Rangegt Gamers
headphone !
Melissa Ramirez
I honestly hate how everyone thinks this is his song. Like it's not. He was just featured.
The way Justin Bieber says " Despacito " i'm fucking died
They mean ft Justin bribed..
Tony Pierrez
me. gústa. dovle laí
Jamella Neiden Burbano Tolentino
you don't know how to video
fk thaht its not justin bieber song fk noob
Dab Asaur
Damn this music quality tho sounds like something straight outta pewdiepie
Ràndom msp
The cringe in the headphones wow that hurt. like if agree
Guillermina Ramirez
that concert looked lit I wish I was there
Adroz 1305
ahh the sound is horrible WTF
swankstablook xx
Bruh I love this lip syncing talent of his whenever he has to sing Despacito 😂
Jason Harris
Boi bad quality you record on a Patato
Thanks Justin a good song ruined
CJ Medina
Ay Luis Fonsi papasito!! Tan sexy que te ves,, and Justin Bieber, sexy little white boy too lol
se ve que el guero desabrido no le gusta la fama de despacito
deborah skyrim
hahahhahahaha !!!!!!! I like it
estragou a musica esse bieber
Binesh Rai
my hear hurt
so he is getting royalties when he is clearly unable to sing but when it comes to Fonsi's part, he cuts the song...... :S disappointing. go Fonsi!!!!
Liza Tanuoss
4:15 Bruh, Fonsi
Aby Cine
good song I love it
Péter Del Medico
despacito ear rape
Micas Djernæs
Andre Chaiyandi
that bass tho
Meika Pennicooke
that camera man tho.....
Alejandra Hernandez
i was waiting for daddy yankee to sing lol like if u agree
Itz STeven
So many trigger noises
This is not Justin song
Axel Martinez
am i the only Mexican that enjoys this? most people are latinos!
The audio is nice and crispy
Arisleymartinezgamer 745
I'm cuban
Arisleymartinezgamer 745
Pasito pasito des pasitoim a boy
Was he... was he even singing the chorus here lmAO it just looks like he's chewing his gum
I dont know the words so i say dorito
I hate donald trump just like a cheeto
Help me lord i need a burritoooo
Peyton Daniels
I love it
bigg bond
Crowd sing with Luis, not Justin... Justin just ruin this song with his english.
Juan Trujillo
justin bieber hijo e puta
Edwin Goitia
I said it Leah Lia but people are saying it because they saw u sleeping with someone
Edwin Goitia
Edwin Goitia
Why are u gay Justin Bieber
D&M Squad
I wish he kept his old hair cut
A!mY BhAtT
what despacito mean?
Sailor Kat Roblox
нє ѕυ¢кѕ..ѕσяяу вυт ιѕ мє σριиισи
Emmi & Zakk
Who else thinks this is Justin Biebers best song yet
Destiny Michele
is it me or does it look like he's lip singing
i can't hear shit because of this fucking bumping in the mic.
Marjorie Cordon
If Luis Fonsi ft Justin is Luis Fonsi song not Justin's
Manraj Saini
went to his concert few months back
he doesn't even fucking sing shit besides the acoustic songs that he does
incredibly shitty to just hear backing track the whole time and nothing else
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