Girls Never Forget | Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis & Hannah Stocking

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Anwar Jibawi
Thanks for watching! New videos every Wednesday!
Danielle Lusop
Her voice😍
Karina Fierros
Kayla Johnson
Never mess with time😏😶😐😑😒😂
Jas Hill2006
I watched that episode of friends with the chairs
Floyd Mayweather
Double standards
Xperienced GAM3R
In this video Inanna saris looks like danielle bregoli
Heyy Boii
I'm a girl and I forget stuff especially math problems 😂😂
Child of the Heavenly Father
So funny, so sad, so true. May I borrow that time machine?
maria Hussain
Jackson Burns
Cash me outside girl???
Tanisha Ahmed
I think Anwar Jibwai and Inanna Sarkis are girlfriend and boyfriend because I totally ship them two
Damn, her voice cracked the whole video.... 😬
Shabeer Ahmed
I'm so pissed of by watching at the end it's not fair for anwar
hugo greg
Her voice is even more better like this.
SquishyUnicorn YAS
is inanna sick lol
Arfa alim
Iam so pitty on boys!😣
poppy flowers420
i m never gonna gooogle inna sarkiz. . bcoz she is so mean .
Laura Smith
I love them together ❤️😍
Ashwin Saga
the fuck you looking at?
i felt bad for hannah at the end
Vivian Okeke
She has lost her voice.. 😁 😁
damn, anwar is winning if he dating inanna fo real, she super hot
Zyzy Breland
At 0:01 it showed a cars license plate
The adventures of Marc
See her voice is bad beacase they screen in all her videos
It'sJustAlaysia People
Anwar:I don't want cereal
Inanna:I don't give a crap go ask her to make it
Me:cracking up😂😂😂
Trina nguyen
She never stops talking
Adrian Russell
this is funny
Hamza Boy
Prank Wale Babu
Imy Sarz
I love inannas voice 😂 it sounds like juanpas voice which is a good thing cuz it's so cute omg 😍😳❤️😘
Vita Diversa
i loveeeeeeee ittttttt i love anwar
J vids
Cereal with water wtf
Wraths Coffee
There was a condom ad on this
Katie Walters
I love her voice with a cold
Cray Cray Gaming
Inanna sounds like the female version of Juanpa
Tevita Lufe
This is so me and my wife lol
ching opina
deym anwar and innana is perpect match!
amirah miller
Ari C
She sounds sick
Victoria Girl
I like her voice
Oh shit Inanna's ragged voice is so bad my mind is so fucked
Manahil Zahra
Wat is in hannah's hair ?
Guys stay away from those kind of girls
fiery kitten
Lol she's gotta cold
Corinna Lopez
they were watching friends
Aisuluu Akylbekova see you
Inanna you are really beautiful aaaw
Rehan Khan
The time travel was the best part
Prabat Rana MGR
At the time, when she hit on his head. OMG! Im literally dead laughing.
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