ToxicXavenue X
3:37 "I see the Mona Lisa" LMAOO
My Name's O'Hare
emma poli
Try kurnik.
Onni Laurinolli
I'd like to have white teeth too like in the thumbnail, but instead i have these yellow teeth.
Miranda Soriano
Am I the only one obsessed by the way he says "aha what a story"? I've seen this video like 5 times and I always laugh at that fuckin frase xD
Anthony Bart
I just died
It's clearly a scissors
- PewDiePie 2017
alexandra's everything
At 3.:3ú she said
David Mignault this is if you want the danny devito cardboard cutout
Juliet Menz
the mouth simulator sounded like trump talking
wembley 46
@ 5:38 to 5:55 all I hear is trump
Elise Christine Francisco
The fuck pewds you draw a dick ahahhahahahhahaha😂😂😂
Vance Biondo
Quiet Tylenol lady
Majestic Pineapple
i see potato
Kacy Micheals
lazypillow trash
Hears Danny screaming of God only knows what*

Me: crys
erinsartt_x x
Omg I love his editing!
Cristal de tinta :3
Lil Sansdyne
My name is

Cute Cupcakes Are Sweet
pewdiepie draws a p3ni$
voice over/danny:potato hand cow oh i know tree im sorry i couldnt guess it
ne: i--cant--breathe--laughing to much!
Cute Cupcakes Are Sweet
i got heart burn at the part where you were changing dannys voice and making go nnngnnnnngnnnngngnngngngngn
Anna Mikolajska
😂🤣 your so funny danny
Pinkedy And the inkyed machine
3:34 so good it's monolisa
Green space dorito
One thing i want to know is, why the hell does he have cardboard cutouts of people.
"let's play a different game, do dO DO"
xXGamerBoyXx X
Why do I keep laughing at all the childish and immature drawings that Felix makes
Eben BB
LOL at 0:09
Some random ass Blackfoot indian
It seems like Evrey one can draw dicks these days
Alan Animations
el unico comentario en español en el canal de PewDiePide
love these times when he didnt cencor his fucking cursing
Aleksijs B YT
6:40 This is why you DON'T do drugs while making stuff XD
Elzie .-.
I luv u pewds
Charley Pendergast
Who else thought that sound for the second one was their stomach?? me..
Levi's Vlogs
I almost died laughing
Doha Tawfik
ok but he looks fucking hot like that
Les Miss
This guy 👁👀 dicks everywere
Random Gaming
Can you play Nose simulator?
Scarlotta Erin
This lady just doesn't get Pewds >.< half those drawings she didn't get were obvious
Ali Macidov
turk yokmu
Why am i laughing like a maniac and does not laugh
Валерия Лушникова
sydni /
im stumped
pewdiepie is not hilter confirmed
Max Metodiev
Congrats on 57 million subs
amaek vlog
Polend 🇵🇱 🇵🇱
Coraline Jones
Jillian Fong
He has a fringe. I'm done here
Rick Sanchez
felix your cool but no offense jack, is so much cooler
Jessalyn Browny
so funny when your controlling his throat 😅
Enrique Rodrigues
that mouth one was funny lol
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