$8 Salmon Vs. $56 Salmon

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It’s not truffle, it’s chanterelle.


Time To Testify, Bord De Marne, Sexy Soul, Fish In The Sea, Whiskey In The Well, Take 6, The Swan, Genesis, Waltz No 15 Op 39 In A Flat, Check It, Monkey Funk, Daffodils
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Wesley Hood
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Steve Allen

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Nate 62
I've been at all these places
David Shenouda
Why is Adam soooo quit, I love the videos that he's in because he is so funny and quite.
at 0:13 suddenly I don't recognize steven's voice
Ashlyn Coile
STEVE! you guys need to do a worth it episode on Pokè! 😍
Jayronn Samonte
This is the best way to get hungry
Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day.
But teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime.
Sophie Bearden
"Usually I'm mad by now" meeeee
Hello Hello
Red wine with salmon... sigh
Hellomelloslime Youtube
Let's see what food you are,the last digit of likes is what you are!!

2:Spaghetti🍝(any kind,u choose!)
4:Soup🍲(any kind,u choose!)
6:Fried Chicken🍗
7:Chicken Nugget🐤
8:French Fries🍟
0:You choose!😊

(Example,I'm pizza!)
Hacks Are cool
3:29 Lol that person in the background
AmyCam TV
I'm watching this while my mom is making salmon can't wait!!!!!!!!
Tara L
1 like= one hug for Adam
Manu Sahai
*Worth it special*:Once it should be Steven is the quiet sound guy, Adam is the hard to please one and Andrew is the hyper one
Vytautas Stasiškis
Do 1$ soup v 50$ soup
I liked smelled the food no joke
Moustafa El-Moghazi
You shouldve got cheescake factory salmon
Red wine with salmon, thats a no. It should be a dry white
Tyler Driver
Bring it bsck
Ella Schreiner
How dare Andrew tell Adam to "get out of here" this is a disgrace
Mandalorian 05
I eat at Ivan's all the time. They have the best clam chowder
William Kethon
They are obviously gay for eachother
Silly Emoji
56 for salmon is cheap 72 is how much my family spends on one salmon when we go out to eat
Ruth Alice Bell
I don't like how lots of these videos feature them drink driving
I'm from Alaska but now live in Texas, I miss the fish snow and mountains ;-;
Blood Gaming
Its 3 fish dishes not fishes. Nice english and i dont speak english good.
_ S1L3NZ3 _
I flipped out when I heard they were in my state
Adam is such a precious cinnamon roll
Quiriat-Jarim Vera-Gonzalez
I went there!
i was watching this at midnight then i fell asleep and had a dream that i went to Aqua by el guacho but then it got invaded by bikers led by the chef
Preston the Stormtrooper
They don't know what seafood is I'm from Louisiana only the cheapest it real seafood
Preston the Stormtrooper
I live in Louisiana
Gamers best friend
It is 4 am I gotta stop
Min Suga Rap Chonje Jjang Jjang Man Bong Bong
I like my salmon raw.
Grand Admiral Gaming
In New England you have almost anything seafood, Atlantic salmon, clam chowder, and... COD.
Hello Byan
worth it :<
Felipe Tavares
they always look like their getting high af in the last restaurants
Juliet Cohen
i've had more expensive salmon than 56$ just sayin...
Lorentz Muurmans
Andrew Bae
I like how he says WE make our own tartar sauce when he's te only one there
Parody Jake
2:26 gets me everytime Andrew says "TARTAR sauce!" I just can't stop 😂🤣
i only like cheepest food cuz i see that food most offten so it looks most delicius too me
Woke Mayne
"stop tasting through my mouth!"
rofl...omg....i love their conversations
Adolittles Memoir
Do a shrimp worth it video!! I wanna see some delicious dishes.
Rachel Xo
Uuggghhh this would be the best job.. . I'm stuck eating a tiny hotdog on a piece of bread :{
Dakota Howell
Looks good but the only problem I don't like fish
noname none
The fish and chips looks dry to me
As a British guy, I prefer chips to fries. Chips are just much better tasting.
Haafzz 1
I don't get it, was that tree meant to be big?
Weektron Shard6
Adam is the meaning of life
Aidan Trinh
I ate emerald city fish and chips and I have to say that I was extremely disappointed after watching this. They said it was good but is was dry and bland😕
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