Jhoanna Colimbo
I am filipina and i find indian women are beautiful.so i guess they dont need to undergo surgery.i still prefer natural beauty
Sanober Asim
Rakhi pehle bhi buri thi aur abhi buri hai
of course you are
Beautiful Bollywood actress Katrina kaif some some amazing unseen rare video
abdul majeed
In India plastic surgery, stupid! In s. Korea, there plastic surgery make the persons face glow. 1000%.
Thorvald Magdaia
Anyone know what is Tropexolone System about? I hear many individuals can last longer in bed with this popular premature ejaculation treatment.
Yolo Baba
My lips are yet so big and pretty even without plastic surgery
Theresina Burg
Its still surprise me just how a number of people do not know about Tropexolone System despite the fact that lots of people increase their size when erections with it. Thanks to my pal who told me about it. I've get permanent enlargement by using natural ways.
T Singh
Priyanka 's nose is small nd wide haaaaaa haaaaa it should be sharp nd long
take off that makeup and Priyanka Chopra will look worse than our kaam wali bhai...
shruti hasan is 90% plastic bitch.
Arif Sufizada
music background alan walker like it
Farwa Sheikh
anushka sharma is quite beautiful before
Joyce Ambayuu
Priyanka chopra is beautifully naturally even before that why she was the topest miss world
Joyce Ambayuu
Priyanka chopra and samkisha jaiswal too gourgeous
2:00 I was shocked!
Anushka lip resembles like a duck
indian lions always winners PATIL
make same videos for hero
Imran Armani
few looked better before the surgery -- trust nature not camera ---------
saima kakagg
Sandy Romany Magdi R
im socked very very
Nirma Washing Podar
Fuck these Plastic Face Hoes ! Most of them are Talentless, Lazy , Still making Millions... Wtf !??
zubiya fatima
before the plastic surgery shilpa shetty looks ugly
zubiya fatima
Rakhi sawant has a plastic surgery disaster
shadab khan
Prinaka chopra ne naak chop kardi
mini miltia fans
can I have ur music plzzzzz
A to Z
mubashir jutt
Everyone looked more gorgeous in natural faces and anushka sharma was fabulous without surgery Love from Pakistan I know indians are mostly innocent people like most of the Pakistanis but the establishment on both sides dont want peace
Indrani Nayak
bollywood ke sab heroines look like a fairy
Sanjok Subedi
we r not disgusting we r just poor.....
Anuradha Shreshth
I don't think Kareena had gone through surgery...
Ankita Das
natural beauty is best than any surgery
Dreamgirl Luiza
no ri8 to make fun of someone career nd success... kat is not plastic neither her acting.. learn to respect first..
Sk Rehana
oh baap re main to na kru
Muhammad Khan
anushka sharma don't feel bad but with sugery your nose have become big before sugery your nose was and your face looks more more more beautiful
Muhammad Khan
anusha sharma was more beautiful and cute before sugery
gano ka khajana
Anushka Sharma surgery ke pehle aur ache dikhte the
Assmáestro's :
Priyanka sucks Katrina sucks
md mat
plastic surgery fjust spoils the natural beauty
Can any body tell me the music track name in this video?
solidarity house
some ofb them were better before plastic surgery :////
Sanoj Jose
g i lo"8fxmj y y c,
Kasun Chamara
background song name plz???
There are no ugly women - only poor ones
ameer Afridi
anushka sharma is very beautifull befor and after
zaina waiz
NilEsh Pawar
before Shilpa Shetty look like kamwali bai 😂😂
Master Tech
Please tell name of song
Shrimali Neha K.
don't insult kat plzzz u dont have any right to say against her!!! she is best!! u just want one thing to criticize someone...
Sahid Khan
i like natural face God gift faces
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