$8 Salmon Vs. $56 Salmon

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It’s not truffle, it’s chanterelle.


Time To Testify, Bord De Marne, Sexy Soul, Fish In The Sea, Whiskey In The Well, Take 6, The Swan, Genesis, Waltz No 15 Op 39 In A Flat, Check It, Monkey Funk, Daffodils
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Wesley Hood
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Steve Allen

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i really like worth it but i cant sub because buzzfeed is like cancer.
Kristi Ambrose
How about:

Crab Cakes
Gyros - Lamb, not that other crap lol
Mac and Cheese
Burritos (I can't remember if you did this)
Bobby Seinfeld
Was the last place closed until a certain time?
Liam Merrigan
do french fries
Elora Choudhury
right when the cello came=)
pal ifti
Adam ❤️❤️❤️
Something Girl
When he said he was from Louisiana I was like YEEEEEEEAH BOOOOOY YOU FROM MY HOME TOWN AAAAAAAYYYYY
Asuna Yuuki
You know you're short when a fish is taller than you. 😂
Robert Bautista
Camera man mvp
Sailor Universe
could you guys do pie plsss?!? :3
Randolf Rafaol
*cmon guys, play it safe. just reply*
Orange Juice
Nobody gives enough credit to the person who draws the pictures of the foods on the $ vs. $$ vs. $$$ slides
Tm Martishius
Why is Rashad Evans selling Salmon?
Joe Newton
$50 hooker vs $500 hooker lol
Caleb Daniel
seeing salmon fried makes my heart hurt
Dan delion
Best video I love Seattle and Seattle fish mm I need to go to Seattle and eat fish
Ty Maloney
mac and cheese?
vegan food?
Steven! Seriously, you have such a wonderful cheery demeanor. You are awesome😊. You Andrew and Adam are great as a team too. Thanks for these Worth It videos!
Draco Frost Dragon
I could sell my salmon for $30
kerodfresenbet gebremedhin
These guys seem to be genuinely good guys, I might be wrong tho!
Birthday Cookeh
Girly shadow -Gaming & More!
They litterly tell us their recipes...EVERYONE GO MAKE SALMON
MR Toxic
if you want good fish you should come to sweden
Naomi Vaisman
Andrew was so mean to Adam when he gave him a bite and the said get out of here
Vivivbv360gamer Gamer
I like how at emerald city fish and chips he says "we" but it is only him 😂😂😂
Thadyn Du Pont
I've been going to Seattle every year of my life and I've only heard of Ivar's!! I know where I'm going on my next visit
Diah Larasati
didn't know salmons are huge
Sammy Gaming
more esp please i just watch old stuff again and again :(
these guys have the best job ever
huong kim
$ sandwich vs $$$ sandwich !!!!
Ko hilda
Do Ice Cream
Watermelon the lion
"Did your mom ever waked you up like that??"
Karen Conlan
I've been to Seattle ~~~
The comment _27
I have been to emerald city fish and chips. It tastes AWESOME
Mario Rodriguez
Ive been to that tunnel
Mario Rodriguez
I live in seattle
The BroSis Channel
I'm so hungry :(
Shannen T.
I love Andrew's smile @9:00 like he looks like he just got the toy he has always wanted.
Eli Murphy
Tbh hope I grow up to look like Andrew
XX Angelcraft Xx
Am I the only one that thinks that the camera guy is cute af?!😍
Jordan West
McDonald's serve me a beer
blue mirror
I will never eat if the cooker is black
sorry I can't trust them
JJ Johnstone
when they get excited by seeing a falcon or by a pretty tree I always think they should come here to Scotland - their minds would be blown :D
I'm so hungry!!😩😩

Why do I whatch these videos
They should normal Laksa vs EXPENSIVE LAKSA(btw I love Laksa sm❤️)
elijah lopez
You guys should try the scallops served on the Queen Mary in California, DIVINE!!
Adam is so precious... It gives me life!
Pauline Lee
Andrew.... equals awesomeness
Rylee S
I fish all the time catch kings and I can make it as good as that FOR FREE. and I live about 30 miles from Seattle
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