Girls Never Forget | Anwar Jibawi, Inanna Sarkis & Hannah Stocking

girls never forgetanwarjibawiinannasarkishannahstockinggirlsneverforgetepic mangreatest fighterdance with mebest friends foreversurprise!next top modelCompetitive Relationships | Hannah StockingMarshmelloKing Bach & Anwar Jibawi| Anwar JibawihannahstockingleleponsrudymancusoinannasarkisUCxSz6JVYmzVhtkraHWZC7HQUCUo7T81zvCqpPhfsPb_kajAUCi9cDo6239RAzPpBZO9y5SAUC5jkXpfnBhlDjqh0ir5FsIQUCEr55381WIqO1w_IzgcI5DQ



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Anwar Jibawi
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Ay A
what's wrong with inannas voice
Daniella Mae De Guzman
I never forget when my crush bullied me.
Warren Walker
Thomas Owusu-Abayie
Ok, well I hope this isn't how my girl is, she's over jealous and I'm charming as fuck.
Diana M.Moghaddam
It feels like everyone wants to sound like juanpa
Robina Bi
awesome video
Nashwan - Clash Royale
Girls are exactly like this lol 😂
mery Ahmed
great video :) anyone knows the soundtrack at 2:12 ? :)
Valeria Soto Arreola
MarTazia Steele
whiy wod you mak a video like theat
Samantha Gil
is she sick
Ma Jaan
Hahaha love it!!!!!
Guys, are Inanna and Anwar dating? I have heard they are but I want to hear from the fans.
Yara Adel Fayek
Inanna sounded like Hana Giraldo
LaMASIA 5611
Whats the name of your glasses?
Alorany Whitfield
I think Innana might be sick
Connie Milligan
Yousra Ramadan
why does he have really good music at the end and also all hes friends !!
Meif'wa Girl Anime
ᴏᴍɢ ʜᴀɴɴᴀʜ ɪs sᴏ ᴛᴀʟʟ
badri dab
i love inanna in this vid wow she look sexy
Katycat Lovatic Barbella
was inanna sick
Ying Sin
w t f hahahahaha
Susila Thapa
omg who react that way
Eli Bunny
Omg may 15 ur dislikes is 888
Bechir Mouelhi
i love her voice
Selena Nunez
so dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Linda Dianza
i think inana so tired
dylan middleton
Hello a war
Christy Vick
I hope you have day
JetSet Jinder
Who else likes before watching?!! haha
Funny make more
owen Barclay
Why does it look like that first girl has lice
The mystery Moon
Hannah has terrible dandruff 😂
Abiha I.
Are they Muslim?
anne Darney
Jibraane Hissaund
whats the song name at the end?
What was wrong with Inannas voice
Oka Ruto
Thanks for watching! New videos every Wednesday!
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alina rai
alina rai1 day ago
Anwar Jibawi is rfg
Reply 1
Milan pešić
Milan pešić21 hours ago
Jake Paul Love
ThereIsHope3 weeks ago
My first thought was "okay, Inanna was definitely at Coachella" Lol
Reply 903
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Nihad Mohammed
Nihad Mohammed3 weeks ago
Inanna Sounds like Juanpa in this ! :D ..
Reply 719
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J.wordii19 hours ago
Nihad Mohammed lol
Guys Dance
Guys Dance2 weeks ago
i swear this and " Daddy Mikey - Billie Jean " fave videos right now
Reply 580
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Vasilij Kukulovski
Vasilij Kukulovski2 weeks ago
Guys Dance
Reply 4
Vasilij Kukulovski
Vasilij Kukulovski2 weeks ago
Guys Dance
Reply 2
Jo ker
Jo ker3 weeks ago
What happened to Inanna's voice? anybody notice that?
Reply 490
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calculator123ful2 weeks ago
Jo ker ,
Reply 1
SlimeySquish5 days ago
Jo ker Coachella
Reply 1
LaToya Forever
LaToya Forever3 weeks ago
Fruity Pebbles on a paper plate with water. Delicious 😋
Reply 288
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Ainesey Jimenez
Ainesey Jimenez2 weeks ago
LaToya Forever ILY 💖💖
Reply 2
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster1 week ago
She_ Psychedelic
She_ Psychedelic3 weeks ago
What happened to inanna's voice? LOL
Reply 1292
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unicorn lover
unicorn lover2 weeks ago
Amanda Lam she sounds hot tho
Reply 9
Luciano Fiorenza
Luciano Fiorenza2 weeks ago
She_ Psychedelic its called Coachella
Reply 2
Jason Nash
Jason Nash3 weeks ago
great ending Anwar... super funny and well executed
Reply 230
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24hoursonline12 weeks ago
Jason Nash Jason heloooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Reply 1
jack howard
jack howard3 weeks ago
Damn inanna is beautiful and she is even more sexier when she's having a cold
Reply 144
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn3 weeks ago
jack howard she lost her voice at coachella
Reply 46
Mohamed Aamer
Mohamed Aamer3 weeks ago
this is damn hilarious hahaha
what's wrong with innana is she ok?
cuz she seems ill
Reply 126
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Cezz RBLX2 weeks ago
Mohamed Aamer she lost her voice
Reply 10
LEILANI2 weeks ago (edited)
Mohamed Aamer CHOAHELLA
Reply 7
tfmsswkqzp1 week ago
► ◄
Reply 122
Oskar Chamera
Oskar Chamera3 weeks ago
Coachella killed Inanna's voice 😭😂
Reply 2232
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Yander Animations
Yander Animations2 weeks ago
Oskar Chamera how?
Reeif Aamer
Reeif Aamer3 weeks ago
"The only girl on the street"
Forgets she is a girl
Reply 104
Suzi Simanjuntak
Suzi Simanjuntak3 weeks ago
Inanna is so beautiful 😊
Reply 37
Allure yellowing
Allure yellowing3 weeks ago
can't stop laughing😂😂
Reply 31
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn3 weeks ago
inanna is so beautiful😍😍😍😍😍
Reply 29
Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee3 weeks ago
Im watching this doing a shit on the toilet
Reply 18
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kaylz msp
kaylz msp3 weeks ago
Nanny McPhee lmao samee
realkingtoniii3 weeks ago
i love Inanna's voice❤ Like if you agree?
Reply 17
Laura B
Laura B3 weeks ago
Puase at 2:00 she looks like Danielle brgolli
Reply 12
Tan Guy 123
Tan Guy 1233 weeks ago
if you guys are wondering why her voice is off its because she cost her voice like 2 days ago she said on instagram
Reply 12
Harrys YouTube ToyClub
You guys are so fricken dum
daunte santiago
it would have been funny if he had wrote stuff on the white board and he found out she was on her period
She sounds like a latina house wife
Jonathan Alain Palella
1:50 JAJA!
Milan pešić
FlyingMango 23
Inanna looks different
Baba Yao
u are very funny guy I like u
Paradoxically, those are the jealous who always deceive...
Hermione Granger76
3:39 me when my sister is ignoring me....
Annabel Ceballo
Hassan AiA
دولة شكوبيستان العظمى اين انتم ..ههههههه
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