$8 Salmon Vs. $56 Salmon

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It’s not truffle, it’s chanterelle.


Time To Testify, Bord De Marne, Sexy Soul, Fish In The Sea, Whiskey In The Well, Take 6, The Swan, Genesis, Waltz No 15 Op 39 In A Flat, Check It, Monkey Funk, Daffodils
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Wesley Hood
James Somerville
Steve Allen

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Emerald Splash
"Teach a man to fish, yada yada yada, free salmon."
What? XD
mmcjm c
adam is so cute !!
Samantha Wampole
Never mind he said next year but PLEASE show me that pic if even does post 1... thx!!!
Samantha Wampole
Even though it's 2017 Steven better have followed through with that "I'm dressing up like a salmon this year" if he did please show me!!!
Katniss the divergent shadowhunter
ah mushroom joe, how you bless us with your powers of mushiness
James Somerville looks like C.K. Louis
Khai Ghee Er
Did they know that the salmon was actually'colored'?!The original color of the salmon should be grey.....
Rita Hong
Andrew is so cute omfg
Kendric Lee
If you want to eat salmon go to British Columbia Canada
Kenpachi Ramasama
Take Salmon , add some truffles and some gold Boom 1000$ quality dish there
Scemo chi Legge
The best is raw salmon!!
My wife and I made the decision to visit Seattle so we can taste emerald city fish and chips. I live on the east coast. I know it will be worth it 😭😩
Alex Cummings
It is strange to me seeing salmon battered and fried.
kevin pan
do a cheap and expensive hot pot
Fun Mah
Is just me or did Kyle look a small bit like Chris Pratt
I get why my gay friends make fun of me for being stiff or stuck-up. This video was a perfect example. But a great video by the way
Do popcorn
lulu wolfie
They should've done coffee ;(
Dori Lee
I like how Adam just smiles awkwardly every time he eats something.
Don't Be Toxic
I'm surprised that you didn't have the most expensive one be at the top of the space needle. I've never eaten there cause the space needle sucks but it is pretty damn expensive.
Itzel Negrete
I'm not a big fan of seafood and I have never tried salmon, but God that looks delicious
YoYo MamaLama
THIS ISN'T FRESH FISH!!!! It smells all fishy
YoYo MamaLama
Rlly "wut the fish " you're a bass hole
Ryan Mooney
do coffee
The Green Ninja
Steven have gotten enougth to drink
The Green Ninja
I love How they only bought 1 dish Because its to expensive
I love raw fresh Salmon the best
karen edmondson
There's always truffle
Em Cameron
The cheapest one always looks the most appealing to me.
LEGO Sachi
Honesty I wanted to have the fried leaks "for fun 🐟🌿💧
LEGO Sachi
LEGO Sachi
3:25 GOING UP!!!
EnderGamer Girl
Adam Is So Cute 😄😆🤣
isaac long
The only Worth it where the expensive dish isn't absolutely insanely priced
Little Dragon
why am I watching people eat salmon my favorite fish to eat where here me is hungry because I have an illness that makes me not be able to eat food now this video is gonna make me starve to death but I'm enjoying the video
you should go to maine and do lobster
do a pho episode!!!!
Marirose Pimentel
i always get hungry whenever i watch these kind of videos..
When u don't even like fish, but u came for these 3
Butterbee McButtery
Ima season mash fish
In Alaska the salmon here is SOOOO GOOOOOOOD
Band Steel
Omg they played the swan! We played that this year in band
Heyi Wang
Which is more important. The salmon itself or how you cooked it...
The Life Of Me
When ur randomly in a buzzfeed video and manage to bring up the best thing in it
EZ Game EZ life channel
$ - $$$ fish and chips
Becky Perry
Adam is so adorable it pains me
why dont you feed the cameraman. Cameramen need to be fed 3-4 times a day.
Ohitzarma N
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