much better than Jhon Lewis !
xo.vvviiiccckkksss xo
It's so funny that if you pause at 2:41 you can see that Mrs Claus is reading fifty shades of red like wow😂😂
Dawn Brook
Best in my opinion
John Whelan
Why The Dog Is Barking At 1:47!? Please!? Just Why!?
Raja Ali
Mittens Meow
This is the first good M&S Christmas advert. I love it I can't stop watching it
EnglishMans Airsoft
Those shoes ain’t even gucci
EnglishMans Airsoft
To mrs clause

my sister has got her first period, can you give her a fucking tampon.
Claire Anam
That’s a lovely advert!!
Tatti Daisy
Sooooo good
Michelle Morgan-Leslie
Can’t believe I’m tearing up! Nice one #M&S2016
irfan ali
irfan ali
Doctor A
who's sending santa bills
Awww this is so sweet💗☺️
Daniel Gould
Cute :) Fifty Shades of Red lol
Magical Christmas
well dam this is mrs clause the savage
Xavier Gus
Wow, this actually made me tear up with joy. This is excellent.
So how is this so emotional to people, he gave her shoes, nice.
I’m not gonna lie these people should deserve an Oscar

Like if you agree !!!
Sabeer V

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ben healy
Nice try M&S, But you can't beat Coca-Cola!
i was looking for asd
I wonder is Mrs Claus is going to come back for an encore. Hmmmmm ...
stacie t
Gonna be hard to top this m&s love it 🎅🏻❤️
Fishisis123 lol
0:8 soo thats how santa got soo fat
100,000 Subscribers With No Videos
This was the worst advert there was shame it was done
daddycassie21gaming ,
I beat that kids ass
Sparklemegirls 101
Now I really miss m&s being in the Uk 😭
Emily Hirst
Anna is a great actor❤️
Laura Young
LOVE this!!!
M. Ikram Kenway
nice advertisement M & S. looking forward this year's video
Paul Williams
mrs clause is as fit as fuck shag the arse off her
Kholik Riyandi
Saba Amir
A Pagan!!
"Don't forget Australia....easily done...!"

Yeah right! Santa noshes all our mince pies, slams our beers and birds on Bondi beach before sun-up. An honorary Aussie if ever there was one!
If this is the future of advertising for christmas - I'm looking forward to having kids haha
Ismail Zain
CallMe Xtreecalo
when there was a Australian​ santa and fuck santa he not real
Maggie Hall
I thought it was amazing - it made me cry! (yes, I'm a Sap)
I love this advert I cry every time way better then the John Lewis advert
marwah ibrahim
wow this is awesome 💛 💚 💙, best advert ever, plus ➕ this idea 💡 can be transferre to make a perfect movies 🎥 😍
Paul Williams
she's so hot I want to fuck her
first name last name
i miss the holidays
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