Gay Men Give Lesbians Wardrobe Makeovers


“Where do I even start?”

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Maddi Blackford
Jen looks cute no matter what it's not fair
Jen is the chilliest person on Buzzfeed
George Osuna
This is why I left BuzzFeed.
Isabelle Satterlee
Who is jen
This time i didn't leave the Tv on
this is what happens when you let Thomas Jefferson go shopping for you
rainbow flame21
Jen's hair though at 4:01 looks great
Book Hugger///
You should do this with joeyyy xp
Clorox Bleach's Girlfriend
I'm doing this with my friends 😂
Ariadna Olivera
Ladylike should choose Jen's outfit for a week.
Rachael a
If the jumpsuit goes over the booty that's an accomplishment right there, it doesn't matter if it didn't actually fit, you got it over the badonkadonk, you won half the battle.
Angie Lopez
poor chris looked so nervous and scared the whole time especially when talking about the jumpsuit situation lmao aw but his outfit chosen for Jazz slayed
Angie Lopez
Rowena MSP
It's Yo Gurl
I didn't know jazzmyne was a lesbian
Average fangirl
Chrissss is sooo cuteee
Dat Alex
I lowkey have a crush on Jen
Law Night
kill me now
Diana Melissa
Jen looks like Tracer xDDDD
Ramona Jones
Idk why but Jen is my fav
Nicole Lucarelli
Y'all should do thin women shop for plus size women and plus size women shop for thin women.
Tammi Wallace
The whole intro I couldn't stop thinking why are they wearing hats indoors
Galylea Queerbait
Jen is really hot
I didn't know Jasmine was les
HeyIts Dee
Jazzmyne needs to come shopping in England chesterfield there's loads of cute clothes for any size ❤️
Baby Groot.
Jen's hat is so cute! 🎩
Spongebob Squarepants
Is jen gay or lebisan
Kani Da Turd
Jen legit Is me
I am bisexual and I really want Jen's hair cut and style! But my mom.....that's a different no no story
keeni wolf
I'm i the only one who has a major crush a jen....
Darth Potato
The slide show with Jen's pictures 😘
Kate Kitty123
Jazzmyen is hot. And everyone is talking about Jen 😃😃. Low key have a crush on Jazzmyen and Jen
I live for Jen!!!!!
Kristine Lynch
I'd kill for that Petty shirt tbh
Mia Christopherson
Jen is hot
Ashley Dizon
Hmm... I wonder what it's like to work at Buzzfeed. Do they get everything like this for free because they do their jobs well? Man, if I'm correct... SIGN ME UP! Naaahhhh jk... I'm only 11 HAHAHAHA 😂 Seriously though... If I'm right, then this is AWESOME!!!
Nihal 221B
1:42 Emma Swan jacket
Angel Love Paint
I just love Nick!❤️❤️❤️
Hope J
Miss Killem
how can you possibly make over Jazz let's be honest! she's already one of the flyest mutha funkas on the planet and in the solar system!
Kaitlin Eggert
Cringe XD
Anonymous Person
Jazz it hawt, hook me up.
I'm pretty sure there isn't a single person that doesn't have a crush on Jen. Like, even if you're not into women, you have to want to be her best friend.
Ariel Gibby
i love the title of this video
Jewel justjewel
I mean this would be great if the MEN were Stylist! what is the point of this? Being Gay does not make you a stylist! I hate that
Lili Valero
I would totally want to be friends with Jen she seems sooo cool
meif'wa girl
SO many people like Jen..... INCLUDING ME
I'd soooo date Jen, no joke, she's so cute xD
Caleb Upchurch
jen and jazzmyne are an insperation
Alyson Roark
Fangirling over Tom Petty
Isla N
I want a gay guy best friend
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