Johan SD
Oscar winner !!!
Troels Lychau
1:39 fine tits
Michael Ori
OMMMMGGGG!!!!!! I love him so much! Congrats boo!
Tehillah Ndhlovu
My heart just melted
Abi Alston
I love him so much
Iarisa Sosing
What the........ Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield at 0:24
amy clarke
he deservwes it a bit
Rex Pika
Marcelo Noah
Paul D
Best speech of the night by far.
He is just getting warmed up for his Academy Awards acceptance speech.
Albert Camus
I love ryan gosling From Turkey- Istanbul
Dennis Sjöstrand
A real human bean.
Tomasz Wasiak
What a dude.
Will Turner
Give a fuckin laugh people
farisha suhaimi
now that's for everyone who hates eva mendes and thinks that she's "trapped" ryan with two children. she's the real mvp. ryan is a lucky man.
M. H.
Now that is a speech. Amazing. Hope he wins an Oscar just so I could hear him say another one.
La Verga Humana
Amy Schummer is just fucking disgusting
I heard some people thought his speech was sexist so I came to check it out because I don't watch the Golden Globes but I love Ryan. Okay people, just because she stayed home with the kids while he went to work does NOT mean he's sexist. It was undoubtedly a decision they made together, a sacrifice she chose, and what he is doing here is THANKING her for it. You know what's sexist? Expecting women to do that no matter what. Putting them in a box and expecting them to fill a certain role. If Ryan was sexist, he would have just expected her to stay home while he worked. He wouldn't be thanking her and giving her the credit she deserves...but he did.
I honestly don't know who the heck called this speech sexist. I looked through the comments on here and couldn't see a single one before the "More" button, I just wanted to get a handle on what I'd heard and give me 2 cents: beautiful speech, wonderful human being...loved it.
New Bob
0:24 and it all begins
New Bob
Both Canadians both Ryan what more can we ask for
And oh hey, 0:24... Is that Andrew Garfield making out with Ryan Reynolds... Yup, yup that's what I thought
Yellow Submarine
OMG this is so cute
Nia Pettyfer
0:24 Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield's kiss. 😂😂😂
Naman Jawaid
a genuine speech finally. none of that bs from streep
Simply Me
So beautiful -- that's right thank your woman
I dont understand, why so people think his speech is sexist?
Kimi Girl
i'm a girl and not offended by this :0
Jamie Blueper
Hey guys blueper here. Meryl mocking my Trumpppp. I love trummmpppp. Check out my reaction to merrys speech. Hope to make u all smile byyyeeeee
Compare this with the piece of shit Casey Affleck speech. Gosling's all class.
juli peters
i need to see a movie with ryan gosling and ryan reynolds in it
Chavely Martínez
What a beautiful speech 😊
soufiane samir
wher i can watch this full
Heather Daniels
Oh my goodness. Thank you for being a real man. Go Canada!
Koen de Jong
bid guilty emotion send everyone one.
Jack Edwards
So let me get this straight. Instead of helping his pregnant wife take care of their young daughter and her sick brother this guy was tap dancing his way to a golden globe? People are praising the guy for simply saying 'thanks'. That is the bare fucking minimum he could do! If people think that makes him a 'great man' that is depressing.
Next step for Gosling is to marry Eva Mendes. If she's so great like you said in your speech, u should marry her. Are you afraid of alimony, Ryan?
This was one of the gayest Golden Globes ever. Lotsa male bonding and one kiss.
Kuties Korner
Loved La La Land , keep watching it over and over! Ryan , Emma and John Legend were outstanding. Wow! ♥♥♥
Class act.
Kelly Skinner
This isn't the first time I've bin mistaken for Ryan Reynolds I nearly died
i vomited twice till the end.
ale andrade
will I ever get my own Ryan Gosling!?
Marlon Moller
Commit note assemble gas slow dining flash trip.
Holy macarenas boobs man 01:40 a lost concentration after that image jaja
I hate this generation of pc and pussy feminists always crying around complaining about celebrities and other pointless bullshit. Let the man talk you cunts
Stephanie G
Andrew Carroll
Shit movie that no one will give a shit about in a year or two. Even liking it now makes it clear you're a small minded idiot. Mancheter By The Sea that's a movie.
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