prem tube
I watch this vdo at mid night
Sharon Wah
This is the worst series to watch when you’re hungry
and poor
Tibor vV
Who fries salmon, sigh. Only in America I guess.
Is anyone else eating salmon while watching this?
Ansley Beaton
7:53 is it just me or is that the ‘Dying swan’ music from Swan Lake?
Weird 0:14 doesn't even sound like Steven
Keiara Boyd
I’m not a fish person but all these look good af to at least try 😭
Daniel Sparks
Look at that tree. LOOK at that tree
Maggie b
"look at that tree" lmao do u not have trees in LA?
Gracie TheOtaku
8:13 hey, is that "Dying Swan"? God, I can't even listen to music anymore
Annan Humphreys
still haven't went to Gordan Ramseys rsturant
Yakuse Akito
King salmon =king salman
Bella Marie
"THAT BEING SAID,,,," (9:57)

i hate that i do this to myself
Sophie N
Brine the salmon for 24 hours. Marinate it in olive oil for 30 minutes. Then sous vide. That would be worth $50+ because of the prep and tastes out of this world.
Rebekah Girl Gamer
Plz don't kill me
Master Kief
Poor Adam, always getting the leftovers. Talk about sloppy seconds.
ace seven
i've never heard an american say chips properly! i love it: it's so strange.
Jonathan Torbenson
Lived in Seattle my whole life, it's unbelievably beautiful. Best seafood hands down.
KillerbeamWasTaken Hsieh
these 3 guys are like a family. Steven is the weird fun parent.
Andrew is the more serious parent and adam is the child.
Matthew Coury
Favorite episode! I don't even like fish but that 50 dollar salmon looked top notch.
Tait Gray
"We're here to enhance the flavor of the fish not over power it, SO HERE'S THIS GIANT ENEMY CRAB."
I'm not a big fan of salmon at all, I prefer rainbow trout that I have caught myself :3
Gage Louviaux
Chinook king salmon does not come from Alaska as they mentioned. It comes from the chinook river that is located in Portland Oregon
I don't like what they did with the $8. salmon... Salmon is too beautiful to deep fry and hide beneath batter. So sad...
A Ru
Ahhhhh they're eating fish with their hands. Americans crack me up
ej blitz
anyone wants to see andrew drive?
FaZe Thunderrr
Like this because why not
Kamila Orona
Did any one else see the cut on Adam arme
The professional chef making the salmon say Hello (7:10) is probably my favourite thing in the series, and I love EVERYTHING about this series <3
Hello from Vancouver WA, I love the great northwest
Lyia Folkers
I'm Alaskan and I can confirm we push our salmon on everyone who visits...
Picket Pants
"Alone in the woods forever." yea me too but also with wifi.
Maggie Vega
I love how Andrew is the one who always remembers to feed Adam xD
Chris V
best job ever
Lord Gunther
Salmon is the shittiest phish ever
U n k n o w n
Didn’t know such a thing of salmon fish and chips. I’d eat em
Nicholas Sookdeo
I just love how Andrew acts like an older brother. Amazing show as always.
Christopher Nixon
Salmon fact : do not test the tempature of fish by touching it internal tempature of fish should be 155°f-165°f
Allen Antonucci
Dont forget to feed your camera man with food and money ; )
Andrew: I didn't think fish could be succulent
Great. Now I'm craving salmon
Alaina Bentley
Yeah king salmon is good but when we go dip netting in July, the best salmon is red salmon!! Yes I’m from alaska
Manuel Elizondo
Adam looks like an awkward, shy Seth Rogan.. 😂😂

God! I would love to do what they do.. travel everywhere and just eat. ☹
The Chinese Russian
The only reason I watch BuzzFeed, their other content is trash.
Caramel Kraken
WOW! Look at this tree, look at that tree
Mr Kadoodle
5:06 blanc truffle
The colour of Andrew's lips in this video is a blessing
Andrew Li
4:19 Is it just me or does this guy look like Louis C.K.?
Justin Nguyen
I LOVE SALMON!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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