Gay Men Give Lesbians Wardrobe Makeovers


“Where do I even start?”

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Grace Burchett
everyones talking about jen... but, like, JASMINE THO
Ciel Phantomhive
Jen's outfit was lit, but the sun glasses .... maybe it's because I just hate the cat eye sunglasses lol
Faline San
Jen makes me confused about my sexuality.
that hat at the beginning makes her so adorable
Alexa Krznaric
wow i didnt even know Jazzmyne is gay, ok then
Olivia Nakhle
I didn't know that Jazzmyne was a lesbian! YOU GO GIRL!
Maliyah Rogers
I ain't kno jazmyne was a lesbian
Nat & Stell
Genevieve Townsend
Jen is just so hot in general, but that jacket with those shorts...just yaaas ;)
lyn the unicorn
let's all be honest, no matter what gender or sexuality you are your totally attracted to Jen
detective lester
I would live to be there
Zaru Zikk
I'm Bisexual and Gosh ....Jen is just to hot 😍😂
aly oopsies
jen is adorable aw
Jami Christine
Introverted Griffindor
Why is Nick such a hot adorable little bean
Alleah Stennett
jazzy knows how to dress
Leah Keeley
Athena Jade Winters
Acts 3:19 & John 3:16 God bless!
amy degg
I own that mickey mouse jacket 😂
Hanami Yumeno
sighs Some men shouldn't be gay. This is such a waste for the humanity... and the women.
Sarah Koursar
she took suga's 3 dollar chain!!!!! ~T_T~
Monica De Boeck
jen is my crush now
Jazzmyne looks soooo good in that jacket and sunglasses!
Jen looks gorgeous no matter what
I might have a mini crush on Jen. XD
My sexuality is Jen

Don't tell my boyfriend I said that tho
Ajah Thomas
low-key crush on Jen.....
Erin hodge
Jen confuses my sexuality .. 😂
#save mikeyway's smile 2017
i have a huge gay crush on jen help
Tia Vincent
That Tom Petty shirt though, love it ^_^ <3
Omg I live gay guys XD
Harry Is My Bae
eLIZabeth 00
Who else saw that Tom Petty Shirt?! Just me? Ok
What do you tell a lesbian who has trouble saying the truth?

"Lesbihonest here" XD Im so sorry if i offended you but my friend told me that (she's lesbian) and i had to comment it 😂😂😂
Yaoi Luver
Can someone give me their instagram a and snapchats?
Thank you ^•^
Reggie the Riveter
I'm not even gay and I'm still gay for Jen.
Reggie the Riveter
Jess slays
YoutubeFanGirl610 **
CHRIS: All the fashionistas in the world are probrably gonna be like, "Chris what the hell are u doing?!"
Jen is so sweet cause that outfit was trash 😂
Sofia's owls
Jens hair @ the end tho
How the hell do you "dress like a lesbian?" I thought buzzfeed was all about equality but apparently not...
Maia Wood
Anime Artist
I'm not lesbian or bi, but I gotta admit Jen is like, wow so freakin cute and funny and nice
Natalie Nichols
I seriously hate Jens style. sorry NOT SORRY.
Anahi Ortiz Fierros
Jen is SO frikin funny👑
Erin Perez
that Asian chick has HUGE BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!
Faity Potaty
i feel like almost everyone who watches buzzfeed has a crush on jen
including myself
I am Darkwood
Omg Jen is soooo cute
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