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-- | LYRICS | --

I was twenty four years old when I met the woman I would call my own
Twenty two grand kids now growing old, in the house that your brother brought ya 
On the summer day when I proposed, I made that wedding ring from dentist gold
And I asked her father but her daddy said no
You can’t marry my daughter

She and I went on the run 
Don’t care about religion
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
Down by the Wexford border 
She was Nancy Mulligan, and I was William Sheeran
She took my name and then we were one
Down by the Wexford border 

Well I met at her Guys in the second world war 
She was working on a soldier’s ward
Never had I seen such beauty before
The moment that I saw her
Nancy was my yellow rose
And we got married wearing borrowed clothes
We got eight children now growing old
Five sons and three daughters

She and I went on the run 
Don’t care about religion
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
Down by the Wexford border 
She was Nancy Mulligan, and I was William Sheeran
She took my name and then we were one
Down by the Wexford border 

From her snow white streak in her jet black hair
Over sixty years I’ve been loving her
Now we’re sat by the fire, in our old armchairs
You know Nancy I adore ya

From a farm boy born near Belfast town
I never worried about the king and crown
Cause I found my heart upon the southern ground
There’s no difference, I assure ya

She and I went on the run 
Don’t care about religion
I’m gonna marry the woman I love
Down by the Wexford border 
She was Nancy Mulligan, and I was William Sheeran
She took my name and then we were one
Down by the Wexford border

Ed sheeran is the greatest talent in modern music, rivaling if not beating Micheal Jackson, Prince and all the other legends.

Panda Girl
I frickin' love this song
Wojtek Ćwiklik
New record is entire great !
Cylvia Cho
I love how he mixes Irish folk music and pop, it's so unique!!!!
Cylvia Cho
This song gets stuck in my head. My music teacher showed it to us, an it got totally addicting to the whole school. Kids sing it on the bus and in school hours. :)
Jackson Ramsay
Lauren Rose Goodman
beautiful song, but it must be awkward for his grandma to hear him singing a love song to her XD
Cerys Lockheart
I'm from N.Ireland/Belfast
Lol Litaf
It's Galway girl of his grandma too?
Mito Jūjō
Most of Society's music is about weed, ass, sex and Drugs why this is about Eds grandparents, their Story. This is so beautiful I hope more songs like this are put out in the future 💚
The tale he spins with this song shows his love and respect for his grandparents and I think it make me love him even more.
I love how he honors the story of his grandparents.
matty beast
I'm from Belfast
Cambria Jewett
I love this :)
aimee nelson
love your song
william is my bros name which makes this song even better
Sara Cullen
This makes me so proud to be Irish
i love this
JimboyXL XXL
it's cool
Amara Maca
When he said Belfast I fangirled so hard like yasss my little town was mentioned!! 😊😊😊😂😂😂❤
siana morgan
Omg I love ed sheeran his songs are great
Jim Wave
This sounds very much like 'Whisky in the jar' by' the Irish band the Dubliners.
Shellys Gaming
Anyone else have this on repeat ? I do <3
alexandre martin
shit song
Emmy D.
You know your big when you have more subs than Beyoncé
Mino Costa
i wanna be a knight
and im gonna marry the woman i love
and i wanna stab a dragon in the throat
Rage & Punk
You know Nancy I adore ya💙
sam sam &ryry
Ryry: this makes me feel special because I am Irish😛💓💓
Liam GMoney4Ever Loyal Subscriber
Im Irish and this is my fuckin favorite song apart from Galway Girl
DarkDemon Wolf
I live this album and i love this song because it's catchy and the folk song style is amazing
Jungkook Vernon
Belfast represent🍀
Twisted Pulse
what the songs name
Best of the best!!💯💯😍😍
Robson Beans
I am 24 and in love....maybe that's why I just raped the replay button :)
Julie E
Why is everyone raging about galway girl when this clearly the superior irish folk song in the album!
This one is different in this album, but this GOOOOOOOD ! That's my jam ! <3
Blackvelvet Twicefriend
The country vibe 💕💕💕
Ciara O'Donovan
My teacher put this on at a ceili in school🍀🍀
briana hastings
Alisha Mulholland
For the music video a lot of it could be dancing waves of tori (cause it's the wedding song with a lot of stomping and clapping)
Jazmin :v
Mike Hruby
not for anything, but being a gamer, I can so picture this song in Assassin's Creed black flag. just has that sea shanty feel
Andrea Lara Martínez
esto es tan Irlandés
this is a great song
Jacob Patrick
he should make a vid for it
Jacob Patrick
he should make a vid for it
Kylie Gamble
Omg this is one of my fav songs ever, and I think you should make a music video for this song. And oh ya, whoever is reading this comment have a nice day!
Real Invasion
I cry listening to this song because I love my grandparents very much and I know they will all be gone one day and I will be in their spot. Sitting by the fire with my old husband. But I will barely remember my grandparents and my parents. It is quite sad.
children F&C
This song just makes me happy
Belen Marban
Como se llama la música que suena luego luego que empieza la canción, tipo medieval?
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