Draw My Life - Casey Neistat

drawings by the brilliant Kim Smith, check out her work here;

music by Jordan Galland (total genius)

Follow That Dream by Daniel Johnston (if you don't know his work you should!)

This film was made with the support of The Nantucket Project https://www.nantucketproject.com/


Harbers Studios http://www.harbersfoundation.org/

Chandler Mott
scary to think that real success can only be found on the brink of failure....i love your story...so inspiring
Elec Ted
If u disliked this video ur crazy
Eduardo Santos
Seeing you and your son makes me want to cry, my dream is to be a good dad and live a life with my child and although it seems like a million years away since I’m single lol, it’s the only thing that I strive for, every day I live for a person that doesn’t exist yet and I hope I can make him/her smile as much as I can
What was the song at the end?
Mighty Raccoon
Casey Neistat has nice tats and all but his coochy is probably ultra stinky.
sara g
Casey Neistat.....you are a true inspiration
I was born March 25
Mister Forlorn
Why does that song at the end sound like a bad MineCraft parody song?
Crook Crookero
You`re my biggest inspiration. Thank you.
Petar Cirkovic
You smoked weed
PandaKitty AJ
Mathew Stephen
tom sachs?
Buffy Summers
I wish every kid in the world could grow up with a dad like you
Ferdinand Schumacher
John Sahhar
I'm not crying, you're crying.
The Gaming Squid
U mean September 11
The Gaming Squid
I live in conetticut
Wafi Disini
you kept the every moment in your life
The Emarald Minecart TEM
This is kinda sad
Sean Brosnan
suck enspiring
Falcon LoverxxxXxx
Casey's mom:get out
When he's famous pls pls come back

(Joke comment)
Flora Guan
for what u cant stand being poorer now
Flora Guan
you aint loser your a major coward
Awesome pig
the end music sounds like a Minecraft parody song
I've never expected Tom Scott in this video. :D
Mr. Joefran
Weight you have over 1 million dollers
Hanun Nadia
this is hard to believe because you were born in March 25th and I was born in March 26th hahaha... 😁
Tomas Almeida
You are a good man bro!
Khalid Alseraihi
one of the best draw my life ever. it made me feel like i am in the book
Gabe Hampton
You're the American dream. 100%.
SkyMelon 2005
I’m a trouble maker too
Sameer Chakma
seriously!!! this gives me hope
inspirational! who watches in 2k17?
Daniel Van Bellinghen
cock sucker rapist plagerizer hacker!
bruno luigi galassi
Amazing story!!
Damn, ur childhood wasnt good..
CET Vlogs
I live in the middle of Connecticut
Daddy Cletus
I was born march 25 to
John Paul
I was born in march 25 th 2008 OMG
Nicoplaysguitar //Nico//
I can see the resemblance when he was a kid
Stacey Harris
I saw that seriously
Raul Mejia’s Vlogs
I know people hate when people promote your YouTube channel on another’s person well known YouTube but you do what you have to do to get noticed right? Because everyone starts somewhere short story short I got inspired to make videos and I make daily vlogs and I know I am not the best but I really try and enjoy it!!
First video I've watched of yours so in depth and I loved you from start to finish! Definitely subbed.
TheLateFidget Gamer
This made me cry, this is so inspirational
The drawing is weird
New Triple crown one
So it spells neimac
Rotari Marcus
I don't know if anyone will ever see this but, but I'm a filmmaker striving to brush up my filming and editing skills so feedback is appreciated. Im excited! <3
Khalid sayyed
Your just great
Khalid sayyed
Casey I actually can't tell you my that how im feeling like now...... you know that vloggers which are rich ass from borned.....theydont need to do anything but just being a cash spender....... but casey you actually have inspired me from your such a life that starting with a small thing and turn them to a big one .... man you turn 100 into 1000000000000000 your just amazing therefore I like your channel so much ...... plz reply casey and dont forget im your huge fan from india
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