LEAKED: Charlie Sheen Beats Teen With Bat In Hostel – Hostelworld

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We all know hostel games can get a little competitive, but what was Charlie Sheen thinking?!

ending theme sounds like Miraculous ladybug
Hannah Harned
:( poor taste
what the fuck is this video c'mon man..
David Scott
Whoever is in charge of marketing you brand is an ASS! .. ok.

There have been series of email, that are deceptive and provocative in their nature. They seem to be aimed at a young crazy 'cool' kind of target market, Guess what, we aren't all YOUNG IDIOTS OK!

An email inbox is like a front door into someones home or mind, and I think Hostel World is pretty damn CHILDISH with this new advertising.

Your advertisers are idiots! ... I ain't using your service anymore, I will book direct.
Sam Woodhouse
That's not a bat.
Alaura Alexander
this- this- t-this is cute ;-;
aldwin villar
I'm bi-winning!
Win here, win there, win win everywhere (where)
killboy 633
You are so much better in the old two and half man
Hansen Burton
Hi everyone, my name is Hansen Burton. I'm the actor who gets bat by Charlie. 😁 I have to say he was a very cool guy, told a lot of jokes and gave me career advice. When we finished shooting, he had the crew give me a round of applause before I left. Really nice guy.
they clearly want to better his image but he is a nice guy tho
Nicholas Ricci Ricci
Is it really fair for these kids to be exposed to a HIV pedo?
Nothing can stop this mammaloid.
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