Lumberjack (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

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New Tutorial: "Grim Matchstick (Cuphead Boss) – Polymer Clay Tutorial" --~--
Hey guys, welcome to this polymer clay tutorial of the legendary card THE LUMBERJACK from Clash Royale!!

As it was the winner of the last Clash Royale poll, I was looking forward to create this character out of clay. Hope you like it :)


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Justyn Carrera
you are amazing keep it up your my biggest insipiration
KC Death
I think wjen a tree falls on your head youll always dead
clash gamer 57
log plz
BearGaming868 c.
I have lumber jack on arean 4 or 5
SeWeRyN Zd
SeWeRyN Zd
Hugo Sjöqvist
Do rocket or elixer coleckter
Fire Gaming
Fire Gaming
2:45 giant
Javier Chavero
I got the lava hound in a crow cast and the ice wizard in a super magical chest
Adam Stirrat
Renata Piklová
Please princes
#Lit Gamer
Ankur Seth
Happy Holidays
кноль вадим
FUSION Oficial
He drinking rage
i think lumberjack is an russian.. u know why? whell.. he have same traditional russian cap and tre russians drink alcohol and lumberjack drinks rage witch is simmilar as alcohol
молодец переводи все видео и делай ещё из пластелина. идей делай сундуки
Luka Srdic
Inferno tower
Syabil Fitri
Wow .. You not make any wrong
ishhan gupta
Make prince please
Sean Reilly
He does wear thouse shoes
Can you make the log please
Can You add to description link to this liquid You used?
Duaghy Luaghy
I think the lumberjack is holding a elixir bottle
Anoni m
Hog rider plsss
Diego Parra-Urbina
Can you please make a Lavahawnd
Diego Parra-Urbina
I have a Lumberjack
Alexander Atanasov
The Best
Dániel Szerencsi
I have the LUMBERJACK it's areally good card!!
Rube Ilsen
Inferno dragon
Cool exotic butters Mlg
This is my favourite video i will watch it everyday
Cool exotic butters Mlg
Good lumberjack I want it
Caitlin La
Lol I’m in arena 7 and I have the two worst legendaries in the game
Spectro Spectacular
He wears slippers lol
Franco Fernandez
Plis make ice wuizard❄❄
K Cabrera
I live just for you Simon
Please create the ice wizard
Taylor Harvey
How did you get that skin color for the lumberjack?
Jacek Orzel
Electro wizard
Screw Alfonso Medina he sucks
He is drinking Elixer
veronica garcia
Why do you make tutorials?
Fatima Rizwan
What areana are you
Nikolas Pleyer
Im Arena 5 And I Have 2 Legendraries Ice Wizzard And Graveyard
Modeling ME pls dude
Gabriela Platon
Lava hound
Gabriela Platon
Lava hound
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