Draw My Life - Casey Neistat

drawings by the brilliant Kim Smith, check out her work here;

music by Jordan Galland (total genius)

Follow That Dream by Daniel Johnston (if you don't know his work you should!)

This film was made with the support of The Nantucket Project https://www.nantucketproject.com/


Harbers Studios http://www.harbersfoundation.org/

Aina Chawla
Real inspiration
OMG I have the same birthday
Karl Granstrรถm
I was born 21/8
Anthony Truman
This is really inspiring I am glad I came back to it. Makes me think what are my excuses I could have a kid already and be out on my own. Makes me put things in perspective and get super grateful for it all. Thank you for sharing your story Casey it inspires me to embrace my story and share it, and live my passion.
luciana louise
just a new sub, from the island of philippines, you are a good storyteller, so inspiring :)
XBoyaDoesGT And More!!
Casey's life makes me emotional because he went through a lot of hard things and now he became successful
David Marin
First YouTube video to make me cry. Thanks for the inspiration. I've tried suicide and it's always been sort of on the back of my mind, but the last 2 years have felt very different. Thanks, Casey. This video has made a difference.
Fuck you're b day is next to my brothers b day
Brianna Copeland
7:23 was that when 911 happened??? I'm from Queens new York but I wasn't born until 2005 my mom was on the bus to work and she saw the twin towers on fire and my dad was at work
I love the sleight at Welfare lol I feel the same way
Israel Levi
I know that story of the 2 plains that crashed on a building
Selenacat26 Tapasco
9/11 was scarey but I wasent even born yet lol
He is in a position now, where millions of people want to be.. but for that.. they have to struggle for years.. i really got emotional when his mother said him to get out of her home and when he said his wife left him even though they had a baby..and not having a home and parents is the worst feeling for me..CASEY.. u really really did a lot of hard work.. seriously.. HATS OFF to u.. and whatever property/money u have right now.. u totally deserve it.. u deserve even more actually. huge respect for u..ur my inspiration to edit videos now ;-) .. after watching this video, I'll try to learn how to edit videos too. ;-)

ur youtube viewer-Muhammad :-) :-P

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Alicia Chavez
My birthday was the 6 of March of 2008 makes me 9
Pixell Vlog
casey i deserve all of this.
I will be like u someday and u will know me.
Maria Calhoun
This should really be an inspirational movie/book!!
Param Aggarwal
This is a gem.
ourshare josequiel ledesma
you were born a day after me
Milkymoles on Makeup & Life
This has moved me so much. I feel inspired to change my life for the first time in years. I've been sick, both mentally and physically and had given up. I feel inspired to fight again. I'm going to make myself a better person. Thank you for being awesome Casey
Patricia Neverio
casey:we where really poor
10yrs later
21,000 first class airplane seat
mamo esmat
Dude i started watching your videos like 2 weeks ago and i did not really get you at first but then i started relating more and more to how you think
And now i just watched your story and i feel i do not know this weird feeling i can not describe it
Casey you started enjoying life so early man with all the ups and downs but you are living and i am not talking being rich or financially sane, what i am trying to say is you are a living example to so many people or at least that is what i think
Every time i watch you're videos i feel motivated to change and do some thing with my life, to enjoy life and be free
I love you man, keep up with your life and god bless
Absolutely amazing to watch ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ I can't believe I've only just discovered Casey in the last week but my god what a talent!
nice stand by me instrumental
Tech Life
To propel from that is .....
Ben Brearley
brilliant, brought a tear to my eye, really happy for you
wow I never knew new casey's story
Ethan Harriduth
This draw my life is so inspring
Antonio Tijerina
Am crying
Hugh Janus
"We literally said yes to anything that involved picking up a camera"


Mourmour Man
Incredible story
Khris Bossness
why didn't he mention how he met candice?
Sushant Gangoli
you inspire me give me hope and will to see the beautiful side of life and keep moving on and loving what you do...love your work brother brings me peace and happiness thanks God speed
Erica Gonzales
You can clearly see that he is very good at drawing
stop motion animation made by Jermaine Jones
that video was really nice good work casey
stop motion animation made by Jermaine Jones
this video is really nice good work casey
Facts 100
casey neistat invented vlogging.
iThink Tv
I thought you were still with candace??
Incredible video, real respect ๐Ÿ•ถ๐Ÿ•ถ๐Ÿ•ถ
Expired Milk
If you're born poor, it's not your fault. If you die poor, its your fault.
The first vid I saw of yours was the 20,000 plane ticket video when I saw that I thought you were just another arrogant rich guy. But as I started to watch more vids (especially this one), I instead saw a nice guy who overcame multiple obstacles.
Bennie HD
Pretty much every draw my life the people have divorced parents.. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm just saying
now youtube Sucks no more big money
Anonymous 5
Casey my dad's nickname is Tom Sax. You think you know him?
Pablo Lopez
Anyone know what the last song is called??
Gabz- Alot
Wow I never knew u were a teen dad
One word, inspirational, Period.
Daniel Johnston!!
red #
my dad was born 1980
Paul Atkinson
Dude in the school play video you put on you looked edsacaly the same
Ulfa Rosalina
I cried
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