Top 10 Plastic Surgery Photos Of Popular Bollywood Actresses - BEFORE & AFTER

MPTop 10bollywood actresses done plastic surgeryTop 10 Plastic Surgery Photos Of Popular Bollywood Actresses - BEFORE & AFTERSurgery Photos Of Popular Bollywood ActressesPlastic Surgery Photos Of Popular Bollywood ActressesPlastic Surgery PhotosBEFORE & AFTERBollywood ActressLip surgerynose surgerybollywood

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Photos Of Popular Bollywood Actresses - BEFORE & AFTER 

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Anushka Sharma

The actress has been making headlines for quite a while now for her famous‘lip job’. 

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant too tried to pull off a silicon implantation on her breasts as well as a lip and nose reconstruction. 

Shruti Haasan

in a interview she told that she has done her nose job because she was facing breathing problems.

Sri Devi

It is clearly visible in this picturesthat she has had a nose job done.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa setty who has changed dramatically from a village girl look to a desi hot look.She has done twice nose job and lip job done.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana who went for lip correction surgery to make her upper lip look thin and her lower lips look fuller.

Pretty Zinta

The list created claims that she has had liposuction, Botox injections, nose job, facelift, lip implants and breast implants.

Prinaka chopra

She had a nose and a lip job done.

Karina kapoor

A significant change in Kareena’s jawline and cheeks can be observed after the surgery.

Katrina Kaif

we thought only her acting skills were plastic but apparently her lips and nose have got a noticeable amount of plastic surgery to their credit as well.

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silpa sheety was looking good after plastic surgery
sindhu sekar
rakhi sawant is look adorable
Ali Noor Javed Javed
rakhi sawant ka bohat ugly face hai
Kanak Sharma
rakhi is look like a pornstar
safiya hassan
the music is the song FADED
Ayeza Khan
natural face is a gift of God
which is never ever goes wrong 😊😊😊
Zaiba Mansuri
natural face is more beautiful than plastic surgery😏...
Umar Khan
name of song (music) at 0:02 ?
Arafat Khan
Namita Jha
this is faded music
Jhantu Ghosh
Nazia Sherif
lmao wht they said abt katrina was so funnnyy hhaahaha
Nazim X
plastic surgery is best h
Nazim X
plastic surgery is best h
even after surgeries, indians look horribly ugly
ishpreet sarabjitgulati
No ur wrong priyanka chopra have real nose maybe she look different because of makeup or age she doesn't have a plastic surgery on her nose
Honey Singh
bitches Got snitches on her ugly tities
Bidisha Lahiri
or maybe just 'maybe' some of them, they look different beacuse of makeup. contouring can do lot ! 😂
Krish Chopra
what god has given satify within it.
Mrs Nubee do youtube
they had just do treatment of face not plastic surgery
ashish gothwad
somi khan
kareena's before pic she's without makeup and so young and in after pic she's wearing make up and older but still looks same in both photos and clear that she didn't any surgery at least choose better pics😂😂😂 u dumb jealous kareena is the most natural beauty in bollywood plus respect katrina she's so hardworking even srk said after jab tak hai jan that he respects kat bcuz she's the most hardworking even more than him and he is ashamed of his self when he see how strongly kat works and now who you are to insult kat😒
somi khan
kareena is totally the same in both pics😤😤😤 she's natural beauty she didn't had even a simple botox and now she got visible wrinkles bcuz she believes age signs in face are beautiful that's a joke you say she has done jawline surgery!!! she was famous for her perfect jawline from the beginning so why she did jawline surgery😂
maha khan
Meanwhile Pakistanis have natural beauty
Bitch you good?
this video is fake.
Nimai Das
they were better before plastic surgery.... learn to accept yourself as you are...
poja sharma
why u guys including karena she is natural face.
Survhi Gupta
anushka is more beautiful before pastic surgery
Ahmed Bin Abubaker Bin Halies Al-Yafai
anushka Sharma was more good cuts and beautiful without surgery
dark T Truth
every actress has plastic beauty.
prachi nagar
BS list
Aimim fan
Priyanka Chopra Puke
Amit Desai
Natural look is natural "Beauty"
Shantala Dharmaraj
common sense u can't understand
Mano Billi
preety zinta b surgery se pehly pyari thi
Mano Billi
kangna ranaut b surgery se pehly uchi lg rahi
Mano Billi
surgery se pehly he pyari thi -_-
Theresa S
natural beauty is the best
retro bolly
shilpa looked like a kamwali bai !!!
amanjot mangat
my mom looks exactly like Katrina ....the way she was before plastic surgery!!!!😄
Laiba Abid
i dont belive that
Rucha Shinde
Bollywood s full f plastic n ppl love plastic .. . its sad to see a plastic trash has more value dan natural beauty. stop following these fake ppl
sadeep sunar
name of music??? plz tell me
Ansari Arisha
shilpa shetty hahHahah
Shubham Khari
anushka Sharma was better before surgery she looks very cute before
Samsung J5
me too Rudra kumar
Sid D Kid
I thinks Anushka used to look way better than now. now she looks weird.
kanchan_21nov soni
I love Katrina ♡
Jeetender Singh
i thick natural face is the bestest face
tarin mahmud
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