siew moi wong
Jake my name is Jing Ai on your new house can you prank Ivan and tessa at a room lock it and they have too work together to get out and but anthony and chance have too wear the team 10 black hoodie and all the other team 10 members will go outside we do it on the morning and jake will put a camera inside the room so how their are doing!!
Savannah Linkswiler
I did very thang
Teri Allan
I hit notafcaton
Guillermo Ruelas
carlos villazana
This was my birthday
MoonBeamYT Playz
I want to be like you when I grow up
MoonBeamYT Playz
My dream is meeting you Jake one day
MoonBeamYT Playz
I wish I was on team 10 it is my dream
MoonBeamYT Playz
I turn on the post notifications button
Sashko Alishqhov
Am I the only one who still dont know who is this girl
rama albadri
Done before 3 months
doggy kong
Shout me out plz
I love send Merch 123 nocturnal drive San Antonio Texas
Sara Wolke
Ryan Ward
how long did that tack
josslynn everett
I am done pls pick me on your 2017 october Tuesday the 17th
Tabby Brown
The team 10 rocks
GavinTube Gameing
Done ✅
toys,challenges and pranks
Jake do a musically reaction
Jazmin Montano
Done I did it
Robbie Ryan
I put notifications on and subscribed
Daniel Voskresenskiy
I love you and my wish is to be with you😇
belle bullard
I teared notifications on
Jennifer Summerville
Lily Ochoa
I love the team 10
Lily Ochoa
Summer Becker
Ana Rodriguez
Don i turnd on my notafakashins and subscribd
harley quinn
zi&zeke Amador
Heather Goodall
Cheyenne Rodriguez
Omg cheyenne is my name but maybe it was a different person
Samuel Escobedo
I subscribe
Mary Gorbey
i love your videos so much i was subscribed but i diss subscribed because your vids are better
Kaleb Smith
Your First video made me be a jake Pauler
Angle Velez
I subscribed I am a big fan from lorain
Chloe's Bakery
Jaclyn Fisher
cotterquad funtime
i agree katheryne becerra DONE!!!
Esevan Barreno
Who likes the borbre brother and twins
Nate Chelsie
renee martinez
Every day bro
Jill Smith
Musically Glaiza
Notifications on 👆🏻👇🏻
Sebastian Garcia
You suck
Emma Abbruzzese
Kiki Bee
I love you and I love Erica too
Farzana Moosa
I put my notifications on
Thandeka Mlambo
I wish you were my bother
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