Alien Invasion! Creepy Alien Creature Nerf Battle! Extra Terrestrial Attacks Ethan and Cole!

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The aliens have come! Can Ethan and Cole protect the house with their toy Nerf guns? The creepy extra terrestrial has come to take over. The boys defend themselves with the Nerf Rampage and Nerf Stryfe. But the scary creature from outer space has come with the Nerf Ravager and the Nerf Incisor. It's going to be a all out intergalactic battle!

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When Toys Attack:

Nerf Guns


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Guys maybe you should make a vid where you guys vs each other but instead of the guns you use you use nerf snipers😎
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Titanic Tom Toy Reviews
"Home Alone with an Alien." Sounds like a plan.
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nice vid do more nerf guns vids do rival versus mega
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Hey guys it's Logan again and I can't wait to see your zombie nerf videos ....... What about a ghost nerf video ?? With a new ghost gun??
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